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How to Develop Vibrato – Learn Vibrato Techniques for Singers

When taking vocal training online or off, vibrato and breathing are key areas you’ll need to work on to achieve the sound you want.

Vibrato is the vibration of the voice (and vibrations of an instrument) when a note is held out for a few seconds.

Vibrato defines the singing voice, and every voice has vibrato, whether a lot or just a little.

How to Develop Vibrato for Singer Excellence – Secret Vibrato and Breathing Tips Let Your Voice Shine Through!

This is just one of the  lessons for singers  that focuses on how important breathing exercises are to achieve a great vibrato sound.

That is to say there is not just one single thing you can do to improve your voice but it’s a combination of several different tweaks and exercises.

Breathing comes into play in many of these areas.

The singing instructor explains how to do breathing stretches to help the breath come in easier.

The easier breathing comes in, then the easier it can be released.  Vibrato can come out naturally when relaxed with proper breathing.

Let’s Get Started with Breathing and Singing Vibrato in 3 Quick Steps

The first breathing stretch involves raising one hand in the air (extending as far up as possible).

  1. Hold the arm in place for 10 seconds and breathe multiple breaths in and out.
  2. Remain as relaxed as possible while breathing.
  3. Then switch to the other arm and repeat the breathing stretch exercise.

This helps to open up breathing more under the arms and in the chest area by releasing tension and pressure through stretching.

The vocal instructor covers more breathing stretches with elbows, legs, etc.

Though the stretches might feel uncomfortable at first, the important thing is to keep breathing throughout the stretch.

Breathing and Vibrato Singing Takes Practice

Voice is like any other goal you have. The lesson above only works if you do!

No matter if you are singing in a local church or you want to get on stage one day in a famous sense, these tips will help you to get where you want to be.

Take them seriously.

Quick Explanation for Vibrato Singing

In a nutshell, vibrato is an oscillation of two different pitches happening simultaneously.

This kind of pitch variant happens as a result of a change in air pressure and cord tension.

Usually when vocal coordination’s are engaged and then relaxed. The presence of vibrato adds an expansion, vitality, warmth and a polish to an otherwise very simple sound.

Why Vocal Coaches Don’t Always Teach this Singing Method

Very few vocal coaches will teach or even talk about vibrato. Their stance is that it is a naturally occurring effect once good supportive habits are established.

Which is absolutely true!

So, you might be saying to yourself:

“I do have great vocal habits but I still can’t seem to find my vibrato! So what can I do?”

Well, you now know the big reason I shared this singing video.

Vibrato Method & Golf?

Think of vibrato as being similar to a golf swing. Everyone uses what works best for them. As you use this video to practice your vibrato, don’t judge the quality of your voice.

The sounds you make are a result of your coordination. So, you’ll have to experiment to see what works best for you.

These exercises in this video are meant to get things engaged and moving.

How to “Bend” Notes to Develop Vibrato

To get started, let’s simplify the coordination of vibrato with a simple note bend.

We’ll start really slow – and then build on it. The idea here is to trick the nervous system into an eventual subtle vibrato.

First, choose a tempo that allows you to perform the bend perfectly. Do not rush this step.

If you move too quickly through the bends, you will reinforce bad habits.

Fact is, what you can do slow, you can do fast. Keep the bending clear and concise.

LOL to Vibrato Singing

Our next exercise is a breathy laugh. This is meant to wake-up the diaphragm for singing to bring more diversity to your sound.

Remember, the sounds we will do today are in no way a finished sound. Instead, they are meant to get the ball rolling by engaging the components necessary for a healthy vibrato sound.

The “Wobbly Wide”

Our last exercise in today’s video is a wobbly wide vibrato. It kind of sounds to me like a baby bouncing on your lap. This vibrato method engages the subtle connections of diaphragm and vocal cord.

Remember, this is a temporary sound. And, the end focus is to slowly and gradually speed up the sensation.

With practice, singing vibrato this way will ultimately lead to a pure, finished sound.

Okay, now you have a nice feel for what vibrato feels like.

So, remember to keep your sensations clear. Then, work at a pace that allows you to perform without mistakes!

Simply see vibrato as a vocal effect, much like:

Once you master that beautiful texture vibrato vocals can give, you can vary the degree of vibrato needed to keep your listeners ear engaged.

So, go back to the top and watch the video again and again until you feel comfortable singing vibrato. You’ll experience joy in your music you’ve never imagined!

Play it Again Sam

This is so important, I want to repeat it. Watch the entire singing video (above) for great vibrato breathing lessons and tips – also check out other vocal training online to reach new heights with your singing voice!

It’s always a challenge to keep your voice in shape. The exercises shown here work nicely when practiced on a systematic routine.

So, practice regularly with your vibrato and breathing so you’ll become a master at it, a good vocalist is always working to improve methods.

I hope these tips for new singers help you learn to develop your vibrato voice.

Want to Learn More about Vibrato and How to Sing Better?

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Thanks again for stopping by! And remember, a better singer is a happy singer! – Bob


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