70 thoughts on ““Beautiful & Uplifting Gospel Hymns -AlanJackson- with Instrumental Hymns”.”

    1. Chaplain Les Paulson

      My only love, JoAnna, has been on her honeymoon with her true husband, Yeshua – Jesus for 2147 days. After 8 organs transplanted, overcoming terminal cancer 6 times and facing a 7th, she chose to go home to Jesus. It was my highest honor to present Lady JoAnna to the bridegroom, God. I KNOW I will hold her again. I pray now for these many other cancer, transplant, and terminal patients who desperately need a faith coach to prepare their hearts and journeys to walk with God.

      Faith life invested, not wasted.

    2. Vickie Finney

      @Chaplain Les Paulson so sorry for your loss. I love that you know she is safe in God’s arms.

    3. Steven Anderson

      Lord Jesus, I pray that you bless each and every one of us, Heal the sick and strengthen everyone’s faith in you, Thank you, Jesus, Amen.

  1. Mark Lofstrand

    I’m sitting by my mom’s bed in a rest home where she is in the last stage of Alzheimer’s, she’s 91 and has been a believer all her life. I’m playing these songs for her and she’s mouthing the words along with the song. She hasn’t been able to put a sentence together for some time now. This is so precious to watch. I’ll never forget this moment. Thank you Alan Jackson for doing this, and thank you Jesus!

    1. You are a good son! I commend you! I know you will miss her when she goes to heaven. But, she will be most happy there!! Running, laughing and meet relative’s!

    2. @Amanda Toler your very welcome ? thanks ? your beautiful beautiful comment on Alan Jackson thanks ? ??

    3. Cat B. gmail

      Mark, 2 years ago you were where I am right now. My mom is also a 91 year old alzheimers victim. She too has been a committed Christian her whole life. I thanks God for your comment. It reminded me that I an never alone. Thank you.

    4. Mark Lofstrand

      @Cat B. gmail Thanks CatB. My mom is still here with us but I don’t think she knows me anymore, cannot do anything on her own, she’ll be 94 in 10 days, I just pray God gives her peace and comfort ?

    1. Country Gospel Music

      Just so, the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.

  2. Hymns Songs

    I am just 16 years old and I give my life to Him when I was 14. And I always celebrate every July 20 cause that was the perfect day when Christ came to save me .I maybe a teenager and in our days this kind of song has little appreciation than it should be. But I really realize that this hymns of Christianity will sound until He will come again. And I keep this fire of the Holy Spirit burning withing me. God bless everyone I hope to see you there in our eternal home with our long beloved KING!!!!

    1. I got saved when I was 10, I remember when I first got convicted. I felt awful, all I knew was that I needed to be saved. I went down to the altar, but I don’t really know what happened next. I just wanted to be saved, then eventually I got up and that conviction was gone. Then I felt the best feeling I have ever felt, but then again that is just a sample of what it will be like in heaven. It really changed me. Truly, without him we could do nothing.

  3. Steve Jenkins

    It is a privilege to hear all these beautiful hymns! Music is a unique way to give glory in exchange for what He has given us! This is a collection of great songs!

    1. Country Gospel Music

      Just so, the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.

  4. Heartfelt yearning for saner times and the simple beauty in old hymns, I happened across this. I burst into tears when it fed my hungry soul. My ancient I Pad barely works these days but it’s my intent to make it feed my spirit these blessed tunes til it dies. If A. Jackson reads these…thank you!

  5. christoph schlacher

    Well done, listen to these wonderfull uplifting Hymns with my one year old Granddaughter and she as well listen peacefully. Praise the good Lord. Writing from Vienna Austria

    1. Country Gospel Music

      If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.

    2. @Country Gospel Music yes lady but I am not able to travel anymore because of damage & I have Alan Jackson Gospel Cds ? Al’so thanks ?

  6. Country Gospel

    In my church in Russia we still love those songs and they are not old for us, though we sing contemporary songs as well!

    1. @Country Gospel ….I was in Russisa many years ago. We visited Christians. Unfortunately I have no contact to russian Christians right now. Do you know a young russisn man or woman (20 -30 y.o.) who love God with All their heart and want to serve him in another country? ?

  7. Tagalog Christian Songs Collection

    God said, “Don’t look aroundbecause you’ll be impressed, Don’t look down you’ll be depressed, Just look to me & you’ll be blessed!” Aameen.?

  8. Country Gospel Music

    Dear Lord, I come before your presence this morning, as humbly as ever. As the sun shines, may your favor shine upon me, my family, friends and even my enemies. As I breathe in the fresh morning air, may my heart be filled with your love, that I may love endlessly. Crown my hard work with success and fill my house with your peace today and forever more. Amen.

  9. I have been playing this for my mother at the nursing home. She has dementia. They called like 3 weeks ago and gave her 3 days to live. I’ve been playing a lot of Alan Jackson’s songs to her. She seems to enjoy it and I usually leave in tears. Enjoy your mother’s while you can. Thanks to Alan Jackson, I’ve always enjoyed his music.

    1. Alan Jackson

      Hello Trina
      how’re you doing?
      Comments like this are priceless, Thank you??
      it’s nice meeting you here

    2. I introduced Alan Jackson Gospel songs to my mom during covid. She loves his music. We call him her boyfriend ? She’s 90

    1. Joanna Milano

      Very sorry to learn of the loss of your dear father Patti I’m praying for you ?????????

  10. Gospel Music

    Today I gave my life to Jesus while listening to this song. I am saved, AMEN! God bless whoever is watching this video!

  11. Greg McCarty

    Thanks for doing this beautiful encouraging Christ centered music may God richly Bless and Keep you and yours bro.

  12. João Vanderlei Silva

    Celebrar ao Senhor Jesus Cristo com estes louvores alegra a alma do cristão.
    Louvado seja o Gde. Deus da minha salvação.

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