Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love (’68 Comeback Special)

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Elvis Presley "Can't Help Falling In Love" Live at the '68 Comeback Special

About the track:
Elvis Presley’s 1968 comeback special reminded audiences of the songs that made him a superstar. This “stand-up” rendition of the chart-topper “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” performed by Elvis in his iconic black leather suit, is one of many highlights of the original broadcast; it’s now available in full HD on ’68 Comeback Special: 50th Anniversary Edition, an in-depth 5CD/2BD box set in stores November 30.

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76 thoughts on “Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love (’68 Comeback Special)”

  1. My dad last wish was to sing this song to mom while he was dying in bed in the hospital. I played it in the guitar while dad was singing it to mom, after the song he kissed mom them passed away

  2. I have been fan of Elvis for 60 years. Now I am 70 and still in love of him, his voice and music.

    1. I was 6 and he had died 2 years before… was listening to his music and said I will marry him, my mum laughed and told me he was dead… I cried my eyes out for days.

    2. Barbara Fountain

      I am83 and there will never be anyone to top him music, performance on stage,singing The Greatest Now and Always

  3. James Stuart

    As one who had the privilege of watching the Comeback Special live, I was totally blown away and it’s still one of the best music experiences ever on TV

  4. Jared Peters

    Saw the new movie today their was a lot I didn’t know poor Elvis was taken advantage of but still and always will be the KING

    1. CooManTunes

      I bet that stupid movie sure put a lot of nonsense into your head. Shame! Glad I never saw it!

    2. @CooManTunes I feel bad for you. You’re missing out on an incredibly mesmerizing performance by Austin Butler

  5. Elvis felt and loved every note he sang. He was a true musician whose soul resonated and blended with every chord. I can only think of 2 singers in my lifetime who sang with the universe…Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury. Both are incredibly missed! ?????? We are so blessed to have lived in their lifetimes.

    1. Michael DeMarco

      There’s only a few really you are correct. For me Elvis has got to be the best male vocalist for Rock/Pop music of all time. I don’t there’s any question about that. There’s of course Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Freddy Mercury, Steve Perry, Elton John and others whom are close but they are not Elvis. Elvis soul and vocal range was pretty remarkable.

    2. Poggers vil

      good old blue eyes!? How did you forget him??? He wrote more than thats life or fly me to the moon. I know many italian places play his music but listeing to him on first printed records is like listening to an angel.! It almost lulls you then pulls you in without even realizing whats happening. Next thing you know BAM! The songs over! You almost feel like your watching him sing in front of you.

    3. Poggers vil

      Also im not a super fan i mean its very easy to forget what your listening too. Franks voice is like opera but better!!!

    4. There was only one Elvis Presley. While many try to imitate him. I also feel fortunate to have lived in both his, and Freddie Mercury’s lifetimes,. They were both such amazing performers.

  6. This song hits way differently after seeing the new movie. The way they used the melody of this song throughout the scenes of him with Priscilla was brilliant and made the ending scenes of their separation much more of a painful watch.

    1. @veezy loCo It’s just “Elvis”, it’s a Baz Luhrmann film starring Austin Butler as Elvis.

    2. New movie was great but it was hard for me to watch because real Elvis is so much better looking no offense, not fair really because no one will ever look like him

  7. Myra BZbyNaTuRE

    My son who is 17 years old just came to me saying that he just discovered Elvis and this song. So I had to show him this video?

    1. Travis Muller Howard

      May the kings soul continue to rest in power. And may his songs continue to live in our hearts ?. Which of his song is your favorite if I may ask ?

  8. I think as Elvis got older his Voice got deeper and it was more of a fit for this song. He did it really well in the Hawaii concert in 73! Elvis may have been at his very best vocally in that period. he was great until he passed away and will never be surpassed as an entertainer

    1. Derick Cooper

      Elvis is a great singer and he has this magical voice and lyrics that I love? his songs will never be forgotten. How long have you been listening to Elvis’s song’s?

    2. Travis Muller Howard

      May the kings soul continue to rest in power. And may his songs continue to live in our hearts ?. Which of his song is your favorite if I may ask ?

    3. @Travis Muller Howard very hard to say. I find myself liking one then another, Steam roller blues from the 73 hawaii concert or Bridge over troubled water live in 1970 are among my current favorites but there are so many! You gave me a mountain, never been to spain live, TROUBLE, Omg there are so many. No way to pic A favorite. No possible way! in the getto, if I can dream, no possible way I can pic one!

  9. Marie Cavuoto

    My goodness, you can’t take your eyes off him, I’ve said it a million times, he was the entire package, looks, talent, a genuine guy, his music as relevant today as when he first put it out! He should be here today serenading us with his magical voice! May he be R I P.?????

    1. Travis Muller Howard

      May his gentle soul continue to rest in power… and may his beautiful songs continue to live it our hearts ?. Which of the kings song is your favorite if I may ask ?

    2. Freddy Zamora

      The king of kings ? my hero my man my teacher my metour my idol Elvis Presley ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. ElvisHasLeftTheBuilding

    Hearing that song, looking at him and…all the bad news on TV were gone ????

  11. I remember my mom being glued to the tv when this was originally shown. I was mesmerized because she was. Absolutely a moment in time Elvis gave to the world.

  12. Heather Metz

    This is such a beautiful, timeless love song. It was even more riveting in the 2022, ‘Elvis’ movie.

  13. Cherry Vampire

    Now I’m 17 and I’m madly in love with this man. There will be no more like Elvis.

    1. @Cherry Vampire …years ago I was about 10 years old and saw “viva Las Vegas” … I was heartbroken when I heard afeterwards that he passed away…. I was sad for days haha, so moral of the story, do not let young kids fall in love with Elvis because they will be (some of them) terribly disappointed they can’t see him in concert like I wanted…,

  14. David Yates

    I introduced my daughter at a young age to Elvis. She’s 14 now and just had to go see the movie. She has a poster of him up on her bedroom wall. Fan for life!

  15. Meriam Issaoui

    It’s almost 2023 and it’s still a masterpiece ????
    I wish my future husband can sing it for me ?

  16. Craig Noble

    Isn’t it an absolute travesty that less than 10 years later he’d be dead? I wasn’t born until 1988 in Scotland, but I can absolutely appreciate what this great man brought to the world of music, the globe over. Absolutely outstanding in every sense.

  17. Veronica Videla

    Elvis Presley así como cantaba canciones muy movidas también cantaba canciones muy románticas y todas muy lindas fue es y será el rey de todo los tiempos no hay nadie mejor que el rey Elvis Presley nunca me cansaré de escuchar y ver sus videos y películas es un ídolo mundial

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