Don’t Stop Believing – Journey – Cover – Sara Loera – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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Don't Stop Believing – Journey – Cover – Sara Loera – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Sara and I thought it would be fun to take on another classic track from the mega band Journey.

Obviously Steve Perry set the bar high for all of the songs he did in Journey, so we decided to throw our hat in the ring with Don’t Stop Believing.

While we don’t claim to be as awesome as Steve, we wanted to display yet another color and flavor to Sara’s arsenal for singing.

From Stevie Nicks, to Evanescence, to Michael Jackson, and even Sia, we wanted to showcase the diversity of songs Sara was able to do, using the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy technique.

I think it’s also very important to note that Sara has been singing professionally for many years doing KTVA.

She is a prominent vocalist for a very prestigious restaurant chain (Mastros) and sings a wide variety of music.

So it’s one thing to be able to “make it through a song,” and quite another to take on epic pieces like this for hours on end, night after night, year after year, while maintaining good vocal health and stamina.

I am proud of you, Sara, for your amazing tenacity and work ethic in growing your awesome talent!

Much Love,


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Steve Perry and Journey blazed a trail of 80's Rock with great hits like Don't Stop Believing in their glory days. This cover is meant to show you how you don't have to be Steve Perry to sing a Journey song and still do it justice. Vocal lessons from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy will teach you how to use your voice to be able to sing things you never thought would be possible with your voice.

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29 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Believing – Journey – Cover – Sara Loera – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy”

  1. Morgyn Danae

    Ah, so smooth! Powerful voice yet also soothing. I hope she’s got the success she deserves 🙂

  2. Super impressive. Great phrasing, great pitch and control and a nice warm rounded tone too. She doesn’t overdo the vibrato either, which is refreshing.

  3. Steven Rohrich

    Sara is spot on in her performance. She is very accurate with notes, timing, and delivery. This is a hard song for a male, really hard for a female. Sara has captured the ‘spirit’ of the song and it is enjoyable to watch her perform it.

  4. I hear it again and again…. can’t get enough…even over the time…. best performance for this song ever ! ?

  5. Never heard this person before but getting a Stevie Nicks kinda feel to her voice and it goes really good with this song. Good job!

  6. I heard so many covers of this song till yet…. THIS is STILL the best version of it all !!!
    No discussion…. IT’S still the BEST ! ??

  7. Martin Hagberg

    One of the greatest rock songs ever, and as always Sara deliveres a performance that is crisp, clear and emotional..:)

  8. Martin Hagberg

    I have been listening to this song for now 40 years ( since i was about 10 🙂 ) and it always make feel sooo one can deliver it as Steve Perry did, but it is always nice to hear good singers deliver their own flair to Sara do here.. I come back to this performance again and again 🙂

  9. Hillbilly Musings

    Normally I don’t like covers of this song because no one can replace Steve’s voice. However , I have to say, this girl kicks butt in this one. Very nice!

  10. John Gittins

    Absolutely love this, listened to it quite a few times. Just such a stunning vocal .
    The perfect woman !

  11. Mary Bennett

    She did a fantastic job!!! What she also did was make me remember doing thee exact same thing when I was a teenager I used to belt this out!!!! Me and a million teenage girls that is!!!! Thank you, my heart smiled!!! ????

  12. Unkabogable

    She always brightens up my day ‘ I love the vibe and energy she always inspires me everytime I feel low I listening to this and I cannot stop myself to write this comment..?

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