62 thoughts on “George Jones – Tennessee Whiskey”

    1. Robert Senecal

      Vocally wise I don’t think there was anyone better than George Jones. Although Keith Whitley is a close second.

    2. Sharon Selvey

      ONE Of theGgreatest of Country Music Legends Of All Time .His Music Will Live On Forever And Always Will. Thanks again lyt

  1. This is my first time listening to this version of Tennessee Whiskey, and I think it’s fabulous. It’s so laid back and just so easy to listen to. Sometimes trills and fancy runs with your voice is not what it’s all about. Much love George RIP xx

    1. Octavio Bumble

      I hope you have discovered more George jones music. Like this song his other tunes are sang with a such a smooth warmth. And his lyrics are always so wholesome. Sometimes Painful words but sung with such elegance. He sure is one of the Best. I’m 33 years old and I feel more comfortable listening to this than what is offered to me these days.

    2. Sharon Selvey

      Very nice music videos and lyrics One of the Greatest Country Music Icon Ever found. Thanks love this.

    3. EXACTLY??
      Chris Stapleton did a good fancy job with it,
      but this is the Possum’s song.
      if you really like country,
      listen to

  2. tonie thomas

    My husband sang this song to me on our first date. Every time the song was played we had to dance even if we had to stop and get out of the car. We renewed our vows after 25 yrs and thay was our song. I lost him 3 weeks ago and it will always be our song.

    1. Preston Bryant

      I’m so sorry for ur loss and I think that it’s a beautiful thing to be with some for so many year I hope to be able to say my wife and I have been together for this long

  3. Lana Armstrong

    One of the greatest country singers of all time who had an unfortunate childhood.
    R.I.P. up there George.

    1. ImperialRadioYT

      @SIX STRINGER you’re delusional. merle’s a joke as it is, nevermind alongside GEORGE JONES!

  4. Christina Michelle

    My granddaddy who has dementia had the biggest smile on his face when I played him this. ??

  5. There will never be another George Jones! One of my favorite artists of all time! “He Stopped Loving Her Today” is probably my favorite song of all time.

    1. Candy Tiger

      And A Big Amen To That!! My Husband And I Love George Jones, He’s One Of The Best Country Singers Ever!! ?? God Rest Your Soul George!! And Regards To Nancy.

  6. Im a Rock an Heavy Metal fan,but dad raised me listening to Country legends like George Jones. Im thankful he did. R.I.P. Dad,i miss you. ??

  7. Thank you for putting together this list of great songs. 6 hours+ of some of the best singers and songs helped me deal with the pain tonight/this morning and forget about the sleep I was not getting.

  8. Janice Jeffers

    George Jones’ version is the best iIMO. That wonderful baritone is so good, Chris Stapleton has a great voice but to me he screams this song Instead of singing it! George has my vote!

    1. Stapleton sucks. His concert is like watching paint dry. I was lucky enough to see The Possum 4 times. Amazing every time. He brought smiles, laughter, and tears. He was a true performer.

  9. John Potomski

    Love this song. George was the best. Heard him sing this in concert. One of my favorites
    There will never be an old possum again !!!

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