How to Find Out What Key You’re In

Use a couple music theory tips to find out what key you're in as long as you know a few of the chords. This will work on guitar, piano, violin, anything. Just plug the chords you know into this formula and bam!

To find out how triads are made from a key:

To find out how to play the major scale:

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42 thoughts on “How to Find Out What Key You’re In”

  1. mikhail dsouza

    I spends so much time and money to learn music and learnt absolutely nothing and you just give it for free.
    You are awesome man.

    1. @L1nkn1vy Yeah, not much from ad revenue though. Most teachers on here use YouTube to get people to buy their courses. The YouTube videos are bite size versions of what you’ll get from their course.

  2. Thanks for another great lesson. The theory part of learning to play is, to me, more difficult than the left hand/right hand work. I appreciate the diagrams at the bottom of the vid, it helps a lot to visualize it.

  3. great and practical explanation, I get it finally! you make guitar theory look easy, thank you very much Sean!!

  4. Bruna Somavilla

    Hey, i’m brazilian and just found out your channel. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your knowledge!!! There’s a lot of useful information, and it’s so hard to find someone explaining like this, especially in music. Keep it going, man!

  5. This series is exactly what I needed. I had no idea what I was doing with writing songs/ improv and this series has opened the doors for me. My playing ability has always been so much more advanced than my theory and you have helped so much. Thank you for this!

  6. Prince James Ncube

    Respect! This is such a revelation…great tutorial. You have an incredible way to transfer knowledge…thanks!

  7. Maxim Ashin

    I’m so happy there are people like you in YouTube! Thanks for the great content and the various subjects that you cover on your channel, appreciate it 🙂

  8. gamedemon24

    Putting that little chart there broke me through on a concept I’ve been struggling with for years. THANK YOU SEAN.

  9. simon templar

    Thank you so much for this. I think this was the one that finally broke through my thick skull and made it all make a ton more sense. I think you legit unlocked music for me. Chord transitions, no problem, how to turn a ho hum chord into a 7 chord, etc, moveable shapes, all good, but that was like having someone hand you a fish. This was like teaching someone how to fish. The analogy is probably terrible, but thank you for unlocking it all for me!

  10. charlesincheck

    Finally someone who just gets to the point and speaks like a regular guy. Subscribed.

  11. Nick Wardle

    I’ve searched and searched for a straightforward and universal answer to this, and YOU are the only person who has actually made an accurate and helpful answer. THANK YOU! ?

  12. ParadymShift, Plant-BASED ?egan Jedi

    Awesome video! This was so much more clear and high calibre than a lot of other guitar videos you’ll see here. You definitely earned a sub! ??

  13. I’ve taken two Coursera courses on learning guitar from Berklee professors and never learned this simple but important info. And I have been asking myself this question a lot…how do I know what playing in a certain key means? You explained it perfectly in this short video! Much appreciated and now subscribed.

  14. I am Watari

    Thank you so much, this is the information I’ve been looking for sooooo long. And you explain it very well!

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