godspeed – frank ocean (joseph solomon cover)

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frank ocean – godspeed (joseph solomon cover)

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31 thoughts on “godspeed – frank ocean (joseph solomon cover)”

  1. PoisetowinWinner

    Your spiritual roots are always going to be there even in your voice , embrace it and celebrate your elvotion & new chapter in your life journey Joseph Solomon… The sound you release in this song is different and sober but it tells a story…Keep being authentic with your gift…

    Happy New Year to you & all who made it ??

  2. Shayla Crawford McCoy

    This was beautiful Joeseph!! That Orange album was amazing from beginning to end! I pray that L.A. is being kind to you, sir!

  3. It’s incredible how Joseph’s covers can be the soundtrack to my love life every time ?. Beautiful rendition ?

  4. Aryan Verma

    Your voice lowkey heals me, man. Been goin through a rough phase and your covers are all i listen to.

  5. spencer panis

    sir joseph solomon…this was one of the most beautiful covers, ever. always love the tone in your voice. this cover made me think of the countless other videos you’ve posted. made me reminisce in the biblical videos which were rooted in what I believe is sound doctrine. i had listened and rewatched your cover of come thou fount to the point where I’d copy the chord progression you played. you used to end your videos with “grace and peace” and that struck the greatest chord in me. to the point it made way to me making a brand called Grâce et Paix. i could say you were a great influence on me before “influencing” was even a thing. idk if you’d agree but I still believe God is still using you for His glory even though it’s hard to comprehend in the moment.

    i wish you the best. “grace and peace”

  6. Not only musically but also visually you manage to create the perfect scene for this song! Thank you for this beautiful cover! ??

  7. Sastra Warie

    In every song you’ve ever covered , you’ve reserved the meaning for the souls that needed the lyrics to be understood by those who doesn’t understand our feelings .

    You have such a lovely tone , so kind and not in a rush but just ease in peace .

    May you be heard . ?

  8. Angelli Mañalac

    Playing this on loop while watching the sunrise on a Sunday. Thank you for another magical Frank Ocean cover!

  9. Julian Osorio S.

    I will always love you
    How I do
    Let go of a prayer for you
    Just a sweet word
    The table is prepared for you
    Wishing you godspeed, glory
    There will be mountains you won’t move
    Still, I’ll always be there for you
    How I do
    I let go of my claim on you, it’s a free world
    You look down on where you came from sometimes
    Still you’ll have this place to call home, always
    When I see you I say glory


  10. Nguyen Michelle

    i love ur voice so so muchhhh. it’s warm and touch every corner of my heart. always be there to support and listen your covers

  11. i love how you made this song your own especially with with that “and when i see you i’ll say glory glory glory glory”

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