How to Find Your Natural Singing Voice – 5 Easy Steps

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Introduction 0:00
Sing with Chest Voice 4:24
Sing with Head Voice 5:07
Sing in Mixed Voice 6:10
Find your Genre 7:35
Choose songs that fit your voice 8:29

Have you always wanted to find your true singing voice? I'll be honest, most of videos and blogs on this subject are very philosophical. They mention journaling, recording yourself, asking friends what they think that you sound like, Etc.

But actually, I want to show you how to find your true singing voice through actually singing. The truth is that most singers have a hard time finding their natural singing voice because they start off by imitating others. Adele, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, you name it. Everyone wants to sound like their favorite singer. And this makes sense, because you want to show your inspiration and it's difficult to have the confidence in your own voice when you're so inspired by your favorite singers.

However, the truth is that it's very difficult to truly imitate or mimic another singer and sound good doing it. Just for an example, when I first started off singing, I wanted to sound just like Elliott Smith. But Elliott Smith is a very breathy and light singer, and I'm a very strong and resonant singer. In other words, I had bet on the wrong horse. Now there's nothing wrong with being inspired by other artists, but it's very important that you find your own voice as you become an artist. So today I'm going to show you five steps to find your true and natural singing voice. Three of the steps will be vocal concepts that you need to learn in order to get the most out of your voice. And there are also two musical elements that I want to share with you when you're learning to find your voice.

The first vocal element in finding your natural voice is to learn to sing with chest voice. Chest voice is the name for the range of notes at the bottom part of your singing voice. When I first started off, I wasn't actually singing with enough chest voice in this was leading me to sound breathy. It's very difficult to find the correct vocal Tone If you're always singing that way.

In the second step in finding your natural voice is to learn to sing with head voice. Head Voice is the term for the top part of your singing voice. Many beginning singers don't sing in any head voice. In other words, they need to discover it in order to get the most out of their voice.

Our final vocal element for finding your true singing style is to sing with mixed voice. Mixed voice is the term given to singing with a blend of the chest voice and head voice so that your voice sounds even from the bottom to the top. If you learn how to sing in mixed voice correctly, you'll be able to sing any note in your entire range and still sound like you.

Next, I'll cover the musical elements that will help you find your voice. The first step in the musical department is that you need to choose a genre that matches your voice. Many singers will choose a genre that does not actually fit their true singing voice. For instance, I would love to be an R&B singer, but my voice does not have the flexibility and power for all the riffs and runs that happen in R&B. Instead, my voice has built more for pop and some lighter rock music.

The second step in musical elements to find your voices that you want to choose songs that fit your voice. Too many singers will choose songs that are too high, too low, or just don't showcase their true voice as well as it could. One easy way to overcome this is to sing a vocal exercise instead of the lyrics. By singing the musical exercise, you will automatically go into singing the exercise rather than trying to imitate the singer. This is very important, The journey in finding your own voice can take a bit of time and yes recording yourself can help with this. However if you don't have these other vocal and musical elements put together, it's going to be very difficult to find your sound correctly.

73 thoughts on “How to Find Your Natural Singing Voice – 5 Easy Steps”

    1. Cody Robichaud

      @Nainitha G I’m 6 months late here, but buy a Shure Sm58. Super affordable and the most popular microphone basically ever. Regardless what mic you buy, they won’t magically make your vocals sound professionally recorded though. The music you hear is produced so buy the mic you can afford, invest in a good audio interface, download a DAW and learn production well. Above all else, never compare yourself to the songs you hear on the radio and all that. They sing well, but produce well too. Best of luck ?

    2. I don’t have a consistent voice. Sometimes it sounds good, other times I’m like dear god ?

    3. Luyando Kalenga

      The reason I’m even here (this video) is bcoz my guy friend asked me to sing with him, I keep saying I can’t sing (I love music tho) but he insists that he’s heard me sing multiple times and I can but I think I haven’t found my voice yet and I’m not confident yet so I’mma strengthen that so we can do the duet ! (^^)

    1. Recordings can be poor quality but also if you save it you can listen to how you’ve progressed later

  1. Pamela Nobes

    I loved singing while I was growing but was too shy to get any vocal lessons bc of all the bullying that I got. I still love to sing but I think I don’t really know the basic haha. Thanks for this lesson!

  2. 1. Chest voice
    2.head voice
    3.sing in mixed voice
    4.Find your genre
    5.Choose songs that fit your voice
    Don’t mimic other singers. You can avoid this by speaking the words

    1. Erwin Calath

      Ok sing as i speak.. but what about resonance? Where i shud keep voice resonance? in the mask ?

  3. Ayushi Shukla

    this honestly was such a useful guide! i’m 14 and music is my passion but whenever i sing certain songs my voice tends to mimic the voice of the singer. especially when i’m singing along with the song. i desperately needed and simple yet effective way to find my voice and i feel like this is the one. i’ll come back and update whenever i do find my own voice! thank you so much for this!

    edit: back again!!!! I’ve improved a lot!! fr this helped so much. In the beginning, my throat was having some trouble getting used to the new/correct technique and I kinda had a sore throat from the change in my vocal ig? I took some time off singing to give my throat some rest. I was being somewhat harsh on my vocal cords, straining them. so I needed some time to rest. I resumed a month later and I can definitely say this has helped me tons!

    1. WriteWithAngel

      Thank you sm for this comment I am literally experiencing this too. I have found this video today hopefully it helps me to find my natural voice too.

    2. how did you actually start singing, like do you have a youtube channel you’d recommend or something like that?

  4. Tyler Shubert

    Very helpful hints. I think i am trying to work around the impossible unless i face it.
    1. Quit smoking and hopefully open up nasal congestion for a more clear sound.
    2. Sing from the chest not from the head which i tend to do. I also noticed I talk mumbly at times when I don’t necessarily want to talk or feel anxious in any way. I definitely care what people think too much and causes me to be anxious when talking and then i cant even talk. I don’t know when i developed this anxiety but anyways its just something to note that i have to communicate both talking and singing more clearer.
    3. I play guitar. Little known music theory but decent ear for it. I tend to focus more what i’m doing and the next lyrics then letting it come out naturally.
    4. I have a deeper tone than I want so i try to go higher than my voice allows me without starting to head sing. (I really love R&B) lol.
    5. Knowing I’m more capable than I give credit for. Practice practice practice

  5. Great advice. I would add that if someone is not using their own voice, they’re not improving it to where they can fall in love with it. I was just inspired earlier today to record myself learning to sing Folsom Prison Blues. As a person who doesn’t normally sing or take singing seriously, I was pretty impressed what I pulled off this morning after just 5 serious attempts to do my best. I had trouble on the ends of the runs as you can see in the video on my channel. I think your lesson will help me a lot. I’m going to keep practicing every morning and see if I have enough improvement to take my singing voice more seriously. Thanks.

  6. I have a fairly deep voice for a woman, and because of it I’ve never thought it would be possible for me to be good at singing, so I never tried to practice. I feel more inspired to put effort into trying, now. Thank you ??

    1. Midnight Fox

      I’m new to this whole singing thing (and I find it ironic because my music teacher put me in all county chorus) but I also have a deeper voice for a female and even my cousin who can say sing on a three level spectrum thing (like I said I’m new) agrees that I am match better a low notes. I can’t do higher ones for the life of me and now I am finding this vid soo helpful to get me going again so I am glad that you fel the same! Sorry this was long and I went on a rant. ?

  7. Brittany Walling

    This comment section is incredible. I can’t wait to try to find my true voice- I’ve always been scared to try, especially belting, because I usually end up defaulting to trying to mimic my favorite artist. Thank you for this!

  8. Ok. Your laugh at 3:00 is EPIC & AWESOME!!
    I had to point it out because I listened to it SEVERAL TIMES back to back!?
    Subscribed!! Your videos are so helpful & FUN to watch!! Thank you for explaining things so well that those of us who are beginners still have a clue what you’re talking about.????

  9. Alphabet Iris

    I’ve been singing from the age of 4, all they way to my current age. Im classically trained and tend to be in christian choirs. Not what my voice is build for at all! My voice is super sweet, and can be fairly deep and raspy sometimes so it’s perfect for hyperpop and indie! I can’t wait to be able to perform in my real voice

  10. So here is a serious question: If you want to learn the very basics of singing, basically if your goal is to sing a song along with the radio without your passengers having the urge to jump out the window – are there any exercises that you can apply when nobody is watching or hearing you?

    The only place I can overcome my hesitation to sing is when by myself in a car on the highway.

    1. I think you could try to sing just alone in the car while not on the Highway and not listening to music during it. Just have alone time in the car singing. Hope that helps.

  11. Delilah's Day

    this video is very ADHD friendly. i love how your setup is so clean / simple, there are no distractions and i can focus on learning. thank you.

    1. Ramsey Voice Studio

      @sylo, good suggestion but so much of singing is watching how the sound is formed

  12. I’ve been singing since I was 15 and this CHANGED my perspective. As I have been getting older my voice hasn’t been feeling like mine, and for the first time I’m hearing my natural tone and sound quality. I don’t have much control singing this way but I’m excited to really learn me. THANK YOU with all my heart!

  13. CrunchyChickenNugget

    my voice always changes depending on what song i’m singing to match the singer so i’m very excited to hear my actual voice

    1. I_regret_commenting_so_many_things

      @neo phoria same ? my secret dream is becoming a kpop idol and I’m trying to learn kpop dances and I want to train my voice but I have the same problem ?,I’m planning to audition for jyp in the next year or two

    2. @I_regret_commenting_so_many_things omg that’s great ? wish you all the best ?? I really hope you get through


      @therealZENA I sing in two different languages too! I sing in spanish for my church which means in doing lots of different notes in whatever im singing ?

  14. turuururupato

    I looked this up because I realized what made some artists sound so beautiful to me was the authenticity in their voices. For example mitski, suki waterhouse, mon laferte, lana del rey, kevin kaarl, ed maverick. It is the fact that you can realize “It’s them!” just by hearing one second of them singing and I find that truly astonishing. That’s what I want.

  15. Your bright and positive personality makes you a great coach… seriously. Well done and keep being you. ?

  16. Hembie Ashwe

    Thank you so much for this. I am so guilty for not liking my own singing voice and always trying to mimic my favourite singers as well. This is so helpful and encouraging. Embracing it now!!!

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