Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey (Official Audio)

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Music video by Chris Stapleton performing Tennessee Whiskey. (C) 2015 Mercury Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

70 thoughts on “Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey (Official Audio)”

    1. Olivia Herrera-Gonzalez

      Beautifully done. Don’t forget to credit
      Etta James “I’d rather go blind”.

    2. Ebonijayde M

      @The Home Plate Special i thought heard the beat before! I gonna listen to Ms. Etta right now.

  1. Christa Fitzgerald

    My brother just passed away. This was his favorite song. I’ll miss you forever Boone! ??

    1. Dianna Schneiderjohn

      @Tracy King So sorry for that awful loss. No one can imagine your pain. Hugs, love, and prayers for strength.

  2. Robert Acosta

    When I hear this song it makes me fall in love with my wife all over again ??? we’re going on 47 years of marriage ?.

  3. I like both country and western music, and I can dig me some soul, i can jam with Rock n Roll and I can get into some clean Rap. But my main love is just Good Music. So folks, I like it all.

  4. Hot Choc Talk

    My Mother recently passed in October 2022. This was one of her favorite songs. I love you Mama! ???

    1. David Pellingra

      So sorry for your loss. My mom passed in 2014 and it really doesn’t get easier even with time. So many songs remind me of her. Rip to your mom

  5. T.X. Landscaping

    Alot of my friends only listen to hip-hop, but I catch them jamming the song hard asf in the hood. This white boy has SOUL.

    1. marion jenkins

      Fab song! Have a listen to The Teskey Brothers ” Pain and misery” an amazing group from Australia….

  6. Teodora Amora

    I used to spend my nights out in a barroom
    Liquor was the only love I’ve known
    But you rescued me from reachin’ for the bottom
    And brought me back from being too far gone

    You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey
    You’re as sweet as strawberry wine
    You’re as warm as a glass of brandy
    And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time

    I’ve looked for love in all the same old places
    Found the bottom of a bottle always dry
    But when you poured out your heart I didn’t waste it
    ‘Cause there’s nothing like your love to get me high

    You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey
    You’re as sweet as strawberry wine
    You’re as warm as a glass of brandy
    And honey, I stay stoned on your love all the time

  7. Mr. Elsewhere

    I showed this to my uncle here in Mexico this song. He is now obsessed with it. Everytime I take a drive with him he wants me to play this. Good thing this is on my Spotify. You don’t even need to be into country to love this song.

    1. Chris Stapleton

      Thanks for the love?? and support you showered on me,it’s been a wonderful year having fans like solidly
      behind me?, this is my way of saying thank you?to the people who brought me this far.I hope you never
      stop listening to my music,you are very beautiful and you seem to be a very nice person??…
      Where are you supporting me from?

  8. The Best song with a deep touching, strong positive,and soulful message reaching many women.

    1. Chris Stapleton

      Gracias ? ?? ?????I have seen a lot of your comments and likes  on my page thanks for being a fan and I’ll like to show more of my gratitude to you ?? How long have you been listening to my music&??????

    2. Patricia Williams

      Beautiful song When I first heard this song I, thought it was Al Green. This make you want to dance. This song has a little bit of country and soul. It could go on either chart just beautiful love, love, love it

    3. Chris Stapleton

      @Patricia Williams ? thanks ? ? for the love?? and maximum support??,it’s been a wonderful year having fans like you solidly behind me ????where are you from?

  9. debra givan

    I was on cruise to Cozumel. It was karaoke night and a dude named Marcus sung this song. As soon as I got back home I looked it up and I listen to it every day. What a beautiful voice Chris

    1. Caiden Hawks

      I end up hearing it because of my country loving parents. I mostly listen to rap music and The Weeknd. But I am listening to it personally and I kinda like it.

    1. Mary Ellen Greenway

      Can’t believe it’s that long, my son played it when his girlfriend dumped him, so in tears we listened and I was addicted to his voice instantly! ?

    2. Claire Walthall

      I crank this once a month in my tiny apartment on volume 10 and my neighbors all open their doors and listen to it too. I caught a couple of them doing it one time when I opened my door to take trash out.

  10. Ta-Tanisha Towner


    1. Mike Comrov

      Lol I’ve never done this on here before but it’s upper interested in what you look like you’re probably beautiful what’s your ig?

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