How to Sing a High Note | Singing Lessons

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81 thoughts on “How to Sing a High Note | Singing Lessons”

  1. Jwils The M.C

    I don’t wanna be Ariana Grande I don’t wanna be Mariah Carey. I want to be able to use my own voice to it’s fullest potential.?

    1. MadHatterRoblox

      Bruh same- my friend who has an organist and is in church choir says my voice is good but I can’t control it and I need to do that

  2. Noiseshifterz Music

    My highest was C5,its improving day by day and now I’m at B6 and i can hit D7 when i try to sing after i wake up in the morning

  3. I tried to do the “AAAAH” thing but then my mom came upstairs with a belt like “wHo hIt yOu wHy aRe yOu cRyiNg aRe yOu hErT”

  4. Me at 12am: (watching this and doing what she is doing)
    My family: *CAN YOU SHUT UP*
    Edit: YALL GO TO BED

  5. just hannah

    I’m really good at singing but I can’t sing high notes so this helped me a lot thanks!

    1. Camaryn Chrisman Robbins

      Why So true this literally happened to me five minutes ago.
      In the shower: hits the high note in waiting on a miracle perfectly
      When I go to record my choir audition: shatters windows

  6. Everyone: I wanna sing like jimin, Ariana (other idols)

    Me: I don’t wanna be somebody, just wanna be me, be me I wanna be me me me~

  7. Verdiana Manfrin

    Continue your warm-up routine with a song that’s realistic for your voice (not too high and not too low). If there are particular sections of the song that are difficult for you, isolate those sections and work on them by themselves. This will help strengthen your voice prior to attempting to sing high notes.
    On high-intensity high notes with a high larynx, lift your head! A very common belting technique is the head lift. You can see it in the greatest belting divas of our time, including Beyonce and Whitney Houston!
    The head lift assists in raising the larynx, which is necessary for powerful belting. For operatic tenors however, a more neutral/low head position is ideal as it promotes a lower larynx in line with the classical sound. GET YOUR FREE 5 PART SINGING COURSE – click here :

  8. I’m a ex choir student. When you said your throat needs to be open that is 100% true. For others it’s hard to sing high while going slow, others it’s the opposite. In my class we sang the names of the notes or numbers. I’m gonna put the names of the notes below. I want you guys to crescendo (Get a little louder and higher) and decrescendo (get a little softer)
    Do mi re fa mi so fa la so ti la do ti re do

    Do la ti so la fa so me fa re mi do re ti do

  9. Shiner1234 Happy Day

    Don’t be afraid of your voice cracking. It’s gonna happen sometimes. Dont feel discouraged when it happens.

  10. Coral playz_101

    I can scream and speak high notes but I can’t sing them

    Universe… *E X P L A I N*

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