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  1. danielle field

    I’m 25 years old, I have a 2 and a half year old son and I’m constantly playing this music around him. He loves it. Country music at its most finest. Thank you George Jones!!

    1. kathy Morris

      I know that’s right…i love that song he stop loving her today , I when get to that part that says. We knew or thought, whatever she would go and see him one last time…i thought about that song with my Grandaddy was in the hospital and his ex-wife, which should be my grandma, she went to see him one last time before he died. Of course, he was , married to somebody else, but he died happy tho.. love it….

  2. How many people have listened to this song and said to themselves “Wow, this really describes my life”? Country music in its purest form.

    1. @Ray Holden it does. I love it and often think my sons should listen to it often to help stay on the good road they’ve launched on. I cannot believe George didn’t write it. I am reading a biography of George now. Just getting up to his 1999 path to end of life sobriety.

  3. IL Dairy Farmer

    I’m 36 now, I first heard this son when I was 17… as a functioning alcoholic this song has always been special to me

    1. RedEyed Patriot

      @Jeremy Chapa I thought about doing a cover of this song on my channel..i play a little guitar….well I try to anyways ?

    2. RedEyed Patriot

      @Jeremy Chapa after bout 3or4 months of suboxone there’s no High anymore…you just take it and feel normal and sober…I’ve gotten my life straightend out and back in track…if that costs me 375 dollars a month for visit and script then it’s worth it to not go back or to worry about overdose…i would recommend subs…if your gonna take a pill then go for the lesser evil

    3. This song could apply to any one of us for different reasons. I think of friends who have suffered from alcohol, a relative dying now from ignoring diabetes, and I know myself must keep taking care of me as I get older looking forward to being a grandmother who can get around well. Choices are essential!

  4. Justin Walker

    This song helped me through some tough times in my life one of the best songs he recorded

    1. Cynthia vasquez

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    1. Townsend Campbell

      His music ? will live forever, George was a very good friend of my Dad, He got me my first phone when I celebrated my 7 years old birthday, May his soul Rest In Peace ??

    1. Stephen Toth

      “Who’s gonna fill their shoes” is up there too, especially with all the old legends dying off now.

  5. My dad passed away last night… I want to thank George Jones for everything he has done for my dad. The ole Opposum was my dads favorite and I cant listen without crying.

    1. Merle Haggard

      When my dad passed away in 2017 he requested He stopped loving her today to be played at his funeral.

    2. Joseph Dedic

      Nothing ever can replace those who went before us. Just keep their memory alive and tip your hat, raise a drink and keep on the righteous road they laid out before you.

    3. Just lost my father a few weeks back, it’s amazing how much a song can make you happy and sad at the same time. Glad you have those memories of your dad like I do with mine

    4. NineteenEightyNine

      Sounds like me same thing my dads favorite singer my dad died a few weeks before George jones died. This and wild Irish rose always brings a tear to my eye.

  6. 1olddirtroad

    We saw George in 1997 at Opryland. He had quit drinking so much and his voice was rich and pure. So glad I got to enjoy him at his best

    1. Kevin Anderson

      Even if he was drinking he would of sounded fucking awesome there will be nothing with a good drink

  7. Ray Hawkins

    I’ve made a lot of bad choices in my 55 years but I think I finally made a good one. Tomorrow I am going to rehab. I pray that I succeed. If you are reading this, please send me your good thoughts. God bless you.

    1. Melanie Baldwin

      One year since you typed this comment, but I am proud of you for making that decision to go to rehab…….I hope you’re succeeding and thriving today with a good and healthy lifestyle. God bless you, also?????

    2. Melanie Baldwin

      I’ve loved George Jones since I was a little thing, my Dad loved George so what my Dad did, I did haha but I took to George Jones like a duck treading water and I’m still one of his biggest fans. I used to drink (started young) and like George Jones, I never turned it down……and now I’m living and dying with the Choices that I’ve made…….type 1 diabetic and constant drinking don’t mix well, like George I had loved ones but I turned them all away (I didn’t listen to anyone trying to help me), I just continued to drink and I didn’t drink a few a day, I drank to get drunk everyday and I done just that……I went to college classes drunk and never checked my sugars, I took my insulin bc I would die without it but that’s it’s, I didn’t care about anything but drinking……..I am completely blind in my right eye now (multiple laser surgeries on both eyes but the right couldn’t be fixed……another eye surgery after all the laser surgeries and it didn’t help either) [Diabetic Retinopathy-bleeding behind my eyes] and I can’t feel my feet and ankles (Diabetic Neuropathy) any bit, I’m so unstable when I stand and tbh, I make myself go on most days bc I keep fighting to be healthy again, I no longer drink and I check my sugars and am taking good care of myself but the damage is already done to my body…….I tried to live up to my favorite singer and drank like he did……..and now I’m living and dying with the choices I have made. Thankful to be alive but I feel so bad most days I can barely go, and if time comes, my health will continue to decline…….so to anyone out there struggling with drinking, I’ve been there and I pray that God can help you deal with letting alcohol control your every move and your every thought……..God has helped me and I’m thankful that He has????? Just wanted to share that with all you George Jones Fans……I’m sure there are a lot of us that are trying to live up to George Jones himself but if he was still here he would pray for all of us…….prayers for all of you my GJ fans??

  8. Justin Kalanquin

    The last five years I have been playing this song on the Jukeboxes at the bars. It is one of my favorite songs that has been helping me realize that I have a problem with drinking. Now I have been completely sober since February of this year and it now has more meaning in my life. I have a true respect for this song because it is one of the many songs that really explains my life and the the choices I have been making in my life. I am enjoying my life more being clean and sober and I am truly happy now.

    1. I see you posted this 11 months ago. How are you doing now? Prayers for you! I appreciate your honesty and candor.

  9. Gemsandjewels

    This isn’t a song, it’s an autobiography,an apology and a warning. Only George Jones could cause us to see our own life through his eyes and acknowledge that we will all suffer the same fate. Life is a learning lesson and one thing we should have learned is, every action on this journey , will lead to a day of reckoning with ourselves and with our maker. It’s a shame that we don’t make better choices but, it’s those very choices good or bad , that shape us and occasionally, give us some of the best memories. RIP “The Possum “, we loved you and miss you and occasionally, some of the choices you made, are some of our best memories. You left and indelible mark on country music that will be there long after we’re gone. Thank you.

    1. I only recently found the Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
      Early 60s for me. Most of my
      Life was a train wreck. Opiate addiction, sex addiction, you name it. I’ve been clean for almost ten years now. But truthfully the last couple of months have totally changed everything. Since I’ve really started talking to God and studying His word my life has gotten better and better.
      George Jones songs always make me emotional. What a singer. Praise God!

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