Gabriela Gun?íková – How To Sing Guns n’ Roses – Axl Rose – Welcome To The Jungle cover- Ken Tamplin

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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy student and Trans Siberian Orchestra vocalist Gabriela Gun?íková demonstrates how to sing like Axl Rose – Guns N' Roses – Welcome To The Jungle!

It's a Jungle Out There Baby! Here's how to make it out ALIVE!
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Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy will teach you how to support your voice and how to use Open Throat vocal technique. Alto Gabriela Gun?íková made it to the semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, representing the Czech Republic. She sang on worldwide live television before approximately 130,000,000 viewers! If you want to get serious about your voice, you need to strongly consider the professional's choice: Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy!

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy – Where The PROOF Is In The Singing!

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54 thoughts on “Gabriela Gun?íková – How To Sing Guns n’ Roses – Axl Rose – Welcome To The Jungle cover- Ken Tamplin”

    1. Karin Kollárová

      @sychophantt she had album. She is superstar of czechoslovakia 2011 second place!!!

  1. When I saw her I thought she has a delicate voice (?) not appropriate for rock songs but when she started I was like *?*. She nailed it. She is the queen of the jungle, why isn’t she famous? I love her.

    1. ro gallego
      Is it a mistake?
      I’ll bet 99% of 15 year old boys are bigger and tougher than her and would need to protect her physically in case of danger. So that makes her delicate.
      This isn’t misogyny it is a physical fact.

    2. @jay fine ????, protect her from who???, she’s not in a fight here she’s only singing
      she can be or look delicate and have that amazing voice

  2. If she doesn’t already have a contract she needs to be on the voice. Instant 4 chairs if she did this song

    1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      Gabriela has done competition shows in Europe and toured with Trans Siberian Orchestra.

    2. Thomas Gaither

      if she did any competition and didn’t do her alice in chains man in the box cover she’d be a fool, she does that song and layne staylee so much justice. she fucking nails that cover like its almost as good as the original, ive never seen anyone cover that song cause layne’s voice was so hard to immitate for a dude be coming from a females voice it sounds so kwl. this lady can belt, probably the most impressive female vocalist ive ever heard in 30 years

  3. Cookielovercx

    She kind of sounds like Kelly Clarkson. She’s so badass! She absolutely killed this!!! ????

    1. she didn’t kill it.
      she murdered it. This was the best version I’ve heard anywhere hands down.

  4. lausemar araujo

    A melhor versão que já vi. Excelente trabalho. Nem Miles Kennedy fez igual. Essa menina é incrível!!!

  5. Female singers with gritty and husky voices like this – and with a great range, too – are my favorite type of singers of all. This is fantastic…thank you!

    1. Sarah Hollister

      I love her voice. I prefer to hear a unique voice. I almost died a little when an old coworker told me Janis Joplin had a terrible voice. She also thought Neil Diamond “rocks” so I seriously questioned her judgment.

    2. @Sarah Hollister even if you like Neil diamond, fine whatever, but rocks is definitely not the right adjective. Maybe, Neil diamonds soothes?

  6. She’s perfect! It’s so hard to find a woman who sings rock so well, you did an amazing job!

  7. Alyssa Taylor

    I still come back and listen to this every now and then. It still beats the original too

  8. So?a Krivániková

    Gabiela si uzasna. Velmi si sa vypracovala a ten hlas. Milujem tvoj hlas. Drz sa a pozdravujem ta zo Slovenska.

  9. Panmeli Arrows

    This is my fantasy song to sing at karaoke bar nights. Just to surprise everyone – me being a Church choir singer and belting this out. I tried to practice but I can’t get past the “shananananananana knees knees” part lol. It’s a tongue twister! But Gabriela is awesome, very talented and effortless singing! ?

  10. Filip Vlastnik

    Omg, love that. As a Czech citizen I’m so proud of her ?? Someone special like Gabriela does represent us ??

  11. José Pedro Borghi

    Muito bom. Legal que não quis imitar o Axl. Foi a versão dela. Que voz forte. E autêntica. ?

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