10 Singing Techniques to Improve Your Voice

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Introduction 0:00
Tall Posture 1:04
The Diaphragmatic Breath 2:43
Vocal Relaxation 3:55
Warm Up Your Voice 6:24
5 Tone Count for Males 8:57
5 Tone Count for Females 9:53
1.5 Octave Lip Trill for Males 11:48
1.5 Octave Lip Trill for Females 12:27
1.5 Octave Gee for Males 14:09
1.5 Octave Gee for Females 14:49
Octave Repeat Nay for Males 16:32
Octave Repeat Nay for Females 17:06
Octave Repeat No for Males 18:05
Octave Repeat No for Females 18:22
1.5 Octave Mum for Males 19:38
1.5 Octave Mum for Females 20:14

Every singer wants to improve his or her voice.

Besides the quality of work ethic and a ton of other factors, there's a really small difference between the most amateur and professional singers.

Usually, the biggest difference between people that are just starting out and people that have been singing for a while are the singing techniques that they use.

Many professional singers have had the benefit of years of voice lessons to undo any bad habits they might have developed over their career.

So in today's video I wanted to show you 10 different singing techniques that the professionals use to improve their singing voice.

#1 The first technique you can use to improve your voice is having a tall posture. In this technique, you'll stand with your feet at hip width apart. Your shoulders should also be even above your hips so that when you look at yourself in the mirror, everything is in a straight line.

It's also important that you keep your chest comfortably lifted and your navel tucked in.

With the tall posture in place, you're ready for the second technique.

#2 The second singing technique I'd like to discuss is the diaphragmatic breath. Lots of teachers spend tons of time instructing breath control and breathing techniques with their singers. I'm not one of them.

However, I can tell you that fixing a singer's breathing technique can definitely make a huge difference to their singing.

The proper breath for singing is called the diaphragmatic breath. In this technique, you have to inhale in a way that your stomach expands when breathing in and contracts when breathing out.

You'd be surprised how many people tuck their stomach in when they inhale, rather than allow the breath to expand their ribs.

#3 The third singing technique involves relaxation. While relaxing may sound like a general singing technique, learning to relax some of the extrinsic muscles in your voice can really help your sound.

In the video, I demonstrate two ways to check for tension, both in the tongue and in your throat.

#4 Warm Up. Warming up is crucial to performing well. A good warm up will clear the vocal folds of any mucus and supply more blood flow to the area.

Warming up correctly is incredibly important if you're learning to sing with a mix of your chest and head voice registers.

Singing Techniques #5-10 are all singing exercises designed to help you sing with a mix.

Singing with a mix means that you're singing between your different vocal registers without breaking or straining.

This can be difficult for people that are just starting out but is incredibly important.

The exercises that I cover in the video, the 5-Tone count, the lip trill, the octave and a half Gee, bratty Nay, No and Mum are all incredibly helpful for finding your "mixed" voice.

While it may not happen immediately, learning to singing with a mix is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a singer.

55 thoughts on “10 Singing Techniques to Improve Your Voice”

  1. Sharon Liberty

    Hello! Thank you for the tips. How long should we do each of the vocal warm ups you taught? For example, if it’s the lip trill, is singing through the seven scales once, enough?

  2. Leon aka Devil's D

    Really good explanation video.
    I’ve been singing since I was 9. I am 34 now.
    All this I’ve learned by myself. I had no one who could’ve teached me. I spent many hours and many days in front of the mirror. I’ve learned so many things including subharmonics and overtones.
    I am a classical and metal singer with a vocal range of F#1 – E6 with no falsetto or vocal fry and I got a very strong voice and I am proud of it.
    Many people should learn from this video.
    Very well done ?

  3. Brian Patrick (Strope), Music Videos

    1:03 tall posture
    2:30 diaphragmatic breath
    3:54 relaxation
    6:13 warm-up
    8:58 count to 5
    9:33 ladies
    10:40 lip trill
    11:02 long scale
    11:48 long scale lip trill
    12:27 ladies
    14:06 gee gee gee
    14:48 ladies
    16:13 bratty nay
    16:31 bratty nay on targeted scale
    16:55 keep it really even
    17:04 ladies
    17:56 octave repeat no
    18:22 ladies
    19:33 octave and a half mum
    20:09 ladies

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  4. Dan Damerville

    Yowza! What a great lesson — I really like the simple “chord scale” up the octave repeated four times, then down. In one practice session — 5 minutes at most — I have felt a real difference at the top of my (very limited) range. Thank you, so much!

  5. Terena S. House

    I love his teachings. I need to still study even if we do know how to sing. We have to refresh our voices. Singing, instruments, & dancing do relieve stress. ????????

  6. Don’t pay attention to the nasty comments, there’s a lot of jealous people out there who only feel better when they are putting someone else down. I can tell you really love what you are doing. I am almost 60 years old and feel like its a little late to get started. I always enjoyed singing (but was self consious of my singing ability and probably for good reason) but mainly it was to accompany my guitar and song writing but to be honest, I haven’t done much of either in years. I’m thinking about finding a voice teacher now and getting back into it but this is a great start. I’d love to get into some Country Gospel singing and like the old standards and classic country too. Thanks for the video …

    1. Joshua Kun Games

      @M he is also saying it if you ever got a hate comment not just here and theres some hate comments here and there but not much

    2. Minute Changes ccc

      Einstein taught a class one day; wrote the multiplication of 9 tables on the board. Starting with 1×9=9 straight trough to 12×9, however, he purposely made mistake, 8×9=70 all the student laughed and could stop shouting all together at the top of their lings to point out EINSTEIN made a mistake. Afterwards, he stated a fact and lesson learned well, u can have all the answers written 11/12, but people will rarely ever congratulate u on correct answers, i.e accomplishments, they will always point out the one mistake how small it might be, human nature… I guess, so take advice where its needed but don’t let it feed your mind unhealthily, change or define your identity, so go ahead and believe in yourself and know what your good at and passionate about, even if no one believes in you, the right people will come along and appreciate the real uou for u.

    3. Bethlehem Eisenhour

      Hi, I will be 66 soon, Bass player, came here to see if any tips will do me good, as I want to record my sons again. GET INTO IT, you are not too old. ENJOY. Stand up for who you are. Music is a great thing, and my family isn’t 100% with what I do, But I just kindly go on. They never told me why. 🙂

    4. Ukulele Butterfly

      Yo..YO! As long as you’re still tickin’, it’s not to late! I’m 63 and just starting out! My work is probably not ‘good enough’, but I’m doing it. Sing people! SING!!! ?

    5. Do pay attention to the Karens and trolls because they’re right. How would you like it if you had to listen to one of us? Do you know that you’re embarassing yourself by being irritating like that? Being classically-trained like that is beyond words to describe. It will earn you a nice reprimand and a beating from me. It’s all opera-based on top of it.

  7. Atma Humplay

    Your video really helped me to relax my larynx and breathe properly. I had never understood why I felt that horrible tension whilst trying to sing some songs. Thank you so much! Big thumbs up!

  8. Denis Morissette

    Last week I was singing. I heard knocking on my door. I thought it was a music manager asking me to sing a record deal. It turned out to be the downstairs neighbor asking me to stop speaking and shouting so loud. I concluded that I don’t have a singing voice yet. It’s bad when people wonder if you’re singing or speaking.

    1. Abdurasa Annuari III

      Bruh good thing it was just your neighbor, in my case it was the cop saying that someone reported sayin’ there’s something was off and maybe needs emergency shouting so loud?

  9. buenagirl955

    Thank you for this video! I watch it every single week to warm up for my worship team. Helps my voice be so much stronger when I sing on stage!

  10. Darcy Davis-Beghein

    Simply stated, good explanations, and helpful demonstrations! I’ve sung and taught singing and choirs for many years, and I enjoyed some take-aways from this video. Thanks, Matt!

  11. Annie McIver

    I watched the whole thing, which is a feat (ADHD), and I have to say I’m terribly impressed that you filmed all of that in one take. That takes a variety of different skills and is quite difficult to do.

    Thanks for all the tips!

    1. hai. budzie.

      If you want to watch the video in a quicker and more efficient way you could try adjusting the speed to x2 ? Just if you didn’t know and wanted to burn through entire videos

    2. Minute Changes ccc

      @Shawn_Deep just proves how powerful your mind is uf you find a topic you really find interesting enough to learn. Some challenge you can enjoy learning without realizing it. I have a sibling with the same challenges

    3. @Minute Changes ccc thank u so much But lack of motivation in adhd sucks so much its out of my control no matter how much i want something

    4. Minute Changes ccc

      @Shawn_Deep i read ip and kw a couple of good lifers ir rather copers and truly get what u mean, in berween, the words not spoken.. im kinda a pain i guess if anybody tells me i i have no choice i take it as a challenge to prove to them amd myself i always have a choice somewhere to accept what u cant change learn asich as possible in areas where i must cope. Health, weight, horrific childhood trauma, in my case not generised to others, i found my mind ex-phobias…myind thknks its in control but it reacts like a chatbod, habits and repetition. I respect and and feel.for all like u. ? j do urge u to stoll challenge ur mind. Fights not over until u give up, some area somewhere u can be the victor however small

  12. Lochdeek Youtuber

    timestamps of exercises
    tall posture 1:04
    breathing 2:43
    relaxation 3:55
    warm up 6:24
    5 tone count for males 8:57 & females 9:53
    1.5 octave liptrill for males 11:48 & females 12:27
    1.5 octave gee for males 14:09 & females 14:49
    octave repeat nay for males 16:32 & females 17:06
    octave repeat no for males 18:05 & females 18:22
    1.5 octave mum for males 19:38 & females 20:14
    did this for the challenge

  13. Grace and Braces

    Your teaching is absolutely contagious! Can feel your love and dedication to music and singing through the screen….. I may start to explore my own body and see if I have the potentials to sing.

  14. Thank you so much for your content !
    By doing these exercises I’ve really found my mix voice.
    However, I’m still having hard time to apply my mix voice to the songs I’ve been working on.
    I find it very hard to maintain my mix voice with all kinds of different consonants and vowels 🙁
    It feels like I can’t speak the lyrics properly while in mixed voice…

  15. just had my first 1-on-1 lesson with Matt and he’s even more fun in person than on video! great instructor 🙂

  16. ladies warm up
    9:35 –> count
    12:29—> lip trills
    14:50 –> gee scales
    17:05 –> bratty nay
    18:23 –> no scales
    20:12 –> mum scales

  17. junebug7667

    Thank you for all your lessons.
    You have such a gift for singing and teaching others to sing, it is obvious that this is your passion and calling.
    You have a very relaxed and practical style, and you are so positive and encouraging to others.
    It disturbs me deeply that there are some who make negative and rude comments towards you, when clearly you are simply trying your best to help people to be the best that they can be.
    Please ignore these people, and keep doing what you are doing.
    You have helped me immensely, and I am very grateful for all your videos.
    Thanks again, God bless you.

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