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Wanna learn and experience with "singing from the diaphragm" actually is?? Watch THIS!!

36 thoughts on “Good Support VS Bad Support #shorts #sing”

  1. Mega. Thanks. Any tips for building up that support? Outside of neck tension is getting that support dialled in the road to good vibrato? Cheers!

    1. Chris Liepe

      Have you joined my free voice course yet linked in the description? I offer TONS of tips on how to build support there!

  2. Jared Smith

    Best one-minute demonstration on breath support on the whole platform – thank you! I would like to respectively request to keep the shorts coming, please; they’re much more easily digestible for people struggling with attention deficits. 😉

    1. Chris Liepe

      Glad to hear this 🙂 … Ya, my hope is that I’ll be able to reach more viewers that don’t have the time or desire to watch a 10-20min video otherwise. Thanks for watching! I’m planning on doing them every week for awhile and see how people continue to engage!

    2. Jared Smith

      @Chris Liepe You’re most welcome good sir! It’s my pleasure and privilege to watch and take notes. I have no doubt this foray into micro-content will significantly supplement your viewership; my notification bell is certainly on! ?

  3. I’ve been following you for a long time and have to say your teaching skills are out of this world man, honestly. Keep going!

    Plus, please make a channel discussing your fitness experience, you’re lookin jacked!

    1. Chris Liepe

      I’ll be releasing a super niche course this summer on how to get jacked for musicians 🙂 (Seriously)

  4. Gabriela B?diloiu

    This is great! A perfect way of explaining something so important. What I have trouble applying though is the placement of the distortion and I always end up either doing a whisper screamy fry or slamming my chords. I was used to do false chords kinda like Brita Goertz demonstrated and now I can’t get in the mindset of doing high pitched screams. It’s so counterintuitive for me ?

  5. David Henriques

    Cool video, seems im doing it right, thing i notice is you dont wanna be thinking about support when you sing, i kept obcessing about support and my voice was getting trapped in the throat, i was actually chocking the airflow and not connecting well, i started focusing on the tone and mask feelings instead, the air goes up to the roof of my mouth behind my head into the nose i feel it vibrating my face bones vibrating and all of a sudden i stopped having that dreadful knot in my throat, power and volume goes up and support becomes more automatic, this was a major find for me cause im one of those super tense guys with a very low voice, i found my forwardness this way, its amazing how much better you can sing when you just focus on the flow of the singing itself lol if that makes sense, i know you talk a lot about this but hearing and feeling for yourself are 2 very diferent things right

    1. Chris Liepe

      Exactly… Support is one of those things you want to feel out, dial in and then forget about it once your muscle memory has taken over. There’s no other way to sing naturally, and there are SO many aspects of singing that are like this!

    2. Electricfishfan

      Just experienced that breakthrough for myself yesterday and it’s seriously like busting through a wall. Can finally sing complete phrases like singers do ‘cause I’ve stopped choking my breath or sounding an unsingerlike tone due to tensed up/weird posture. So cool! I’ve been imitating different vocalists all day ?

  6. Wow this helped so much
    I can somehow actually semi-consistently hit a d6 in full head voice due to it, and that without any training at all really

    thanks so much!

  7. The belly should be relaxed and free to move. There is no abdominal work because it will cause constriction till the neck. The support muscles are around the lower part of the rib cage till behind on the back. That’s why is the same place to breath in and then keep that area expanded while breath out so it work as support. Never the abdomen bro 🙂

    1. Don’t think about what the stomach should be doing… just think about bearing down and let the rest of your muscles do what feels natural!

  8. Drew Project

    Awesome! I never really watch shorts so I came across your shorts content completely by chance! Thanks for sharing Chris! I had never really looked at what my belly does like this. Super useful new (for me) way of finding better self awareness ????

  9. Franco Henríquez

    Good support should activate back muscles too when expanding your diaphragm. If you try to keep that expansion, you’ll instantly feel which abs are used and you will achieve what Chris is talking about. Inflating your belly isn’t effective, it didn’t work for me and created bad support habits.

  10. hii i just wanted to say thank you to you because after i watched this video and tried it out once, i already got better in supporting and not shifting to my head voice!! thank you so much^^

  11. Same muscle coordination used when you’re trying to stifle a cough, just less pressure. That’s what my elementary school choir teacher taught me. She could REALLY sing, too.

  12. Desiree Godfrey

    This is exactly what I was looking for. A simple demonstration of what it should look like when you inhale and exhale properly. That’s it. He did it in less than 60 seconds. Why did it take me 3 years to find it. ?

  13. Is it like blowing short bursts of air? That abdominal engagement is what we should aim to use?

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