5 Daily Habits for a Healthy Singing Voice

Use the five daily habits to keep your voice healthy so that it is in tip top shape when you are ready to sing.
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59 thoughts on “5 Daily Habits for a Healthy Singing Voice”

  1. bobtheballoon

    1.Drink water
    2.Stretch your face and vocal muscles to avoid tension
    3.Warm-up(lip trills and scales and stuff)…*I added scales*
    4.Avoid speaking in a low voice
    5.Dont Yell

  2. Uttam dutta

    Tip 5 don’t yell : well its hard when you are surrounded with idiots

    Edit:- I hope everyone’s safe and healthy.

    1. Bruh in my friend group the younger ones are trying to summond Bloody Mary and I just follow them around like a mother following their kids to the playground ;-; but instead it’s the bathrooms ? ? ?

  3. Jenny ann Hugo

    Hello coach! I just like to ask if will you recommend learning classical singing first before exploring other genres like rnb and pop? I’ve ask this because i have notice that classical singing is a good foundation to have because of it’s techniques and disiplines. hoping that you can response with me soon. i’ve always watch your awesome vocal tutorials???

  4. Jim McBride

    Thank you for the great tips! The neck stretch and pulling back on the sides of your lips while lip rolling were new to me, gonna try em out quick….. Some things I do include making vowel sounds in accending keys; doing what I call wide range ‘blah-bla-blah’ sounds in accending keys; voicing something that sounds like: ‘HUUUUUUUUUUGAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE’, and doing the standard ‘me me me me me me me me me’ sounds, also in accending keys. I find it extremely helpful (especially at my advancing age!) to do all these things S L O O O O O O W L Y; not uncommon for me to spend haf a day or more just getting and keeping warmed up. Plenty of time, I do most if this while driving, prolly looks funny as HELL! lol……Thanks for reading, if you did! Happy singing!!

  5. “Some people might think you are crazy, but that’s ok, because us singers *are* crazy!”

  6. I just want to say thank you for showing me how to practice my voice and God is blessing you and your family.

    1. William Beckley

      Don’t speak in low frequency voice is what she means, not saying don’t speak in soft voice. I don’t understand why don’t speak in low frequency, as long as you are not intentionally going lower than what is normal or comfortable for that person. I also don’t understand the comment of the person who said don’t whisper.

    1. Youtube Kariana channel

      Vocal warm up every single day about 8:00 o’clock to 2:35 i will drink water warm up strech no low voice no shouting for no voice effects

  7. Why did you bother reading my name

    Here is a tip: DONT CLEAR YOUR THROAT !! Instead drink water and resist

    1. Cynthia Mehzabeen

      I have to clear my throat every now and then, is there a cure/remedy for this? Thanks

    2. ?• ????????

      @Singgeek but one ques. How/what do u do when u feel like theres a lump in ur throat? Idk how to explain it but sometimes when i sing my my throat have this

  8. Róisín Ní gCrainn

    1. Drink Water (6-8 glasses per day)
    2. Throat Stretches
    3. Warm-Up Exercises (in a warm shower is great!)
    4. Avoid speaking in chest-voice or throat-voice, use light head-voice at all possible times.
    5. Speak to people only when they are nearby to you.

    1. I know they say to drink 6-8 glasses a water a day, but that’d a lot if you think about it (especially not leaving any room to drink anything else, you’ll be just living on water). I’d just have at least a pint of water a day, especially before singing

    2. William Beckley

      How much water depends on a lot of factors, like how much you are sweating. Too much alcohol, or caffeine can dehydrate. Not eating food containing water adds to dehydration. Excessive salt dehydrates. Dr Wallach says salt your food to taste, it is required for protein digestion, your body will balance naturally, like offering salt free choice to horses they will take what they need.

  9. The _Singing _world

    It’s really so helpful I tried this for one week and my friends started to paying attention on me thank you so much teacher for giving us such beautiful and helpful tips

  10. Keziah Sabu

    You are an amazing vocal coach and I love your channel so much! Thank you for everything that you do 🙂 God bless

  11. It just helped me a lot in singing I tried it every morning for 3-4 days and now my voice is better than before thanks a lot

  12. Dhwani Shah

    Habbit one – water
    Habit two – stretch
    Habit three – warmup
    Habit four – no low voice
    Habit five – touch distance

    For someone who don’t have time to watch full video.. ?

  13. Drink water
    Stretch neck
    Warm up your voice
    Don’t speak in low voice
    Touch distance while speaking with other
    Thank me later ????


    First I was scared to sing cause once a boy told me something really bad about my voice and that really did hurt me but…now I am selected for the lead Role in singing
    Thank you so much to give me a smooth voice ?????

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