CCR Greatest Hits Full Album – The Best of CCR – CCR Love Songs Ever (HQ)

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CCR Greatest Hits Full Album – The Best of CCR – CCR Love Songs Ever (HQ)
CCR Greatest Hits Full Album – The Best of CCR – CCR Love Songs Ever (HQ)
CCR Greatest Hits Full Album – The Best of CCR – CCR Love Songs Ever (HQ)

63 thoughts on “CCR Greatest Hits Full Album – The Best of CCR – CCR Love Songs Ever (HQ)”

    1. I used to go to the old folks home as a teenager for fun ? I enjoyed their company and skipped school often to hang out with them.

  1. Aakarsh Dhawan

    0:00 Have you ever seen the rain
    2:40 Fortunate Son
    4:59 Proud Mary
    8:07 Bad Moon Rising
    10:27 Cotton Fields
    13:23 Lookin’ Out My Back Door
    15:56 Who’ll Stop The Rain
    18:24 Born On The Bayou
    24:23 Green River
    26:54 Run Through The Jungle
    30:00 Long As I Can See The Night
    33:32 Down On The Corner
    36:17 Suzie Q
    44:57 I Put A Spell On You
    49:28 Lodi
    52:37 I Heard It Through The Grapevine
    1:03:40 The Midnight Special
    1:07:55 Hey Tonight
    1:10:36 Travellin’ Band
    1:12:44 Up Around The Bend

    1. Maurice Costa

      Merci pour ces musiques qui traversent le temps, sans altération , et qui plaisent toujours autant. Merci ccr.

  2. chadbailey30

    Man this music takes me back to being a kid in the early 80s. My mom would have parties and CCR would be on the stereo, smoke filled kitchen, beer and whiskey everywhere! I’d be playing w the kids that came with their parents, just running a F’n muck. It was the BEST childhood!
    And yes young ppl, parents used to take their kids with them on Sat night! Atleast in the Midwest ?

    1. shaun truter

      Love it same story this side in South Africa.Grew up with it.
      Love it.
      So much $hit in this country but fighting the fight for a future for my kid and he will also listen this music because growing up with it at home and braais/bbq and friends this side.

    2. shaun truter

      Actualy they in capetown now and my house windows are making brrrrrr brrrrr brrrrr.Man it .You dont get music lile this anymore.Enjoying wine now with this fantastic music of ccr

    3. Fucking A

      I grew up around biker parties and in biker bars. Loved every minute of it. Didn’t become a drug addict or drunk either.

    1. Will Beckman

      I’m not forgetting anyone folks just saying Fogerty is in that group despite the short window he was creative in.

  3. Deidra Watkins

    I will never forget the first time I heard this song…I was on a school bus going home and the older kids had a radio on and this song played and has been a favorite song of mine ever since. Needless to say that is when I fell in love with the great CCR!!!

  4. Colombia Life

    I first heard of CCR as a kid; I’m late 50s now and I’m still listening to them today. I’ll never get tired of them. A very underrated band that should have been bigger than it was.

    1. I am who You say I am

      @Raúl Sánchez T. Wtf yes they did, like all of those guys did. Kiss covered “I wanna rock” and Metallica’s “Mama said” were both popular. “Smells like teen spirit” is still played regularly on radio.

    2. @o0FancyPants0o I totally understand your answer, I think he means they had less recognition in the greater public than bands of lesser quality or did not get the same than bands of equal quality whose name is much better known. They really are a monument of rock, no pun intended at first but I kinda like it. 🙂

    3. I’m a bit older than you, and grew up with CCR among others. They weren’t that underrated. They were it in the late 60’s early 70’s. Everyone followed CCR, even though they were only together for a few years.

  5. Alan Waters

    Music of my childhood. I remember all these songs at parties. Have you ever seen the Rain, and Who’ll stop the Rain, are special but all these songs are great. By the way this album originally released in 1976, is still on the Billboard 200 album chart and reached the 500-weeks mark in December 2020. It has been awarded 10× platinum. Not bad for a group that unfortunately disbanded in 1972.

    1. George Sitgraves

      Add Suzie Q to your favorites list. I put a spell on you would have to be next. Hard to rank order these songs.

  6. GroovyGranny1959

    Always loved CCR. We used to go to the beach & take huge speakers & set out & blast all CCR for the whole beach to jam to with us. Brings back so many great memories.

  7. Douglas Smith

    I grew up listening to CCR as a kid from the kitchen radio in the early 70s and still love their music. One of the greatest American bands.?

  8. Donald Trussell

    One of the greatest rock bands of all time, every song brings a sweet memory of youth in the late sixties, early seventies.

    1. Flow Euphoria

      I’m kinda jealous. I love the Internet but I can honestly say it’s probably doing more harm than good. Now you have access to all of the worlds information even if it’s wrong and it’s hard to filter the bullshit

  9. Nancy Siler

    There’s just nothing else like CCR! Always good music, even all these years later. Turn them up and rock out!!!

  10. ••• xD35P153x •••

    I didn’t grow up in this era. It’s not even my go to genre of music most of the time. But I can honestly say classic rock bands and CCR specifically were some of the most talented musicians to ever exist. Encapsulating the sound of a generation and churning out hit after hit in the process just proves how special these guys were, are, and will always be. Better than the Beatles? Maybe not on paper but I’ve always preferred CCRs sound any day.

    1. George Sitgraves

      I grew up in this era and saw CCR perform at Woodstock. I totally agree. Most of our money went into music back in the day.

    2. ••• xD35P153x •••

      @George Sitgraves CCR!!! @WOODSTOCK!!! You realize now how lucky you were to be a part of history. I’m sure at the time it didn’t sink in but 50+yrs later it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

  11. Felipe Serrano

    I’ve met so many different people in my travels, I’ve driven enough miles to go and comeback to the Moon tens of times. Driven thru sunny days, fog, snow, rainy lonely nights..
    There’s something especial about groups like CCR. Thanks for all those good memories.

  12. Andreas Bayer

    In 1970, at the age of 12, I got my first own radio, portable but not even fully transistorized. At 9pm Radio Luxemburg started their English program (German during the day). I would listen until midnight to hear all the fantastic songs of the time. CCR definitely was one of my favourite bands. Looking back, it seems like they had a hit every 3 months or so. Having a good time listening to this compilation. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Jose Alberto Natera

    Si no me equivoco fue el primer LP que compre , pero esto es música y el tiempo sigue pasando y a mi me sigue gustando , lo que en verdad se llama música la llevas en la sangre.

  14. Linda Thompson

    Definitely one of the best bands of their time. I still play them when in a mood to do some dancing while making dinner. Everyone of their songs were the best . John Fogerty had a very unique voice and he wrote songs that brought out the best in his voice. Just the best!!! Will play his songs until I no longer am here to do so.

  15. Isabel Puga

    Me encantan ! Cada mañana comienzo el día con estos maravillosos músicos, un golpe vitaminico directo a la vena

  16. Carlos Manuel González

    0:00 – Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
    2:39 – Fortunate Son
    4:58 – Proud Mary
    8:06 – Bad Moon Rising
    10:25 – Cotton Fields
    13:21 – Lookin’ Out My Back Door
    15:54 – Who’ll Stop the Rain
    18:26 – Born On The Bayou
    24:20 – Green River
    26:53 – Run Through The Jungle
    29:57 – Long as I Can See the Light
    33:31 – Down on the Corner
    36:15 – Susie Q
    44:55 – I Put a Spell on You
    49:25 – Lodi
    52:35 – I Heard It Through the Grapevine
    1:03:39 – The Midnight Special
    1:07:53 – Hey Tonight
    1:10:34 – Travelin’ Band
    1:12:41 – Up Around the Bend
    1:15:18 – ???

    1. Simon-Pierre Lussier

      @Flying Pictures It’s been 5 days since your pee pee break, is everything ok?

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