Brett Manning Vocal Warm Up

As you most likely know already, Brett Manning is one of the best known singing instructors in the music industry. In this video tutorial you’ll see the Brett Manning vocal warm up technique to put you miles ahead of your peers.

Do you want to measure up to pro status with your singing ability?

Watch this vocal training warm up video and improve your voice starting today.

Vocal Warm Up by Brett Manning

How Important is Vocal Warm Up?

This is really a given but warming up your voice before you sing is essential! You should never strain your voice by singing cold and the Brett Manning vocal warm up video will teach you exactly how to do it right.

Another Vocal Warm Up Tip

I did some research about learning how to sing well by first warming up vocal cords and found an article by World Voice Day.

In this piece about singing better, they state:

Breath Relaxation: Releases tension often associated in the breathing mechanism that can interfere with effective voice production. Ordinarily, if there is tension when breathing, that tension radiates to the voice box muscles.

Take a normal breath and then exhale.

Make sure your shoulders and chest are low and relaxed. Repeat many times making sure that your breaths are focused low in the abdomen and that there is not associated chest, neck, or shoulder tension while breathing.

You can place one hand on your abdomen to remind you to keep the focus low and away from the chest and shoulders. Hold an “s” sound like in hiss when you exhale.

Cooling Down Your Voice is Almost as Important as Warm Ups

In the vocal warm up article they also say:

Don’t forget your vocal cool down after extensive vocal use. Gently humming feeling the focus of the sound on the lips is an excellent way to cool down the voice. You should hum gentle glides on the sound “m” feeling a tickling vibration in the lip/nose are.” read more ..

So, as you can see, the Brett Manning vocal warm up exercise is not the only one you’ll find. But, if you’re really going to learn to sing correctly why not learn from a pro?

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vocal warm up technique
vocal warm up technique

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