Can Altos Sing Whistle Notes?

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Whistle register is the highest singing register in the voice. But it's very difficult to find when you're first starting out.

Today, I react to RoseAngel practicing her whistle notes from an Ariana Grande song on TikTok…

45 thoughts on “Can Altos Sing Whistle Notes?”

  1. ClintstarsMusic Official

    She’s not an alto sir …I have actually been following her for awhile… She sounds nothing like an alto… Infact she’s not an alto… She said that for entertainment.

    1. @Monarch that doesn’t really make her an alto though. if my low range is C4 – F4 and i’m most comfortable singing in that range, does that still make me an alto?

    2. Practically Creative

      It’s what you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t matter if you can hit the soprano notes, if she is more comfortable with the alto notes, then she can consider herself an alto…


      I’m not actually sure but that’s how I’ve always viewed it… (I’m in high school)

    1. @JELLY_cat22 If they put you in the alto section in choir and you can hit E6…. What is the choir director doing?

    2. ?@Imperial Isaacloll i doubt mariah trained in her early days and she just sounded so good already

    3. @*NFECTED contralto is simply the more specific and professional term. But alto is used simply all across the board and still applies here. Alto can be used to refer to a specific part or a solo singer

    4. @ezra No it cant. Alto is literally a choral part and that only. Contralto is the correct term used to classify someones voice outside of a choir. If your choir teacher has to classify you, he’ll use alto and not contralto cause alto is a choral part based on range and range only.

  2. Rainbow Katsuki

    I used to do whistle notes till I got sick and… Uhm… There ain’t much left XD I’ve lost my voice 5 time this year not counting previous years from getting sick

    1. Just practice they will come back I do that every day if not my voice might be damaged for ever

  3. Ramsey Voice Studio

    In the original video, the singer called herself an Alto. I don’t believe this singer is an alto, but I wanted to honor the original wishes of the singer and video.

    1. She probably says that because she doesn’t even know just how amazing her voice and range is..

  4. MoonlightBright

    That’s Roseangel for any one wanting to know who she is she makes her own music and just sounds a bit better with lower notes! ?

    1. ?@Ariana_Grande ? that’s probably because she doesn’t realize just how amazing her voice is..

  5. I do consider myself an alto because I feel more comfortable singing in my low range and was an alto in choir, but I’ve been practicing my higher range for Tiktok?

    1. @AriNotes just cuz you CAN doesn’t mean it feels natural or comfortable. I can sing some high notes but it definitely hurts

    2. Most voices are more comfortable in the lower and mid range. It has nothing to do with voice type. And alto isn’t a voice type it’s a choir part like u said.

    3. Practically Creative

      SAMEEE! I love being an alto. But I can hit the high notes, so I always say I’m a soprano. It helps the soprano section of my high school chorus because some of them are altos but thought they could sing the high notes of the soprano section (they’re good singers but their vocal chords need a rest ?)

    4. ????????????

      I’m an alto too and I applied for Jr. All-State as a soprano and even though I can hit some really good notes I’m so anxious for when I start singing the songs but your singing is amazing!

  6. Marc Anthony Garcia Deroncele

    i’m a man, baritone ,and i can do whistle notes effortless. my highest belt with chest voice is A4 and my highest whistle is Eb7 so there’s no problem if she’s alto or not cuz looks like she’s working this part of her voice. im doing the same thing 😉

  7. n a h h h h

    Am I the only one who thought they heard an effect when she first started the whistle note..? (NOT HATING SHE HAS AN AMAZING VOICE)

  8. GachaLifeMe

    She’s undoubtedly talented, but to me her voice sounds like she physically has to strain to push it out

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