A Southern Gospel Revival – Jamie Wilson – Ain’t No Grave

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All songs are single takes with no overdubs and all heart.
For more on the full Southern Gospel Revival series go check out:
The Players:
Courtney Patton
Drew Kennedy
Ben Hester
Jamie Wilson
Marty Durlam (Upright Bass)
Jesse Fox (Percussion)
Ryan Hargrave – Director/Co-Producer/Editor/Colorist
Alex Adamitis – Sound Engineer/Mixing/Mastering/Co-Producer
Chris King
Film Photography:
Jenni Westbrook – Behind The Scenes
Mike Haskew
Adam Clarke
Chris Nilsson
Jenni Westbrook
Corey Wernecke
Devon Harbord

60 thoughts on “A Southern Gospel Revival – Jamie Wilson – Ain’t No Grave”

  1. Enrique Aldanondo

    ” No hay oscuridad ”
    No hay oscuridad, puede sostener mi cuerpo
    No hay ninguna oscuridad, puede sostener mi cuerpo
    Cuando oigo ese sonido de trompeta
    Me voy a levantar de la tierra
    No hay oscuridad, que pueda sostener mi cuerpo.

    Bueno, mira hacia el río,
    Que crees que veo?
    Veo una banda de ángeles y vienen tras de mí
    No es grave, puede sostener mi cuerpo
    No hay ninguna oscuridad …
    que pueda sostener mi cuerpo.

    Bueno, mira Gabriel
    Ponga sus pies en la tierra y el mar
    Pero Gabriel no toques tu trompeta ‘
    Hasta que lo escuches de mi
    No hay oscuridad, que pueda sostener mi cuerpo
    No hay ninguna oscuridad …
    que pueda sostener mi cuerpo.

    Bueno, encuéntrame, Jesús, encuéntrame,
    Encuéntrame en medio del aire
    Y si estas alas no me fallan
    Te encontraré donde quieras
    No es grave, puede sostener mi cuerpo
    No hay ninguna oscuridad …
    que pueda sostener mi cuerpo.

    Bueno, conocerme madre y padre,
    Reunirse conmigo por la carretera del río
    Y mamá tu sabes eso …
    Estaré allí cuando revise mi carga
    No hay oscuridad, que pueda sujetar mi cuerpo?
    No hay ninguna oscuridad …
    que pueda retener mi cuerpo
    No hay ninguna oscuridad …
    que pueda retener mi cuerpo.

  2. This is my favourite song sung by Southern Gospel Revival.  You guys make it such a pleasure to listen to – over and over!!

  3. 1 Corinthians 15 ;54 Ain’t no grave gonna hold my body down. What a beautiful soulful voice the lead singer has. Bless y’all

  4. i was singing this solo in church when i was literally still a toddler … they would stand me on a chair, lower mic as far as it would go, then tip it in toward me & hold for me … this has authentic down-home sound

  5. Thurloe Kohler

    I was feeling just yukky with life and all its burdens. Came across this music by the grace of God.My eyes are moist and my spirit is soaring now.Come quickly Lord Jesus Christ.Thurloe Cape Town South Africa.

    1. Clint Walker

      @Messerah as long as it doesn’t have anything to do with Ellen White I look when I get a chance.

  6. Swampgirl67

    I just lost my Mother to Corona.. no funeral, cause She was cremated, but I will have this playing at Her memorial service… Just Amazing

    1. Everyone saying sorry for your loss don’t.

      Like that song by Jamey Johnson.
      Don’t cry over my body because that ain’t me lying there

    2. overseer • 78y ago

      @Vincent Floyd what do you mean if may I ask? Does it mean it’s not the end of the world?

    3. same here, I couldn’t even see her before she died. She was saved before she died and she told me “do not be afraid.” You will see her again ?

  7. absolutely love this style and old gospel songs. Can’t say how much I love this revival, this is what churches should be playing instead of trying to do concerts and loud banging music.

    1. @Messerah you Donn’t need to send links to me. I wouldn’t go there just to be safe, besides whatever those links say, they are someone else’s thoughts, not yours.

    2. Kathleen Mears

      what “churches” are playing now is demonic..for the prinice of the air, prince of lies not for Our Lord God our Jesus the Messiah..

  8. Tim Edwards

    My brother was put to rest today
    No coincidence I was led to this song Thank you Praise Jesus

    1. So sorry.. My brother – best friend died in 2004, my dad died of covid in Oct 2020.. and mom died last week from a stroke. My parents were married 66 years and they all in heaven. I still have a siss- Nice to share these stories and have good cry. Love you ever you are. 🙂

    2. Sugar Xyler the Cherokee

      @JBplus4 no thanks…already had him! If there were a God you wouldn’t need a book to find him ?

  9. Praising God Almighty for His Son’s sacrifice and the Living strength of His Holy Spirit, and for His sweet children who brought us this music. Makes this old man feel like dancing before the Lord!

  10. Linda Leegan

    I grew up close to Nashville, Tennessee USA in a rural area . My family attended a little church that played this kind of music every Sunday. It’s a natural thing for all us hillbillies (I am college educated, by the way) to celebrate Jesus in our Southern way. I am proud of my Southern heritage.

    1. Geoff Lilley

      @Johnny Utah You’re my people, dude. I’m a city slicker from Jersey, and I absolutely dig the hell out of this hillbilly music. I think this stuff is gorgeous. And to top it all off, I’m an atheist. But this music is off the chain.

    2. Tillie Agnick

      No one can be put in a box. I am from Southern California, born and bred. Love Jesus with all my heart and had a mom born in Bakersfield (Nashville West coast)and am Hispanic ! This music is in my bones and blood!

    3. Claude Roxborough III

      @Clan Robertson I really liked your historical account but do not understand this phrase “It needs us again”! If you’re talking about your religion, religious freedom is just that religious freedom and so can’t be forced down someone’s throat as your ancestors clearly understood. So my hope is that you didn’t forget this lesson. I do pray though that folks find the importance of having a personal connection to God. I also am hoping that you aren’t falling victim to anti-government brainwashing that says all Democrats are “tyrants”. There is only one person who tried to be a tyrant and that was the guy who took people to storm the capitol building of our great nation. And we don’t want him dead, we want him and those like him to be held accountable for his hatred of this country.

  11. Steve Sharkey

    This is the 4th time this mornin I Listening to this. I can finally watch it without crying. I think this is what you might call a spiritual experience. ??

    1. Entertain Inform Media

      Only my first!! seems more like the bluegrass version. I like it all!! The message moves me.

  12. “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:”…… on that day, I testify that, ain’t no grave is gonna hold my body down.

  13. Victor Samora

    If everyone would listen and sing this to get your morning started right and proclaim victory in everything they do all the negative people along with the evil one are gonna have a very bad day cause the GOD i sing and worship too makes sure theres no grave that can hold me down. Everyone whos reads this proclaim it i have FAITH in you God bless and have a wonderful day

  14. Dragon BillyLee

    By far and away the best version of this song, ever. Absolutely brilliant! Well done all of you. That voice is beyond anything I’ve heard. God bless you, from Ireland.
    As a fellow musician, I have to say I love the way the band waves in at the beginning.

  15. Edgar Bledsoe

    This is Gospel Music at it’s finest. Ain’t no grave can hold you down if Jesus is your Saviour…..

  16. Emily Coomer

    My uncle wrote ‘ain’t no grave’ from the stories my family tell he was a great man of God. Thank you for doing this song justice. I don’t like a lot of versions but the original and I think I found my second favorite

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