George Jones – He Stopped Loving Her Today

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George Jones performing He Stopped Loving Her Today

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He said "I'll love you till I die", she told him "You'll forget in time"
As the years went slowly by, she still preyed upon his mind
He kept her picture on his wall, went half-crazy now and then
He still loved her through it all, hoping she'd come back again
Kept some letters by his bed dated nineteen sixty-two
He had underlined in red every single "I love you"
I went to see him just today, oh but I didn't see no tears
All dressed up to go away, first time I'd seen him smile in years
He stopped loving her today
They placed a wreath upon his door
And soon they'll carry him away
He stopped loving her today
You know, she came to see him one last time
Aww, 'n' we all wondered if she would
And it kept runnin' through my mind "this time he's over her for good"
He stopped loving her today
They placed a wreath upon his door
And soon they'll carry him away
He stopped loving her today

(C) 1980 Epic Records

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57 thoughts on “George Jones – He Stopped Loving Her Today”

    1. Michael Rowland

      There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing my wife’s eyes when the specialist said I’m sorry you have cancer 48 years of loving her is not enough

  1. Shere N Bennett

    I’m in tears. This song reminds me of my grandparents, eventhough their story is a bit different. Married for 48 years until Grandma died in 2016. That same day she died, Grandad– who was perfectly strong and healthy, took ill with alzheimers. He could barely talk, needed help moving, eating, bathing everything. He died Dec 31st 2018. Two and a half years after Gran. They say its alzheimers, but I believe his heart was just broken. I have never seen anything like it. I had never one day seen them mad at each other. They were both so loving and respectful, the embodiment of a strong marriage. I just miss them so both so much.

    1. Cody Jolley

      My grandpas favourite song listened to it in the car on a tape going fishing. Sadly i lost that man july 9th 2022 ? love u pops. Till we meet again 53 years of marriage you guys showed me love.

    2. Emily Shelton

      My grandpa died Jan 14 2022 and 6 months my grandma June 14 2022 this has been the shittiest Christmas wo them

    3. Mrs. Camillia Jones

      It always makes me cry too. My granny Sadie LOVES her some George and this song makes me picture her. Just hearing his voice & Connway Twitty’s hello darling will have me crying like a baby.

    4. Cheryl Harwood

      So sorry for your loss both my grandparents have passed away but like you they loved each other dearly and when one passed shortly later the other one did they don’t make love like that anymore and it’s so hard to find in someone because a lot of people take love for granted

    1. @Jumby Bird Ditto. Can’t hear it without my eyes filling up. Those hard old men of country told us a man ain’t supposed to cry and then go write a song like this.

  2. Wendy Mathews

    This song reminds me of my parents. They divorced when I was 15; I am the youngest of their 4 children. They were married for 25 years, but the alcohol got to be too much for my mom to take. Dad never got over her; and even though the marriage ended, they still cared deeply for each other. Dad passed away in 1997, peacefully, surrounded by his children with our mother. When you cut through all of the things that happened, what mattered most was they had 4 children together and still loved each other. ??

  3. Leigh Bowles

    My husband passed away unexpectedly 8-30-2021. He was only 57. This was our song and will always be our song. Lord I’m always going to love and miss him and wish we had more time but I know your feet aren’t hurting you anymore and I know you don’t have to deal with diabetes shots anymore. I know you wouldn’t want me crying and hurting but I just don’t know how to say goodbye. I’m clinging to your pillow and blanket because I can smell you and somehow if I close my eyes I can feel you. I’ll always love you and miss you

    1. Sandra Nichols

      @ Leigh Bowles: My precious mother passed unexpectedly in 2018 and I’m the one who found her . I still cry and miss her every day. It’s a heartache that’s beyond words. The one thing that helps is knowing that she is in the presence of our Father in heaven and has no more pain, fear, worries, or tears. She is in a constant state of joy now, face to face with our Savior. Someday we WILL be reunited and you will be reunited with your husband if y’all are both believers. I’m praying for you to feel God’s peace .

  4. Karen Johnson

    My mom loved this song and would play it all the time as we were growing up. Sadly, she passed away in July 2019 and I love this song as an adult in March 2022. RIP Sylvia Richardson.

    1. Claudia Sangwais

      Same with me and I’ll never forget her turning the volume up and sing like she was talking to my late Dad … memories forever ? in all our hearts

    1. Jaime Stewart

      @TheBlindwig I wasn’t being nasty, I just made a comment about being depressed and dude got rude with me , I don’t want to be nasty to anyone buddy

    2. TheBlindwig

      @Jaime Stewart Really wasn’t my place to say anything. I thought that maybe Didi just liked the music but didn’t like it inferred she was depressed.

    3. Jaime Stewart

      @TheBlindwig it’s your place to say anything that you want as it is mine , so I’ll say this if a person is listening to this song is not sad or depressed then they surely will be by the end of it , myself included.

    4. TheBlindwig

      @Jaime Stewart You are right. Tis the fate man was born for. Any yet, such love, surviving all of that time, is also inspiring.

    5. Sandra Pister

      Love his voice, but his drinking caused so much unhappiness to everyone who loved him, wanted to employ him and had to deal with the aftermath of his drinking. Poor Tammy Wynette. She certainly didn’t need the grief.

  5. Honestly one of the best songs I’ve ever heard, so well thought and had a very good meaning behind it. Very, very sad and heartbreaking ?

  6. Huge Bartlett

    A great many people are still listening,because we truly miss a great singer and his fantastic songs. Quality like this will always endure,and we thank George for giving it.

  7. Thank you so much for the song… My ex-husband stopped loving me today… He was my best friend for 38 years.. he never stopped loving me….

  8. George and Tammy comes on tonight, one last listen before I watch. God bless Jones and Wynette.

  9. Kathleen Veronica

    He is a Awesome singer I love it so much God bless you ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ?

  10. W?den Of Northumberland

    My father died today, he loved country I don’t even like it. But I can’t stop listening. I miss you

  11. Jordan Parker

    This was me and my grandpas song we used to listen to this in his old truck driving and singing this song. This and The Rolling Stones. Love that man more than anything

  12. We are hrs away from 2023 and we’re still talking about this song. What a legend thank you Mr Jones

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