37 thoughts on “Beautiful Instrumental Gospel & Hymns! 55 Playlist – Various Artists.”

  1. Marlyn Samson

    So blessed, thank you for these beautiful and annointed hymns, the presence of the is strong, there is joy in your presence Lord. Praise your Holy name?

  2. Hymns Songs

    I am just 16 years old and I give my life to Him when I was 14. And I always celebrate every July 20 cause that was the perfect day when Christ came to save me .I maybe a teenager and in our days this kind of song has little appreciation than it should be. But I really realize that this hymns of Christianity will sound until He will come again. And I keep this fire of the Holy Spirit burning withing me. God bless everyone I hope to see you there in our eternal home with our long beloved KING!!!!

    1. Amen Child of God!! I am 22 I was your age listening uo hymns as well.
      while everyone from my gen was singing The Black Eyed Peas or whatever was popular.
      I stayed to my only listening to Jesus music. and will be listening to Jesus music For ALL ETERNITY PRAISE THE LORD ?

    2. Leila Brewer

      I am SO proud of you and I hope today you have grown more in Christ than last year. I am 75 and still growing and He means everything to me. He IS coming soon so look up, have faith and hope, as His people will be going home (from whence we came) very soon! Love Leila

  3. Waldir Pires

    I have listened those ones many times. They make me feel so grateful to Almighty God. Greetings from Brazil.

  4. namisa lisk

    Thanks for this beautiful and worthy moment of being close to almighty God through this songs. God bless all the artists for sharing their talents with us. All glory and honour be to almighty God.

  5. Lucille Godbout

    What a blessing to listen to these beautiful songs – a foretaste of heaven! To God be the Glory! Listening from Montreal (Canada)! ??

    1. Arsenio Jr. Benedicto

      A wonderful GODLY music I really love most to listen during worship devotion and bedtime makes me calm and relax from duty while bringing me Closer to GOD each moment:-) GODBLESS US EVERYONE as we continue our SPIRITUAL JOURNEY to our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST???

  6. Lisa Radulovich

    I live in an assisted living facility and I use this for prelude music every Sunday at our worship service. The residents love it.

  7. Very therapeutic and comforting specially to me, who is still recuperating from a major aneurysm surgery. All the gospel hymns are physically rejuvenating, emotionally, and spiritually uplifting! Keep up your good and wonderful work! Thanks so much. God Bless

  8. Old Country Gospel Songs

    I always come here to listen these songs. How lovely it is knowing that God is with us amidst transgressions we’ve committed.

  9. Antonio Salazar Punzalan Jr.

    Music is the language of the soul, it touches deeply everyone’s heart. It makes us closer to our Savior. It conditions every spirit.

  10. When my father is sick, i find an instrumental music that can make his mind relax and free from stress. Thank God for this wonderful music it gaves us a peaceful mind esp. to those sick people.

    1. Penny Davis

      It make my body feel lighter and mind happy. I have many small medical problems. But they not in my mind when have this music to replace the thought.

  11. Yvetroman Roman

    This calmed my mom down during a stressful time thank you do much and GOD BLESS YOU!!! ???

  12. Musical Store

    My husband and I love this music so much.. When I was pregnant, we listened it everyday.. Now, we listen it with our baby.. Listen it, make our mind feel relax and our baby can sleep well ???

  13. Andrew James andrewjames2244@gmail. com

    We live in a culture full of music. Music is a wonderful gift God has given us. Music is universal. Whether Orchestra, Band, Choir or music therapy. It can be used to soothe the soul. It is amazing how sometimes when someone is feeling depressed or anxious, a song can lift them up. Whether music for congregational worship, resonating through the chapel, the classroom or recital, be it instrumental or vocal the study and practice of music holds a unique place in the history of Augsburg and the world. Music is capable of expressing a variety of moods and feelings, joy and sorrow, hope and fear, or faith and doubt. Making music, sharing music during these very challenging and isolating times of sheltering in place, creates community and connectivity. Today we offer a scripture and PRAYER FOR MUSICIANS…This video made me cry. 2 years ago i was down with cancer and my doctor told me i was going to die. I also lost my job and life looked so miserable to me. i was loosing hope and faith but i kept on looking up to God because i know he never fails. My brother and my sisters in the lord, i am proud and happy to tell you today that i well and i was cured of cancer and i am a proud owner of 3 companies today and i will forever be grateful to God and some few people in my. life. My mom & dad and John Neil Andrew, this lady made me what i am today financially . He introduced me to a bitcoin Blockchain group and i have never for once regret working with them. if you wish to reach out to he here is her email feedback@markhanfarmer, com i tell everyone about he and how he really changed my life and i am very grateful to God for bringing he into my life. I pray for everyone out there going through a lot of difficulties out there GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH. IF YOU BELIVE COMMENT AMEN. REMAIN BLESSED!!!

  14. Music of God

    Thank you I love hymns, having the lyrics allows me to sing with them. Praises to our Lord Jesus forevermore!

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