How To Scream: 4 Simple Steps for Complete Beginners

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69 thoughts on “How To Scream: 4 Simple Steps for Complete Beginners”

  1. **Tries for 10 minutes**
    **Gets tired**
    **Tries again and nails it for a second*
    **Goes into a coughing fit**

    1. Elisabeth sun

      10 minutes? Try trying to learn vocal fry for 3 years and then nailing it on accident then immediately forgetting how to do it again resulting in practice 4 more years because NONE of the videos you watch explain it right so you understand. (I’ve got the hang of it now)

  2. Who wants to do it but can’t embarrass themselves in front of the family that NEVER FREAKING LEAVES

    1. Brandon Blacke

      I just wanna see some 5 foot, short inches adorable little asian girl on a stage in loli dress… then she just starts belting out devildriver type scream songs. #shutupandtakemymoney

    2. Michelle Zhou

      Everybody always makes fun of me for being so quiet. Next time they say that I’m gonna do this

  3. Thanks for the tips man! I was actually able to produce a decent sound without any strain.

  4. Rachael Vice

    Man thank you soooooo much! I’m supposed to be front vocals by next year and this really feels much better! Very good tips?

    1. Edna candido

      Keep Feeling the part connecting the uvula to make it its need so much effort to do it but if you focus enough it will eventually move on its own.

    2. Edna candido

      Some tips when you touch your hard palate it feels like that when you doing the ovula back and fourth.

  5. Took me about 2 years but I finally managed to get a perfect scream from watching this video. I know you’re probably not going to see this comment but thank you so much for this video. This really helped

    1. @Dhanush Sridhar Best way to get yourself to be able to do it, or at least what I did that worked, pretend to gargle water but use a little of your saliva. Should be the same motion so once you’re able to do that you won’t need saliva and can do it normally. Tool me forever to get that tho, just a heads up

    1. lmao same, I’m an introvert nerd in class, my friends will be shocked cause im very into to metal stuff

    2. Michelle Zhou

      Next time someone makes fun of you for being quiet, scream “SHUT UP WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU” from Linkin Park “Faint” ??

  6. This is the absolute best video I’ve ever used. I’m relearning after about 5 years of not being in a band and it’s all come back to me. Ty for being this so easy to understand! Definitely subscribing so that I nail my audition <3

  7. Charlie Riffs

    Great lesson! As a guitar player I really never wanted to do vocals because I dont like being tied to a mic on stage. Recently I decided to try singing so I could start songwriting and adding vocals to my tracks. This lesson really helped me, you explain very well. Thanks!!! ???

  8. doug when i first watched this video months ago i started practicing and just today i’ve unlocked my fry scream! so i came back to the video to thank you and btw i love all your videos?

    1. @Jaster Explain I’d like to know the details of a heavy metal scream!!! So it’s doesn’t ruin your voice?

  9. Jordan Hatin

    Pretty great tricks even for a beginner! I just started to really feel and start to control my vocal chords a little because of that video you did man! Thanks a LOT!!!

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