bob marley – turn your lights down low / could you be loved (joseph solomon cover)

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bob marley – turn your lights down low / could you be loved (joseph solomon cover)

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23 thoughts on “bob marley – turn your lights down low / could you be loved (joseph solomon cover)”

  1. Amanda Greenford

    Oh my gahhhh. ?This has always been my favorite song, and I didn’t think I could love it more until now.

  2. You are an absolute gem. Such a unique talent and I’m grateful I found you. The creativity you sprinkle on these songs is remarkable and I’m hooked!

  3. The Reiff Odyssey

    Amazing performance, and I love the cosmic background radiation you have on the back wall. Your vibe stretches out to the edge of the universe 🙂

  4. Passion8 4God

    It’s like YouTube provided us with the Loop option JUS’ for Joseph Solomon’s uploads! ?????
    (Also, I’m giving a shout out to Lauryn Hill cuz the flavor she added to her cover has now been infused into almost all covers that have been done thereafter! ????)

  5. AngelicaJouana

    Loving everything of that cover , from the strings to the background view to every vocals , a soundgasm

  6. Eish! I play your songs out loud and it almost feels like a live concert up in here…no neighbours’ complaints…in fact I made a lot of friends from it all…

  7. Lucifer Chapman

    I saw Bob Marley tracks and almost skipped this, I didn’t expect such a great rendition of his music. Voice is unreal ????????

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  9. Ramón Gonzalez

    Thats very sacanagem, my dear friend. Machucou muito, que isso…
    Uma máquina de sonoridade.
    Um caralho de asas sonoro.

  10. Rebecca Elisha

    Your voice is so healing and calming. Your music has been on my Playlists for years. Love it so much! Thankyou?

  11. Loved to hear more covers of Bob Marley’s music the acoustic version that is. Love love love it????????

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