A Southern Gospel Revival: Courtney Patton – Take Your Shoes Off Moses

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Originally written by J. D. Jarvis (1967), "Take Your Shoes Off Moses" was made popular by the Stanley Brothers and Ricky Skaggs, but it was the version of Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys with Keith Whitley singing lead, that first caught Courtney's attention. Her arrangement pays tribute to the song’s bluegrass roots, the sound of which saw a resurgence during the 1960’s. Courtney's expansive voice, laced with deep Texas twang, gives new life to old themes of finding love and freedom where you can and trying to hold yourself together when it slips away.

The roots of Southern Gospel reach back to a time when singing together was a way of life. People would come from miles around to join in song, and be a part of something that was bigger than each individual could ever be on their own. It was a real community of both Faith and music.

As an homage to that community we wanted to create a modern take on traditional Southern Gospel heritage. We asked musicians from a variety of genres, styles and bands to come together for a Revival of Southern Gospel Music.

You can buy these songs on iTunes or Google Play by searching "Southern Gospel Revival" All songs were recorded live in single takes with no overdubs and all heart. We hope you love them.

You can find out more about this project and other videos by visiting:

55 thoughts on “A Southern Gospel Revival: Courtney Patton – Take Your Shoes Off Moses”

  1. Joseph Jackson

    I love this group . southern gospel can’t get any better than that. I hope they make a album i’ll like to have it.

    1. Edmilson Lima

      I too..is very good!I am brazilian,I don’t speak english.but I think undestend…I’sorry peaple I am just a brazilian man lost here.rsss

    2. InnerMittenSignal

      You’re from Kentucky, we lived in Lexington when I was a kid, & lived on Leestown Road…


    1. Libby A Myers

      @Ronnie Childs Vern Gosdin I’ll Fly Away , JESUS, Hold my hand. ++the entire album + Oh, how this blesses my country soul. ?

  3. Beautiful southern Christian music ——- I could write many things praising this band but let me cry here praising my Lord .

    1. Yep, Jesus gets used a a stepping stone to fame and fortune mostly these days. Serving the Lord is a way of life and you can’t have it both ways, flip flopping between living for God and for the world your whole life. That is why Christianity has been watered down and made into a joke in North America, people want to have it both ways… and you simply can’t.

    2. Michael Kekoa

      @T410ce I guarantee he was famous before he was an adult. Have you heard the story of how Jesus came to be? God sent an angel to Mary to have a kid and ended having him in a manger. The boy was given gold from a chest from three wise men. He grew up using incredible power. He was eventually a healer. He could turn a poor sinner to a innocent child of God. He died on the cross when he was an adult. You bet he got famous for that. But he did it, because he believed we could be saved.

    1. John Calhoun

      @FREEMAN tRump does not want to be your President: he wants to be your king, for as long as he wants. That’s why he loves Putin and Kim Jong Un. They have what he wants!

  4. Bob Edington

    I met my wife in Virginia 50 yrs. ago and we have been together ever since, I was a long haul truck driver from Canada ! She took me to church and the sermon plus the music had an impact on my salvation !! Thank you Jesus <3

  5. In the beginning was ?????

    Beautiful to see brothers and sisters from all over the world chime in!
    Blessings from Singapore.

  6. Linda Leegan

    I love to see all of the comments from across the world. I live in a rural area just outside Nashville, Tennessee USA, and this is the music I grew up on. I can truthfully say if you were here with me now, we would all clap hands to this Southern gospel music and just be glad we have something to be happy about that can not be taken away from us. We celebrate a risen savior.

    1. David Lalzara Fanai

      It is happysome for a person like us who love to hear such a beautiful and inspiring song from the north eastern part of India…

    2. Sonya Chance

      Amen!! I’m was born n raised in Madison, TN 45 yrs I can’t listen to this without getting up doing a jig and clap!! Hallelujah

  7. Absolutely everything is beautiful in this arrangement. All the voices, and the bit of electric guitar

  8. Dana Scully

    I love this music. I was born and raised in California but always wanted to live in the South and be a Southerner. After living here for 20 years this music is soooo me.

  9. Peter Voncken

    How I love these pure voices singing for our Lord. Enjoing them over and over again in the Netherlands

  10. Nagual Marcus

    I am Russian and I really like this kind of music. She is like my own to me. I think in a past life I lived in the United States and may have been a cowboy.

    1. Carole Just Carole

      @Nagual Marcus I 100% accept reincarnation as a fact! Most Christians have a very shallow understanding of the mystical side of the Bible. In the end it doesn’t matter too much. Wyoming and Montana and eastern Washington, Oregon, and Colorado still have plenty of cowboys . The western side of those states don’t lend themselves as much to running cattle.

    2. PolishTargaryen

      My Rus Kin, do not say such things. You have had no past life, and Russia has far more Christians than the US. US is a pagan Luciferian country

  11. I have been a Christian my whole life, raised in Church. I am Canadian and this music just feels right to my spirit. It reminds me of all the hymns that we used to sing growing up. The older I get the more I enjoy the old hymns! Amen!

  12. Dragon BillyLee

    Absolutely brilliant! Praising the Lord with great music, nothing better. Blessings from Ireland.

  13. Cliff Standifer

    A gift of voice and style that is certainly given for Jesus’ message of love, forgiveness, and salvation. Dedicated, it never ceases to grow.

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