How to Scream, Add Distortion, Yell and Sing Aggressively WITHOUT Hurting Your Voice! (3 Steps)

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Learn how to add aggression, distortion and true dynamics to your singing without hurting your voice. Learn how to scream with and without pitch. Use what you already know about your voice to get there! I'll show you how simple it is…

66 thoughts on “How to Scream, Add Distortion, Yell and Sing Aggressively WITHOUT Hurting Your Voice! (3 Steps)”

    1. I saw this reply, and had already thought he was holding a cup of coffee and I had to look back and do a triple take lmao

    2. Neighborhood Conspiracy

      Your comment genuinely made me bust out laughing amidst the silence in my house lol

  1. Stevie Stock

    Not a musician but finally! a way to express the extreme pain I’m in without damaging my vocal cords

    1. Paul TheSkeptic

      “I’m very sorry to have to tell you that.”
      “No I’m sorry. I gave you bad news. It has nothing at all to do with Tarzan.”

  2. Tim Herrmann

    This Video is awesome!
    Ive been singing for practically my whole life and i was always listening to rock or metal, so i tried to sing like my idols do
    I went through these 3 steps, in the exact same way he did, learning how to Scream and shout

    So for everyone who is interested in screaming, shouting, or just roughing up your voice, THIS is the way to go.

  3. Jason Ulrich

    I’m getting really into Emo Angsty music, and so this is something I’ve been working towards. I was in choir for 5 years, so I have a pretty good understanding of how vocals work. So some of the beginning tips you were giving were actually some thing I had started doing before I had seen this video ? Just something that made me feel cool 🙂

  4. Dude. I’ve been a vocalist and performer for so long, but I’ve never been able to express myself through my favorite genres: metal, hardcore, etc.

    Of all the videos, this was the clearest and most accessible lesson. I was starting to think I would never be able to scream, that I would just be missing something forever. Thank you man, seriously this was so helpful.

  5. Step 1: Yodel
    Step 2: Fry
    Step 3: Yodel-fry
    Step 4: Yodel-fry on pitch.
    Step 5: Get yelled outta a public bathroom for practicing Yodel-fry on pitch.

    This video is so informative.

    1. PunkNDisorderlyGamer

      Acoustics in a public bathroom provide excellent reverb. Same for the inside an empty 53 foot tractor trailer.

  6. Me: Alright cool, I’m ready to learn the secrets of distortion. Throw it at me, bro.

  7. It’s so hard to learn how to scream as a woman. Not getting my voice to do what I want can be agrivating. This is really helpful (despite how ridiculous I feel, and my family might find me, for making Tarzan sounds lol) and I hope I can get to the point where I can eventually sing some of my favorite songs!

    1. Nic Halabicky

      Don’t worry, I sound like trash too when I try to do this. He has a great natural distortion, my voice apparently is only capable of cracking and singing off key…

    2. @Nic Halabicky It takes a lot of work, but it’s not impossible. Taught myself to scream this way 8 ish years ago and have been working on it that whole time. He’s showing the right technique, it’s just about working with it yourself to shape it into what works for you.

    3. Cylance 5H4P35H1FTR

      …just become a mother of 2+ and you’ll start to metal-scream almost everyday even before breakfast naturally!

    4. if you do false cord gutturals correctly and use lots of breath, there is no pitch, and a listener cannot tell whether the vocalist is male or female.
      check out pisces by jinjer:
      its a popular “shocking” reaction video because petite female vocalist who has a jazzy singing voice, then suddenly does a false cord chorus and sounds deeper and more fearsome than 95% of male metal roars

  8. Fabrizio Paredes

    I know this video is over two years old but sir… let me tell ya; you just made want to start singing again. After almost three years of giving up at it to focusing on guitar. All can I say is thank you, hope you’re okay ?

  9. Johnny Sanabria

    I listened to this on a 30 minute drive and I’m already getting close to the sound I want. You rock!

  10. BubblegumDukem

    I’ve been “cookie monster screaming” for years and it has started to cause me to lose my voice after. It’s hard to switch from that to this but I’m trying. This has been super helpful!

    1. pogpogpurin

      I tried the cookie monster growl for just a second and my voice already hurts, i didnt realize that it would grate my voice like that haha

  11. Thom Dumdust

    I am pretty stuck right now.

    I’m in a grunge band with a good mix of melodic and heavy songs, we’ve been going 4 years.
    Since the big covid break we all had, I’ve found it incredibly hard to scream at all (where it’s intended/needed) and find my voice just dries up instantly when I try to scream.
    I couldn’t even tell you what my technique was before covid as I self-taught from the age of 9, listening to a lot of nu-metal, so imitated that and had no issues.
    When I started listening to punk rock and other genres, I just kind of imitated that too and it worked up until covid, but since that big break of no shows, I’ve had issues trying to dial it back in after doing it for YEARS.

    I’m currently tracking vocals for our 2nd EP and it’s got to the point where I’m actually afraid to attempt any of the screaming passages in the songs on the EP, because I know how it’s going to go.
    I tried a couple of passes and it’s the same thing – my voice just instantly dries up, chokes out and sounds weak.
    I’m going to attempt this method after a rest day tomorrow and hope that it re-trains my voice in some way.

    To anyone who had the patience to read this, sorry for the essay.
    There’s nothing worse than feeling you can’t deliver so I just needed to vent amongst some like-minded people.

    1. Well the only solution as a fellow vocalist is get a coach. Search for a good one. To my experience you will know if after some weeks you feel your voice different in a good way.

    2. Thom Dumdust

      Sorry for the late reply.

      I got it sorted, in the end.
      Some of it was physical tension and the rest was psychological, as it turned out.
      I was watching another video the following day after this one, not really taking it in, and something he said just clicked in my head – I can’t even explain what it was.
      I thought “Hmm, I’ll try it again.”

      Vocals got finished that day.

      Seemed that I wasn’t giving myself enough support and that in turn was tiring me and my voice out.

    3. Brianna Tong

      The same thing happened to me and I’m still trying to re learn my screams and it’s even harder now bc I’m so discouraged bc I know I already learned and I hate that I forgot )): I hope with more work i can get to where you are

  12. Actual Turtle

    Can I just say that, unironically, I absolutely love how stupid this sounds. A lot of singers are afraid to sound stupid and get super self conscious about their voice, but doing the stuff that sounds silly or goofy like you are at the beginning is HUGE. Lots of guitar exercises are essentially just noises very rarely sound musical, but they make you a better player. It’s something that vocalists tend to shy away from.

  13. It’s really nice to have the kind of exercises I intuited through trial and error 10+ years ago be affirmed on channels like this. As a teenager I would endlessly make silly noises that eventually turned into basically the exact same things shown here.

  14. Kyoku Shiro

    Hi there your videos have been great advice
    Im trying to start making music covers and its helping alot

  15. SolemnSalem

    This vídeo was really helpful! I’ve always wanted to learn how to scream but was never sure how it was supposed to feel in my voice. Now I get it, but the hard part is actually getting my voice to sound the way I want since my voice can be very feminine at times :,)

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