A Southern Gospel Revival – Courtney Patton – Welcome Table

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All songs are single takes with no overdubs and all heart.
For more on the full Southern Gospel Revival series go check out:
The Players:
Courtney Patton
Drew Kennedy
Ben Hester
Jamie Wilson
Marty Durlam (Upright Bass)
Jesse Fox (Percussion)
Ryan Hargrave – Director/Co-Producer/Editor/Colorist
Alex Adamitis – Sound Engineer/Mixing/Mastering/Co-Producer
Chris King
Film Photography:
Jenni Westbrook – Behind The Scenes
Mike Haskew
Adam Clarke
Chris Nilsson
Jenni Westbrook
Corey Wernecke
Devon Harbord

36 thoughts on “A Southern Gospel Revival – Courtney Patton – Welcome Table”

  1. wildrosegal1

    Courtney, you REALLY need to put this on an album…this is hands down the BEST version of Welcome Table ever!! I looked in iTunes, googled it…no where can I get a hold of a copy of you performing this song 🙁  Love your work-all the best on the new album!

  2. John Ruane Analysis

    I’m from Ireland and I have to say this is one of the most up- lifting bands I’ve ever heard, the singing is brilliant and the music is absolutely fantastic. Everything about this great band is pure and wholesome, continue doing what you’re doing, because I think it’s just great, God bless.

  3. Isaac Nussbaum

    I am simply blown away by Miss Patton’s voice – so pure, rich, and resonant. I am speechless. Wow!

  4. Big T’ s Shack festival

    Why would anyone ever choose contemporary Christian tunes over this ?? So real , so powerful , so pure. I love it. I wanna go to Texas and Jam with these folks. I hope they would take me in like real brothers and sisters. I hope everyone that is listening to this will welcome all there most hated enemies like brothers and sisters. That’s what it’s all about!!!! Lord bless everyone !!!!!!

    1. Nocturnal Madness

      @Big T’ s Shack festival I hear you. I get more enjoyment and find more spiritual value in the old gospel hymns and from Southern gospel which often goes back to those hymns plus songs like these. I’ve always seen Contemporary Christian as world-pleasing rather than worshipful or good for the soul. That’s not a knock on fellow believers, but I prefer worship music that’s more uplifting than rocking. It helps keep your mind on the Lord and his ways and not on setting entertainment as a priority.

    2. Benjamin Eby

      @Jens Randolff Worshipping God is not about your taste. Music for worshipping God is not for your entertainment. God is Holy. Some day you will find out, hopefully before He vomits you out of His mouth.

  5. Brett Johnson

    I am Australian, grew up with some pretty special music. Then about 10 years ago I spent a LOT of time in Louisiana and Texas. Between Delta Blues, Southern Gospel, Zydeco and Bluegrass every night I was in absolute music lovers heaven! I thought lots of negative stuff about “The South” until I got there, awesome, generous, friendly people, love it!

    1. MïkëY Mïkë

      Im Aussie also, taking in the soothing southern gospel sounds from Sydney. Discovered Gospel Revival whilst YouTubing gospel songs for the ukulele. L?VE it. Thanks for connecting us from all over the globe

    2. Michael Kekoa

      @Alex Ortiz if you’re from Georgia, your from a land that inherited the first peaches and the ones who invented the term southern gentleman. Georgia even gave country music industries Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert.

  6. ruediger sens

    This is America at its best, sincere and committed to the truth, not just any truth, but the truth of Jesus Christ our Lord. Greetings from Germany.

    1. Nocturnal Madness

      @Ed Hensley Don’t be concerned by the political climate of today’s America. There’s a great day coming when we’ll be glad to sit at God’s welcome table and put all this behind us

  7. Ronnie Hyatt

    Wow! Courtney Patton has an amazing voice, and her “new look” is beautiful!!! And having Jamie Wilson sing backup harmony is special!

  8. Beautiful lead vocals, beautiful harmonies, good musicianship in general. I’m a musician myself, have been for better than 2/3 of my life, quite a few years of it professionally. So I have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about. And I love the song itself, means a lot.

  9. GregoryZ Brand

    I wish these people would come together and make another gospel album. I have looked each one of them up and listened to several of their country songs but none of them compare to the work each one did on this album. This album and video are superb.

  10. Randy Holbrooks

    this song is fantastic the girls really put some heart n soul in it and when drew kicks in with the rest of the group it truly is a beautiful song played and sang the way it should be

  11. jim whitley

    Wow!! I’ve got to find more vids by these folks. Better than most of the S. Gospel stuff out there today.

  12. The Beauty of Nature and Animals

    Such a great song! Looking forward to sitting at the table with Jesus.

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