CCR Greatest Hits Full Album – The Best of CCR – CCR Love Songs Ever

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CCR Greatest Hits Full Album – The Best of CCR – CCR Love Songs Ever
CCR Greatest Hits Full Album – The Best of CCR – CCR Love Songs Ever
CCR Greatest Hits Full Album – The Best of CCR – CCR Love Songs Ever
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30 thoughts on “CCR Greatest Hits Full Album – The Best of CCR – CCR Love Songs Ever”

  1. Javier Meza

    me acuerdo cuando era niño y mis hermanos se benian a texas y llevaban de regreso una grabadora y reproductora de casetes con ellos y llevaban cintas de ccr de the beatles de blondie de los rolling etc pura música chingona

  2. MúsicasRomânticas É Imortal

    São músicas que agradeço a Deus por ter me feito nascer naqueles tempos e naquela família que ouviu aquela música doce e canta até hoje um dos meus desejos antes de morrer é poder ir a um show do MAS.????

  3. Darrin Nunyah

    It amazes me that a band essentially built a catalogue of hits like this in 4 years. I was only 5 when they broke up, but Ive been a life-long fan.

  4. My dad introduced me to them when I was in my crib. My favorite band. I got to thank him by bringing him to a live CCR concert but John’s son replaced Tom

    1. Dirty water 9

      When was this show ? I’m curious? I did the same thing with my kid in 1997. In Boston. We were 5th row center stage and John said Hi to My 6 year old Son. He , as well as I , was beside himself as he’s jumping up and down say DAD , DAD , He said Hi to ME , We we’re in tears for like 10 minutes. We still talk about it. Can’t thank you enough John. Thank You too Julie. God Bless Ya. ?

  5. I grew up listening to CCR. John Fogerty knocked a hole in my young head with his voice and I’m forever grateful. CCR was the emblematic American band of our generation.

  6. francisco JULIÁ MORENO

    Eran canciones que se escuchaban en la radio y en los bares durante mi juventud, sin conocer a veces el grupo que las cantaba. Hoy evaluamos sus éxitos y la genialidad de John Fogerthy.

  7. Luciano Woiski

    Aí está uma banda de Rock de respeito sempre gostei de escutar e por vezes tocar no meu violão acustico parabéns

  8. Deirdre Gault

    I just love Bad Moon Rising! Such a catchy record……transported back to my childhood. Happy days.

  9. Israel Pineiro Jr

    Both my wife and I love CCR. Makes me smile when ever I play CCR at home she will start dancing. She is a Filipina.

  10. Cleaning while listening to this as my family always did on 8 track. My mom a 60s kid, and I slept to this, The Beatles on record, and Pink Floyd since birth. Carried the tradition pregnant 12 years ago going to Beatles and Pink Floyd tribute concerts. My baby in womb was jamming. Swore she did a drum solo on my ribs ?

  11. Good4Most Sports,Gaming,Foolishness&more

    All Rise for the Official Soundtrack and Anthems of the State of Mississippi!

    By a Band from Northern California!!! Gotta Love It! Love Fogerty’s unique and unmatched vocal ability!! Still has it too! Check out his website and new song “Weeping in the Promised Land!”

  12. abram anthony

    My dad’s favorite rock band. He was a devoted Christian. Yet enjoyed good music. He passed in 2017. When I hear this I have his memory….

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