George Jones – Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes

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Who's gonna fill their shoes?
Who's gonna stand that tall?
Who's gonna play the Opry
And the Wabash Cannonball?
Who's gonna give their heart and soul
To get to me and you?
Lord I wonder, who's gonna fill their shoes?

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80 thoughts on “George Jones – Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”

  1. This song means more and more the older you get. Its not until more years are behind you than in front of you that we can respect the efforts of all those who lived before us and tried to make a difference in a world that is filled with turmoil.

    1. paul barnett

      Well said…..the older ya get the more you appreciate our dad’s and papa’s that thought us everything a man should know in life
      I appreciate them …there both gone from this world …but there right here with me every time I draw my bow back

    2. So beautifully said, and yes, I feel the pain every day; I think that our predecessors must be so disappointed; their sacrifices have been made in vain.

    3. Darlene Kerr

      I truly idiol this man daddy loved this man he played his songs my whole life . I miss my daddy more than i can express , he was my world . Every time i hear his songs my tears fall .

    4. I definitely realize what you’re saying as a 40 year old man who grew up in the country and we had old country stores like the store in the video but those stores are all now gone and the big freeway has come in and Walmart and Home Depot have taken over

  2. NGHT_ Pevet0

    When you’re happy you enjoy the music. When you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.
    George Jones

    1. Phillip Kuntze

      I’m in the sad stage now just lost my mother and my father within 3 weeks of each other and I think all music especially the kind to talk about relationships and legacy bring me to tears every time!

    2. miranda brossard


    3. Tabatha Staples

      Shepherd’s Chapel Network !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Servant of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

  3. Jack Matthews

    It’s very rare an artist pays tribute to other artists in such a wholesome and touching way, especially when said artist is one that so many others look up too!

    1. The sad part about today’s ”artists ??” is that the only people they could ever legitimately honor in one of their songs are the same ones listed here in this song. Nobody today under 50ys old worth it. I’m sure there’s one or two slipping my mind, but the ones most deserving are listed in this song.

    2. This song brings back so many memories of those that have passed but still live in our memories

  4. Who’s gonna fill his shoes? No one, that’s who. He is the one and only. The King of Country Music. I miss you, George Jones. ??

  5. Randy Seaver

    He was right! This song is so true! No country singer will ever compare or get this message! They just don’t know what real country music is supposed to sound like anymore! This is real country music! Love you George and miss you big time!!!!

  6. No one else could have sung this song with so much emotion and tenderness. When he said “hello darlin”” and sang “I saw the light,” it was magical.

    1. Brian Crawford

      @Lora Orand yeah,they was talkn about when jones sang hello darling and i saw the light on this song.

    2. Debbie Washburn

      @Lora Orand He didnt mean George sang the song Hello Darlin. He was referring that he said that phrase in THIS song.

  7. kingfish4242

    Am I the only metal head here who sheds a tear every time I hear this. This is just one of the greatest voices of all time

    1. Sherri Drobac

      Many thousands of us feel tears when our old music makers pull up life in the real. We have a heart that can be moved and made to bleed. To feel.

  8. 22 year old here and this made me emotional. I feel like I was born in the wrong generation because these people are my idols.

    1. @Jennifer French I’m so happy that you are! I was listening to George, Tammy, Conway all of them as a young girl, I got bullied a lot because I loved it so, and I still do!

  9. Myles-Spike Webby

    This song is masterpiece. My late mother listens to his music and she later introduced me to his songs including this one. I miss her so much, and George too!

  10. Huckleberry

    Nobody has taken their place George. I’m glad that you and all of the other greats are not having to suffer the sounds and words of what is considered music today like your fans who are still here are doing. Thank you to all of you all who helped create the world around us with your life stories thru your music. I pray that one day, new ones will come along and take the world by storm. RIP

  11. Randal Cook

    This is one of my favorite songs. The honest answer is NO ONE can or will ever fill all of these legends shoes.

    1. Ricky Carter

      So true never can be filled not these anyway t.c. loved you George he cried when you my dad tc

    2. Genesis Goode

      No artist wants to feel another man’s shoes and the greats of our time and handed down Through Time only because there’s enough of people that know real country their lips move and give testimony to singers those greats of our time..
      I think there is one or two @LEFTY@ Y

    3. Arian Hopkins

      I believe in the circle of life. There are talented people who will fill their shoes, just like they filled the shoes of those who came before. Bless God.

  12. bionicman696

    Something about George Jones voice always gets me a little sentimental, not just that my dad played guitar and sang so many of his songs but his voice is so classic. Hard to fill those shoes

  13. Rosemarie Fritchman

    George Jones the Race is On Was the 1st Country song I ever heard my Mom died when I was 7! I’m 58 now! A Great Memory of her! She was only 32! Asthma Attack!

  14. Larso B Lars III

    What a heart rending song, knowing almost all of the legends George names, and George himself, are gone. It will never be like that again, sadly. They were all one in a billion. I hear this and I also think of my dad, gone some 24 years now who loved country music and taught me to love it too, and my uncle, one of his best friends, gone since not long after George Jones left us, for whom the Possum was is greatest hero. RIP to them all.

  15. Such a prophetic song. We’ve lost so many legends in the last 20 years, including George. Who indeed can ever fill those shoes?

    1. I agree there is no one to fill their shoes.All the great ones are gone.So Sad the Artists of today don’t sing like the ones who have passed away.

    2. Bill Diehl of Midwest Federal

      @Edward Collins more like modern garbage, rock hasn’t been good since the 80s

    3. @Edward Collins Here is a lovely tip for, there is this thing called the internet. You can look a whole bunch of different kinds of music. I am sure if you look, they might even have country music on there.

  16. Cynthia Ahern

    Country isn’t my favorite genre. BUT some of the greatest singers and songs of all time are Country. This song actually brought tears to my eyes. Brought back many great childhood memories. The gas station, memorabilia and friendliness. Wonderful tribute, great artist and now Jerry. R.I.P. ? ?

  17. This song hits harder when you realize that the red-headed stranger is the only one left.
    RIP Jerry Lee
    RIP Roy
    RIP Man in Black
    RIP Carl
    RIP George
    RIP Elvis
    RIP Charley
    RIP Waylon
    RIP Hank
    RIP Merle
    RIP Conway
    and many more.
    So sad we lost these legends.

    1. Lori MusicLover

      @Jeremy Wombacher the day Willie passes I’m gonna have to take that day off work to mourn – heck will probably take off the entire week.

  18. Cecil Gonzales

    This song in all my 67 years means a lot to me I miss all those great singers everyday but I will get to see them all again and my heart will never be sad.

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