A Southern Gospel Revival – Ben Hester – In The Sweet By And By

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All songs are single takes with no overdubs and all heart.
For more on the full Southern Gospel Revival series go check out:
The Players:
Courtney Patton
Drew Kennedy
Ben Hester
Jamie Wilson
Marty Durlam (Upright Bass)
Jesse Fox (Percussion)
Ryan Hargrave – Director/Co-Producer/Editor/Colorist
Alex Adamitis – Sound Engineer/Mixing/Mastering/Co-Producer
Chris King
Film Photography:
Jenni Westbrook – Behind The Scenes
Mike Haskew
Adam Clarke
Chris Nilsson
Jenni Westbrook
Corey Wernecke
Devon Harbord

48 thoughts on “A Southern Gospel Revival – Ben Hester – In The Sweet By And By”

    1. Kenny Bolton

      Hi there Michael Wheatley I’m going agree sister and they are all so awesome and anointed with the Holy Spirit Christ Jesus has Blessed us all just getting to listen and seeing them on our U Tube I think we need to Thank the people that are doing this for us to keep us in all of our Christen lives in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ our Savior Aman and Aman

    2. Head dragon David Austin Simmons

      God God they said thank you for music Father God I’m lord over all God made Adam he said I know created in his own image awesome

  1. One of the best Southern Gospel bands I’ve heard lately. The spirit of Jesus just feels close to you hearing this music, Amen.

    1. Kenny Bolton

      Hi there Ej Morales I’m going agree with you on your comments about the awesome songs and their Best singers God’s so proud of them for all that they are doing for him and he will always remember that they are worthy of praiseinghim with their songs for him

    2. Kenny Bolton

      @William Moore I’m going agree with you on your comments about the Harp that she played for me I was just like you I have played the Harp too when I was a teenager in the Church and I love that too Thanks

  2. John Ruane Analysis

    Brilliant – I’m just speechless, the singing, the music, the wholesomeness, God what gifts you’ve given these great singers and musicians, God bless.

  3. Sissy Ray Self

    I have these songs in my heart all day long. I have a skip in my step as I park my car in a concrete jungle, and hidden harmony in my heart in my florescent lit cubicle defying the hive mind and breaking free from the plastic system of things. I have a secret praise in my coffee cup and a chorus of merciful angels humming in my ear in every boring board meeting. thank you. your have saved my life and liberated my mind.

    1. Montse Maján Martínez

      …guess we ought to pray for ol Bob down there. Seems like he got something stuck in his craw.

      Your message is wonderful and spirit filled.

      Spread it at work if you can

    2. Kenny Bolton

      Hi there Sissy Ray Self I’m going to agree with you on your comments about the older songs I am interested in trying to get away to find out where I can get to buy some of the people tape and record’s and Cd’sfor my own so I can enjoy all that I can get to buy them before I go to Heaven with our Savior Jesus Christ. Please leave me some places to get their stuff in the comments on the U-Tube channel and Thank you all

  4. Onilda Da Costa Machado

    Que lindo…amo este hino, ele é maravilhoso. Nos faz sentir saudades do céu ???

  5. Joe Tillman

    Thank yall so much!!!! here in Georgia there’s lots of country churches that keep this wonderful music going

    1. Kenny Bolton

      Hi there Joe Tillman; I’m trying to get to buy some Records and C Tapes and Cd’s for my self . I’m 71 years old and I’m proud to have heard that maybe you can help me please I Love this music and songs please put me information on our U -Tube channel for me so I can get the records and Cd’s dis and tape that played on the cassette players God Blessings for you and Thanks

  6. Ebenezer Ralte

    Why do I find this like after 7 years. Maybe it’s God’s timing. I’m so touched. I won’t stop listening??.

    1. Kenny Bolton

      Hi there Ebenezer Ralte I’m going agree with you on your comments about the Awesome and some of the Most Beautiful Songs that I have heard of in my 71-1/2 years I believe they are all of our best singers and songs ever been Recorded. I’m Proud. and I’m Praiseing God for all of the people that are trying to help spread the words of Jesus Christ our Savior

  7. I grew in an Assembly of God church in WV, we would sing songs like this during worship service, the nostalgia is pretty strong here lol

    1. George Moore

      I too grew up in AOG church. I always held to the singing more than the preaching and at 66 yrs old still listen to Gospel music daily. ?

  8. Jakes Niemand

    Amen always makes my feet going. Thank you Lord for talent so that we can worship you.


    Whoever is listening to this message with a heavy heart like me,I pray God sees us through.AmenYour worship songs draws and brings me close to the throne of grace of God. Thank you for being an inspiration????

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