Gabriela Gun?íková -Gun – How To Sing Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden – Trooper – Ken Tamplin – TSO

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Gabriela Gun?íková -Gun – How To Sing Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden – Trooper – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Gabriela Gun (Guncikova) Strikes Again! Taking on yet another iconic
piece: Iron Maiden's "Trooper."

Gabriela was a finalist in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. She has been a lead singer in TSO, the Trans Siberian Orchestra! She can sing everything from her classic pop ballad "I Stand" to raging Iron Maiden Power Metal Rock! Smule singers will want to learn the same techniques Gabriela learned from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy!

At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, The PROOF Is In The Singing.

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27 thoughts on “Gabriela Gun?íková -Gun – How To Sing Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden – Trooper – Ken Tamplin – TSO”

  1. Paige Mallinger

    this is amazing! shes got such a powerful voice! if i may, i would like to make a song recommendation for one of your female students to sing a song by Hole( maybe Violet) to demonstrate how Courtney Love does her growls and shouts like she does , thanks 🙂

  2. Titus Carpathia

    Iron Maiden is my favorite band. She does really well on this song. I’ve tried to sing Bruce’s range, but always end up falsetto.

  3. Srdce rockerky ve form? úžasného projevu!! Také jsem odkojený touto muzikou díky tátovi!! Wow!

  4. Magnificent singing!! I just have to ask, how cold do you set the temp in your studio? Singing with that sort of intensity she should be sweating like a racehorse :p just kidding ofc. That is fantastic and, as I say, so much intensity. This singing will be so inspiring to so many people. Don’t stop the magic!

  5. Modern Rebellion

    She looks like a teen pop star but sings like a true metal goddess. She’s got it, definetelly she’s got it

  6. In my opinion, Gaby is a true force of the nature. I carefully listened her BEFORE Ken teachings and, thanks to Ken (and her will) , she made great improvements. To me, she is born to rock, in every meanings. She deserve all and only the best!<3

  7. Wow! Unreal! You are amazing! Great voice, excellent cover! Added to my playlists! Well done!

  8. Mario Olivos

    Nunca pensé que la voz de una mujer pudiera salir tan bien con un tema de los fabulosos iron maiden ,excelente y fabulosa.del 1 al 10 totalmente un 10.bravo.

  9. Lukáš Macek

    Kone?n? úžasný výkon kone?n? skv?lá hudba a ne žádný ptk atd…miluji iron maiden ????

  10. Iron Maiden

    El único cover en donde alcanzar el tono de bruce, sigue así, tremenda voz!!!!?

  11. Ghost Rider

    I wasnt sure what to expect. I kept an open mind. By the end of the first verse I was banging my head with devil horns in my car driving down the road. This young lady has a SPECTACULAR voice and I demand to hear more of her. You got a subscribe and a like from me.

    1. Hi Ken, excellent release of legendary Iron Maiden songs. We would love to hear a cover of Rainbow’s Temple of the king, which was covered also by Rudi Pell. Thanks and rock on.

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