Alabama – High Cotton (Official Video)

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Official video for "High Cotton” by Alabama
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We were walking in high cotton
Old times there are not forgotten
Those fertile fields are never far away
We were walking in high cotton
Old times there are not forgotten
Leavin' home was the hardest thing we ever faced

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47 thoughts on “Alabama – High Cotton (Official Video)”

  1. What makes Alabama so good is that they are absolutely real. Randy Owen is a country boy that grew up on Lookout mountain who also happened to be a tremendously gifted musician and story teller.

  2. Dear current-day Country artists, this is how you write a song about growing up on a farm…if you actually did grow up on a farm.

    1. These guy were not farmers. They were musicians. Jeff could pay anything at 5 years old. My grandad and Mr. Cook played on the front porch every Sunday after church.

    2. I have the banjo and fiddle they used to play. Jeff was such a good man. He would come visit my grandmother until he couldn’t. So sad,

  3. pammy bertin

    507 people wouldn’t know a good country song if it slapped them in the face. How could anyone give a thumbs down to Alabama? Like really? One of the greatest groups of all time.

  4. I’m Irish and just discovered the band Alabama today. What a day it is. I love American country music and Irish so don’t know how I have not come across them before but thank God I did today. God bless the South. I have always loved the Southern Americans. I’m off to Tennessee in two weeks and can not wait. Then off down to new Orleans for a few days.

    1. James Devlin

      I’m German Irish native and I was born in dad’s father came from Scandinavia Dublin Ireland

  5. makeminefreedom

    My father told me about growing up on my grandfathers farm in Kentucky and the square dances he attended when he was young. My grandfather was a Baptist minister and a tobacco farmer. He preached on Sunday but didn’t depend on his neighbors to take care of him. My father served in WWII as a Sherman tank commander. He crossed Africa while fighting German Panzers and watching his friends die before entering Europe. I love the songs of the South. They remind me of my father and the sacrifices he and his friends made to fight for this country.

    1. FFAandChevrolet

      I’m from Tennessee now in Kentucky my great grandfather was a tobacco farmer in Tennessee and was a sergeant in ww2 he passed away doing what he loved and had a heart attack in a tobacco field in 1994 rip Thomas Henry Clinard

  6. Black Berry lady

    Extremely Outstanding!!! This takes me back to my childhood back in Mississippi..The good old days..Fantastic….??????????????

  7. Hasin Akhyear

    I am not from this continent and yet I love Southern culture. These country music make me feel warm inside in a way nothing ever did. Thank you sweet Southern people. God bless you. <3


    This is basically an anthem to everyone who grew up on farming issues and learning strong family values. Greetings from the south… of Spain, Murcia.

    1. I feel It’s more about recognizing the benefits of hard work, no matter what kind of work it is..

    2. There was actually a cotton mill named High Cotton in Ft.Payne where Alabama is from. I wondered if it was the inspiration for the song title.

  9. Alice Dishman


  10. Curtis Grupe

    A truly great song from a great american band need more songs like this never forget your roots or where you came from

  11. Claire Lowry

    Makes me think of my mom and her family and the stories she shared with me. They made it through the depression, even though her father died early into that nightmare. Her 4 bothers pushed through along with her mom and 2 sisters and made it through to WWII. This song just makes me cry. And yes — it was high Tennessee cotton.

  12. jeremy sasser

    As many hits as they’ve had, still somehow the most underrated country band of my lifetime.

  13. My favorite song by Alabama. Reminds me of my grandparents. Old times with them ARE NOT FORGOTTEN! ???

    1. monkey brain stu

      I like this one, but I heard Roll On 1st when I was very young, so I’m partial. My mom’s best friend is married to one of the guys in Alabama’s brother. But I never met. They live 4 or 5 states away

  14. I grew up with this music in the rural areas so this is like a wave of nostalgia to me just riding in the car with the radio blastin and circle k fountain drinks looking at the cows and going to rancho on the weekends

  15. Art Of Valor

    Seriously one of the most talented groups. Ever. In any genre. These guys definitely deserve their place in history.

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