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It used to be that my vocal warmup session would leave me all tensed up. It was like I got tired and my jaw and neck felt tight before I even started to sing anything real!

What was worse is that when I tried to warm up my range, going up and down scales, my voice and mind burnt out even quicker. I felt like a failure… And I was just getting warmed up! Something wasn't right.

So… I stopped warming up altogether. I just started singing parts of my favorite melodies in whatever range my voice wanted to exist in. This brought up some other issues, but I noticed something: I wasn't tense!!

After some time of really feeling out my voice, I made up THIS warmup and I use it every single day to warm up for singing high notes, and it works every time for me… Without tension… Without the premature burnout.

Try it !! …And feel FREE with your voice from the very beginning of your singing sessions!

30 thoughts on “Foolproof Daily WARMUP for Singing High”

  1. Cant believe the great timing this video have, like just today i needed this

    Also just bought your master class course on aggressive singing and it’s so great, best buy ever <3

  2. These videos are always so good, I’ve been struggling with singing in my break and mastering my mix this seems like a great exercise to help with that thanks Chris!

  3. This is literally what I have been waiting for. I am currently working on my headvoice/mixed and trying to blend to sing higher. Thank you yet again Chris!

  4. Love this Chris, I feel like I’m finally getting past the fear of letting my voice out more clear and much louder and freeing.

  5. This is incredible! I’ve finally found what the next step was in seeking consistency and freedom – chord closure! When I go high I was losing chord closure, this warmup is everything for me right now

  6. Thank you for all that you do, brother. I’ve appreciated your approach for being so holistic and whimsical. Hope to take one of your courses soon.

  7. Dima Charav

    Tried it, and it was like 80% raspy air. 10 minutes later, I’m cooking and practicing your melody, then like magic, a clean high C just came out. Good stuff.

  8. This works!! Just tried this on the way to rehearsal. Amazing results. We do Toto’s Rosanna. Tough high C. Hit MUCH more comfortably and then an A5 on Def Leppard Let It Go. Thanks, Chris!

  9. For me, I’ve noticed that singing gently during my morning routine seems to help me warm up for the day

    I feel like if I don’t sing early in the day it’s harder to warm up later

    Just me?

    But I’m really grateful to your videos for helping me learn to safely use my voice better and grow as a vocalist

  10. Richard Bersinic

    Thanks heaps for this video Chris. It has helped me figure out what I really need to work on. After attempting this exercise a couple times, I feel like I am struggling to get good chord closure in head voice and I am unsure how to fix this. When I am doing the vocal pattern in the video I feel like there is an air leak in my vocal chords and at times I run out of breath (especially if I dont take a short break between attempts). I am also finding that if I drink water between each attempt, it helps me get a cleaner (not raspy) sound. I am noticing this only in my head voice. Is there anything I can do to strengthen my chord closure in my head voice? Or do you have any other suggestions that I could try? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  11. This is clearly one of the best examples to check on chest, mix and head voice / warm-ups. Amazing Chris!

  12. FlashyLight

    7:20 look Chris’ head moves really fast he has entered a completely new realm of singing ??

  13. Pierre Steiner

    I always like to start with my head voice when I warm up, way softer for the vocal apparatus especially on bad vocal days and I actually also get suprisingly good results for my chest voice, in my resonances for exemple !

    I sometimes also do start in chest voice, but only with resonant sounds, trying to feel the vibrations in my body using different consonants and mouth/jaw placement (chest, spine, back of the neck, cranium). This is also a fairly soft and good warm up (chest or head) to ease into a richer sound and get a good feel for your vocals

  14. RobCrowley85

    I have a kind of low, scratchy, sound like I’ve been throat punched kind of speaking voice. How do I make that work? Where do I start?

    1. Chris Liepe

      @RobCrowley85 🙂 I understand! Looking forward to working with you as your circumstances and stomach allow!

    2. RobCrowley85

      @Chris Liepe I had a feeling you’d understand. I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me ?

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