George Jones – Wrong’s What I Do Best (Official Video)

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Music video by George Jones performing Wrong's What I Do Best. (C) 1992 MCA Nashville

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56 thoughts on “George Jones – Wrong’s What I Do Best (Official Video)”

  1. Robert Sexton

    I may only be 28 but I can relate to his music! George Jones music is and always will be timeless!!!

  2. appalachian knight

    It seems like George was singing te soundtrack for my life. Anyone else feel the same way? God how I’ll miss him.

    1. Mary Heim-Hancock

      When I was 18 saw George in small club, legal age still 18 then like anybody cared in 1977! out side Knoxville TN at strip of clubs up Ashville hwy. Unknown act opening for him young Johnny Paycheck. I’ve seen everyone you can think of from that time on; Stones Skynard Ozzy Uncle Ted Heart Segar Halen,Dave and Sammy,I could go on. Point being this good a show as I’ve seen and def one I can remember every second of. Paycheck unreal but George just blew me away. That VOICE and delivery! Wasn’t huge country fan at time but was from then on. Thanks to him I discovered Cash Haggard Jennings Nelson and general love of country music. Even started watching Hee Haw! George had the girls melting. What a night for 18 year old kicked head!!! By the way in perfectly classic George style he came on 45 minuets late but played till they closed. Again, what a night! Thanks George not just for great show but all the great stuff since! Your were one of the best stage presence I ever saw bar none!

    2. Jones told it from the heart. I feel everything this man sang. Rest in peace you ole possum, you deserve it.

    1. Robert Fortin

      Damn right. These clowns on the radio aren’t even country music. I don’t even know much about it but I’ve got in a fight for it. Outlaw is real and George Jones is the epitome and defines country music.

    1. Christopher Dibble yes there are I’m almost 18 now and still listen to all of them everyday most of the time even all day

    1. James Bolin

      Rip possum n all u old classical country music singers they dont make country music or singers like this anymore

    1. James Bolin

      Amen to that u cant replace the old country singers nobody can fill there shoes the dont make country singers any better then when he old classical country music n singers

    2. I grew up out there close to where he did in Saratoga few miles from thicket and there’s never going to be another possum hw did write about his life in every song he wrote.

  3. superchef78

    It’s weird when I think of country music I think of George as entirely separate…his voice transcended country I guess is what I mean. So far above all the others!

    1. Loganic Oils

      Im a teenager and i am then only one in my whole school that likes old country geroge jones rest in peace the king of country music

    2. Loganic Oils

      @Ripperlipper 101 yes so true and i get made fun of for liking music and as andy griffth would say rock music it sounds like someone was kicking their dog

  4. David USmke? Little

    The Older I Get, The More I Understand This Song. Thank You George Jones, Simply Thank You! ??

  5. Kristy Barker

    I love this song. I just heard it recently. I’m a huge Jones fan but didn’t know about this song.

  6. What I love about George Jones, besides the fact that he’s God of Country music, he has a sense of humor. It’s all good.

  7. Stone Cold Country Radio, Podcast & Blog

    George’s life was a country song. So grateful he blessed us with his voice.

    1. Zach Simmerock

      @Trey Stewart I got to see him, at Shrine Mosque in Spfd Mo, and he showed up, but the first time we had tickets he didnt

    1. Townsend Campbell

      His music ? will live forever, George was a very good friend of my Dad, He got me my first phone when I celebrated my 7 years old birthday, May his soul Rest In Peace ??

  8. I can never get tired of his voice, when I’m down and I’m on Spotify and his voice comes.on, I instantly perk up, no lie.I just love his voice. ???

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