How to Find Your Mixed Voice (Blend chest & head voices. Better power and range)

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Want to expand your range and sing more powerfully at the same time? Then finding your mixed voice is the ticket! I'll show you with real word examples from famous singers and I'll make some funny noises with my voice to help you discover what it feels like to sing in mixed voice with your voice!

47 thoughts on “How to Find Your Mixed Voice (Blend chest & head voices. Better power and range)”

  1. Levi Johnson

    Your ‘experimental’ sections in each of your videos are literally the one thing that sets you apart from other YouTube vocalists. It’s awesome to see you experiment and make mistakes, and know exactly how to go about actually LEARNING to really sound good. This is the only way to do it!

    1. Daniela Fini

      In un nn mi

      Mi non jjjnjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj uno
      Non mi non

    2. Jessie Ward

      The most important rule of singing really is to never be embarrased for the wacky sounds. Its no different than a guitar player hitting different notes till they find the one they like when writing a riff

  2. Jonicknezzz

    This is GOLD. Just remember to be careful when experimenting and change your technique if you feel you’re forcing it.

    1. I not as bright and my voice seems a little hoarse ..although it doesn’t hurt. I’m kind of doing old grandpa Simpson voice but struggling to brightening or free it more.
      I’m making the right connection but it’s a strained feeling like pooping .

    2. @stebolian sing with a slight “smile” (activate the space behind your cheeks/nose), also don’t forget the breathing support (no tension in the thoath, more air)

  3. LT_Dangles_Music

    I love how vocal coaches can shamelessly make all these strange noises that would be super embarrassing for normal people, all for the purpose of trying to help others better themselves. I love and respect that kinda stuff. Thank you for the video ?

    1. LT_Dangles_Music

      @Lost Alone 100%. great words of wisdom. one thing i talk about all the time is how peoples’ performance is/can be hindered by insecurity. you see it when the music stops, and the vocalist is singing alone. there’s a certain insecurity that creeps in when you can *really* hear yourself, and you’re the only thing everyone else is hearing in that moment. specifically in younger vocalists this happens. when it comes to screaming, there’s obviously a bunch of technique(s) included, but people who want to scream can’t even get themselves to. they’re like “i’ve tried! i just can’t do it. my body can’t produce those sounds”. my theory is that most of the time this is due to mental barriers, and not being able to overcome the insecurity of hearing yourself scream for the first time, or whatever. knaw mean? just a couple things i’ve noticed, even back when i was really young. i sing and scream *all the time* , but when it comes to recording myself (or other people hearing me), if the music isn’t loud enough in my headset, i find myself really struggling to give/perform at 100%. there are many things like this that i battle as a “young vocalist”, and they’re just things i need to *actually* start working on. doesn’t help that the only way i allow people to hear my voice is through doing vocal covers. i technically haven’t even “found my own voice” yet because i’ve yet to write my music.
      sorry for the novel! hahaha. just wanted to throw my couple pennies in there, and sometimes, once i get started, it’s hard to stop XD.
      *if anybody has read this far, i hope you have a wonderful day 🙂 <3*

    2. x18BritishBillx18

      @LT_Dangles_Music as a person who has been singing for 2 years I found that the biggest thing that held me back was precisely that: trying to avoid being heard. Once I started getting comfortable doing weird noises and making mistakes I started making huge progress. It’s not easy, but if you can overcome that fear you can conquer the world. I thank myself everyday for being brave enough to do it. Performing in front of 100+ people and getting tons of compliments is one of the best feelings in the world

    3. LT_Dangles_Music

      @x18BritishBillx18 that’s awesome, dude! every vocalist is a role model to anybody in the world who sings, regardless of whether they want to do it professionally or not. so you’re doing us all a great service by being a good, confident example 🙂 . i appreciate you taking the time to read my novel-of-a-comment, and reply to it 😀 <3

    4. Fukur Massa

      @Uzair Khan being a natural born wiseass: It reduces reflexions on the inside but doesn’t help damping sounds that penetrate the walls at medium to low frequencies ?

  4. Marcelo Cambraia

    Dude!!! Since always I wanted to hit high notes but never thought I could actually do it. My falsettos were really high, but I never heard my actual voice with ressonance on a high pitch. There was a ceilling that I couldn’t get pass. Doing what you showed us in this video made me do it. What I always thought was impossible just happened, thanks to you! I’m insanely grateful!! Almost cried when I heard myself produce a high note like that!

    1. Scheibenkleister

      @Worshipsatch I did that and I can get really high in my mixed voice with this technique. But how do I remove the rasp? I tried to get a clearer sound but I always flipped into a really high flagolet voice.

    2. Worshipsatch

      @Scheibenkleister the rasp thing is just a stepping stone… Once you get the feel of mixed voice, eliminate the rasp… Instead try use chest voice and feel a ‘tendency towards falsetto’ while going higher. That should allow you to have a similar sensation in clean voice.

      By tendency , i don’t mean pure falsetto, just the ‘feel’ of those same muscles with a supporting chest voice.

    3. Ara Ara Baka bro

      Thank u so much they rasp trick worked instantly. Now I can go up to D 5 being baritone ??

  5. PotatoPatata

    We’ve found him. The golden nugget of singing. The one singer to save us all!

  6. Sean Hemstedt

    There are a number of exercises which help teach moving in and out of mixed voice and getting comfortable doing it…but this is the most practical explanation I have seen so far. Good job with describing the dictation of sounds to make it easier to hit the mix voice.

  7. newmarsvolta

    I accidentally discovered this register in my own voice the other week. Haven’t yet managed to commit it to muscle memory but I’m really excited for the versatility I will achieve in the future! Thanks for putting it into context.

    1. newmarsvolta

      Tsukasa Love ABC i feel like I’ve made huge improvements in technique this last year. Becoming aware of what I’m actually doing inside my instrument has increased my range, bettered my tone and allowed me to start exploring things like vocal runs. Trying to stay in the “growth mindset” at all times ? hope u are improving every day in your own journey!

  8. Trevor Lysek

    I love how you represent the “ugly” side of discovery. How you show the process of finding the sound first. It’s a very realistic example and says directly, “Yeah, its going to sound bad, weird and you’re going to screech for a while. But it has to happen.” This really sets you apart from others that hand you scales and numerous other drills.

    You perform the journey and difficulty of discovery to prepare the viewer for this realistic kind of practice necessary to develop further into their voice. That’s why I’m watching you now.

  9. Citlalli Pérez

    me in my head: that sounds nasal
    Chris: don’t EVER say “that sounds nasal”
    me: oh, ok

    1. Richard Johnson

      I know this comment is a year old but this one sentence 100% unlocked notes I didn’t know I could hit immediately

    2. Lol I think some guys don’t want to sing too high in the fear of “sounding gay” that they sing too mouthy. But they limit their range That way.. chris has helped me get rid of that fear too..because you can have a thickness to your voice in a higher range.

  10. Kelly Haebich

    I am on week 2 of your singing course and can’t believe how much more range I have from discovering my mixed voice from these videos and starting to learn proper technique from your course, I am no longer reaching for notes and songs I would strain to sing are now easy. Thank you so much, I’m excited to improve even more by week 12!

  11. EXCELLENT VIDEO!! I FINALLY discovered my mixed voice and used it! I sang burn from hamilton and i don’t break anymore! my singing is smoother, more natural, i don’t scream anymore! That was my first time using my mixed voice and I was so proud to use it for the first time!! the first video that ever helpled me with mixed voice! That’s day 1 using my mixed voice so I don’t master it at all but I can’t wait to sing with mixed voice tomorrow. This video kinda changed my life, thank you!

  12. For the last year or 2 of becoming a self taught vocalist I was so disappointed in my progress and tone until I found your videos. Thank you so much for being generous and handing out very valuable information for FREE. You’re amazing for helping us musicians who haven’t found our voice yet. I’m getting closer now and I thank you a lot for that. Your videos are so helpful and productive.

  13. My chest voice is so huge and resonant that it’s like a black hole, making my transitions sound like a car wreck and making high notes harder to achieve. I”ve been working on bringing my mixed voice down to the lower notes. It’s so hard, but I’m seeing great results, with a brighter, louder tone and bigger range. Your video reminds me to use vocal fry to get it done.

  14. You’re a hero, never thought I could even hit the first notes from Immigrant Song but I did just following your explanations, it felt so weird and good having such a relaxed way of singing high

  15. Tero Latvala

    Cover band musician here. I have to be honest that I hated singing before your videos. I tried to sing backing vocals and such but they were just disaster. With the help of your videos I have been able to discover the singer in me. Obviously I’m not a lead singer or anything like that. But still, you have taught me how to use my voice safely and how to discover the sounds from my body. I am more than grateful to you.

  16. God your videos are utteraly brilliant! I wish i had a space where i could practice, right now it’s usually in the car, but i can’t properly watch your videos in the car for reference. I know this video is rather old, but keep up the great work!

  17. this really really helped, thank you very much<3 i'll keep watching more and more videos hehe<3

  18. My voice coach of a year tricked me into developing my mixed voice. Now I don’t want to let it go. So I practice every day to keep it.

  19. CrimsonMaverick

    I try to get all my voice info from this other channel I watch, but I have spent such a long time trying to understand what the mixed voice even is (“it’s like a whining child” “it’s a coordination between chest and head” nothing made sense to me) but your explanation helped me to finally understand it.

  20. I learned how to use the vocal fry, mixed voice and all that stuff thanks to your tutorials. This is freaking amazing, I totally didn’t know this feels this simple singing high notes. Literally today I sang a full chorus of some song that was with high notes and did it absolutely without any tension.. Of course I practiced so long before but today my voice finally adapted to it and now i do it automatically. And it didn’t hurt my voice at all.. This felt so freaking amazing realizing that I’m here now

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