How To Find Your Natural Voice! – (Learn to sing better for FREE)

How to sing with your NATURAL Voice! Become a better singer by learning how to place your voice
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If you're struggling How To Sing Better, these singing hacks will help you improve your natural singing voice.
Your favorite singer did not get FAMOUS by trying to copy another famous singer's natural voice.
Do you try to COPY your favorite artist's singing style without even knowing it?
Start developing your natural voice and SING with the voice that God has blessed you with.

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The first step is to realize if you are trying to COPY another singer's sound.
That isn't an effective way for finding your NATURAL voice.

Your favorite singer did not get famous by trying to copy another famous singer.

These singing hacks will help you FIND YOUR SINGING VOICE. Even when you feel all hope is lost. The AmaZane Channel is here to help guide you on your singing journey.

This singing channel is completely free to use for your own knowledge. Zane Rima is not a professional. But she teaches from experience.

Once you FIND YOUR VOICE, you will realize how simple it is to start sounding like YOU. We get caught up in trying to chase what we like. We want to be them.

Be your own voice. Stop trying to be someone you're not. You are amazing just how you are.


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82 thoughts on “How To Find Your Natural Voice! – (Learn to sing better for FREE)”

    1. Queen alexas danicng and singing

      I was a bad singer at first but I got really good all you have to do is practice

    2. Lol you lucky i can sing on key almost perfectly but without passion and flavour if i had passion which i don’t have for music i would go reach my dream

    3. DR. Preeti Shrivastava

      It’s same with me , ik u r also into k-pop , when I’m so into them then my mother send me to the vocal lessons and I realised that I exactly don’t use my own voice so I started watching her videos and now I’m addicted.?

  1. Who else can sing but when there’s a karaoke you can’t catchup with it? Like you can sing pretty well without anything just your voice….

    1. use snaps while you sing without karaoke that will help you sing on the beat so that you can sing well on karaoke 😉

    1. You can’t hear how you actually sound because your head is vibrating, your phone is telling the truth, the best way to learn is record, and fix it.

    2. C’mon don’t disrespect the dying cow .. even it probably has a better sound when they’re dying lol~

    1. Matix Music

      Same and if i have to imagine that im going to play guitar and probably sing oh im not feeling to do it (Im from slovakia so my english is not good but if i have to imagine that i have to sing and play country roads yeah im not feeling good about it)

  2. aubree nicholson

    you: **stays up until **12:00** half asleep**
    me: **stays up til 4AM energetic as ever**

    1. Taehyungsfeet69

      What you actually hear is how others hear you, I remember my friend talking in a recording and she sounded nothing like the recording.

  3. Aim Artistry

    I was having trouble finding my natural voice until I watched this video!! This was so helpful!!!

  4. me: singing
    my cousin: (heard me sang)i didnt know that you had a hidden talent.
    me: Thank you
    my cousin: Please just hide it

    1. Gayathri Masadi

      @weird science yeah, I agree, those are 2 other reasons but many of my friends whose voices sound angelic think they sound bad on the recording app and yes they do sound a bit different but, I didn’t want more people to be let down by what they hear on their recordings and stop singing. this has hpnd to one of my besties..

    2. minaaamewws

      nah, sometimes its not bad- its just that we cringe so bad when we hear our voice so it sound bad to us 🙂

    3. Well I recorded my mum’s voice and then I told her to talk ,her voice was very different from what I was hearing while she was talking .So I don’t think google knows everything

    4. @Julie Yea, you’re right. I hear my family member’s voices sound different when they talk through mobile.

  5. mk salvador


  6. Me with headphones: Singing at the top of my lungs as I didn’t hear my own voice!

    My mom: There’s a cow screaming outside, i think he’s dying. let’s go help it

    Me: ??????

    1. Laura Nkula

      Omg this is basically the first time in forever I’ve actually laughed at a comment lol

  7. Daughter of Naphtali from Israel

    U literally have a VERY beautiful voice, I have always been micked my whole life that my voice sounds annoying yet alone…. singing is just something else. Lol Thank you for inspiring me to start a course and practice singing ?

  8. Sarah Gordon

    Loved this video! It definitely helped me find my own voice in my most recent cover. <3 Love from Ireland

  9. Kristi Jones

    My daughter just did the lemon thing with me and the most beautiful voice came out! Crazy effective trick!

  10. TY YOU LITERALLY FIXED MY VOICE IVE BEEN TRYING TO IMITATE THESE SINGERS but thanks to you I’ve actually found my real voice!!

    i know I can sing a lil bit but finding my natural voice has helped a lot. You’ve earned a new sub.

  11. That_Random_Kid_4u

    Thanks for the advice Zane! I will definately use this when I’m done with the song for my mom, might even use a bit of it in there as well. I am 100% thankful on how helpful your vids are and they help inspire me a little bit.

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