Elvis Presley “Hound Dog” (October 28, 1956) on The Ed Sullivan Show

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The Ed Sullivan Show was a television variety program that aired on CBS from 1948-1971. For 23 years it aired every Sunday night and played host to the world's greatest talents. The Ed Sullivan Show is well known for bringing rock n' roll music to the forefront of American culture through acts like Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones. The entertainers each week ranged from comedians like Joan Rivers and Rodney Dangerfield, to Broadway stars Julie Andrews and Richard Burton, to pop singers such as Bobby Darin and Petula Clark. It also frequently featured stars of Motown such as The Supremes, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder and The Jackson 5. The Ed Sullivan Show was one of the only places on American television where such a wide variety of popular culture was showcased and its legacy lives on to this day.

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64 thoughts on “Elvis Presley “Hound Dog” (October 28, 1956) on The Ed Sullivan Show”

    1. Nunya Bidness

      Thank for posting this masterpiece! The quality of the audio and video are absolutely amazing, as is Elvis’s performance. I just wish everyone in the audience wasn’t screaming from start to finish so we could hear more from The King…

    2. Ronaldo Laquidara

      @Hannah Birdsong actually thought he was going to sing “love me tender”
      Ofcourse his band knew what tune they would perform
      Elvis should of performed it and mess everyone up
      Lol ????????
      I wouldn’t be surprised if he did ??

    1. The voice and presence. The chops and showmanship. Glad to have lived these times ! Till we hear all that great music in the heavens, thank you G.d for lending us Elvis Presley

  1. Christine Hasse

    I can’t imagine the impact Elvis caused when he appeared. Let’s remember the pop star before him was Frank Sinatra, singing romantic songs. So we have such a handsome, charismatic and talented guy that comes dancing as nobody has had done before. He was a truly hurricane in the 50’s. Amazing ?

    1. @Nathan Ritchey Go read the comments including this one “dancing as NOBODY has done before”.

    2. @April Joe Why does every single pro-Elvis comment feel like an attack on black people? He was spectacular, but that takes nothing away from Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Fats Domino, who were also amazing. This was 1956! We can’t rewrite history with today’s standards. What he did was so controversial they drafted him and shipped him to Germany. Let’s not act like he had it easy.
      Also, as the previous poster said, Elvis admitted he was just pretty packaging for it, but even then, he had to take some lumps to get that music out there. They tried to cancel him!

  2. His charisma is just… wow. i can see why everyone fell in love with him (except angry fathers ahah). He KNOWS he’s in control, but somehow still manages to have a humble feel to him, laughing and finding it amusing when the girls scream.

    1. @NigredoClol you’re the bitter person. Look at the reaction from the girls ? they don’t call him the king for nothing.

  3. Nathan Dickson

    The way he walks with that swagger and his face.. he is timeless. His aura dwarfs the other guys. Eternally youthful

  4. It’s striking that he laughed it up when the girls screamed at every little motion of his body. It was like he couldn’t believe it himself, and took it with laughter. What a man! The King, indeed.

    1. Nathan Ritchey

      @NigredoC It’s truly a testament to how great the man was. Having haters nearly 50 years after your death is a true accomplishment, so he must have been doing something right. Say what you want, he changed the world with his music and left a mark that will last forever.

    2. I don’t get why so many dislike him. He seemed like a good dude, but no one is universally liked. Either way, he did leave his mark.

    3. Fancy’s Folly

      He was a phenomenal entertainer. So much unexpressed talent. He could have been a fine actor. He ended up being Colonel Parkers workhorse.

  5. Megan Johnson

    He would have been a star in any generation he was born into. And he could have been a model, he was gorgeous! Such a great entertainer. ?

  6. kalyssa lillian

    Crazy to think that ppl thought Elvis’s moves were inappropriate, he truly was just feeling the music! Parents of those days would drop dead if they saw the artists of today lol

    1. Hellopumpkin 86

      @MemberOfTheLambily “Sexually liberated” is just code for legalized indecent exposure. Notice how the mental decline in American society has dramatically decreased the more “sexual liberation” is allowed. Kids even want to pretend they are the opposite sex of what they were born as now. Some don’t even want to identify as either sex at all anymore (and turn around admitting how confused they are about themselves because of the propaganda being fed to them by the media).
      Storytelling and movie making is a sham these days and can’t be expressed without pushing some sort of political agenda.
      It takes absolutely no talent to be famous or viral as long as you are attractive enough to “sexually liberate” yourself online…
      Need I go on?
      So yay? For sexual liberation?
      It’s interesting how the more “liberated” Americans get, the less unstable society’s next generation and young adults are becoming. America’s current mental state isn’t a coincidence. We have genuinely become deranged for allowing our country’s morals to get so out of hand.

      So don’t be surprised when it gets worse than it is right now in January 2023. From society’s mental health, to the country’s level of violence, young people’s mental health, and as you have said, America’s “sexual liberation.”

  7. The fact that we are in 2022 and I can look at this classic performance from the king himself and still be amazed is priceless…..

    1. Jamie Lawrence

      Yes. He is truly in the groove of the moment and the music. So authentic and free. It’s not just performing, it’s a true expression of a life force along with the force of the music. <3

    2. @Ozz they’re all kings. They all had more talent than anyone we got right now-that’s for sure.
      People take that king stuff too personally. Of course, Elvis came along at the right time, but he was talented, and that doesn’t take anything away from
      Little Richard or Chuck Berry. They were all great.

    3. YouTube Moderator 1216

      There’s a reason he’s a legend and he had people crazy about him forever of course it’s amazing still

  8. GetReal 4Real

    I’ve always loved Elvis. I love that his music is rooted in R&B. It’s exuberant and soulful. He was only 21 at this time.

  9. Fred Estúdio

    Before Elvis, singers didn’t dance interpreting music as expressively as he did. Elvis was the expression of rock, he gave the joy that music lacked in the post war, he took the blues and gospel from the ghettos to the living room of the racist and conservative American white family of the 50’s!

    1. thalles rodrigo

      Ele sabia perfeitamente como deixar qualquer um o uma louco.kkkkkkk delicia de homemmm

  10. “Can I have your attention please” sir you already have the attention of the entire room ?

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