How To Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time

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71 thoughts on “How To Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time”

    1. @Mike Woods nail down the song chords first, like auto pilot. Then you’ll be able to use the strums as “tapping your foot” for the beat.

  1. Singing while playing is way harder than it looks and sounds! Really appreciate the lesson today man!

  2. Theres no secret to this. When i first started playing i couldn’t even talk while playing. It just comes down to Practice Practice Practice

    1. Gara Doolah

      I can sing, and I can play guitar. When I try to do both, my mind either focuses on one or the other.

    2. Maxence Danet-Fauvel

      Do you think if your really good at this can you do it in the first or maybe second try

    3. Maxence Danet-Fauvel no, I don’t think this’d come naturally, it’s all up to practice

    4. Chris Moore music

      I’ve been playing 2 years but been playing seriously for about a year and I go mute most times when I try and do both

  3. Bradford A. Ciecko

    Man. I tried this for the first time a couple weeks ago. I was playing “About a Girl” and since I can play the song quite well I thought maybe I’d try to sing along with the record while I was playing. I fumbled all over; on the playing, on the lyrics hahaha. It was a disastrous mess. I’ll give it another go next time I have the house to myself.

    1. About a girl seems like a pretty hard track to start on. Maybe find a song where the singing is in line with the vocals.

    2. @Elijah Brown it’s the easiest nirvana song to learn but once you throw the vocals in it just turns into a jumbled mess

    3. @Ltruj I learned to sing and play part of rape me at the same time. Of course it’s easier than just about any other song.

    4. Random channel

      The first one I decided to try and sing and play at the same time was Dammit by blink-182 because the songs next line goes with the next chord. The best way I could describe is with the first line and chord, the one starts right after you play C5 then mute, and the line goes “Its alright, to tell me” and it just goes along like that

    5. D r o p d e a d

      the first song i sung all the way through while playing was sliver then i learned about a girl and now im working on getting lounge act down

    1. Valentina Cardillo

      I started a few weeks ago and it is so easy to follow Marty playing along. He is such a good teacher!?

    2. NoobMaster69

      Joey, just don’t forget about theory? Being able to understand the logistical concepts of music makes playing guitar so much more amazing.

    1. Rebel Rolloffs

      Great advice Marty, could you please do a lesson on “closer to the sun” – slightly stoopid. All the versions on YouTube suck

    2. Timothy McCulloch

      The link to his channel isn’t working & when I search YT it doesn’t pull him up.

  4. Paulie FinTechFit

    From my experience you gotta get guitar down to an intermediate level to where the chord changes are second nature then merge the two. Another tip once you’re good enough to sing and play together is using a capo to find the key that fits your vocal range. I normally go a half step down for most songs since I have a deeper voice.

    1. Jackson Waldon

      My vocal range rests in a tenor, but I can go way down to a lower baritone/upper bass and as high as a mid soprano. I don’t think it has to do with how deep or high your voice is, but rather where you voice sits at on your octave. For example, do you find that you talk near a D#? If so, you should probably put your capo on the 11 fret or just tune your guitar a half step down (I suggest you just tune it down so you still have a full fretboard range).

  5. Necu rrence

    I learned it on my own and this is how I’ve done it : I’ve chosen a 4 chord song that I knew very well, I wrote down the lyrics and the chords above each lyric. I would practice the chords tapping my foot on the ground without overthinking it. Being too rational about music will ruin it for you. Then when the body, the instrument were going rhythmically, I just sang the lyrics from the notebook. My notebook is now full of songs that I know by heart and I am able to create drum patterns on top also. This was my biggest breakthough so far

    1. tantai nguyen

      You are doing it the right way bro, every guitar class in my country teach it the same way

    2. david wiech

      Brilliant u should write a short book on this and elaborate on what u have learned since Excellent Luck!!!.

    3. I’m gonna try this, I literally know a lot of songs already, been playing for 6 months but I always have a problem singing while playing(timing and rhythm).

  6. Rekindled Ministries

    Marty thank you so much for your teaching videos. I never thought I would pick up a guitar for the first time in 53 years. I have been going through medical problems, part of accepting my circumstances was to pick up a guitar and just pour my heart out. It has given me such peace
    Thanks for all you do.

    1. @RockingGirl06 i am not better than a year ago and the worst part is that i play guitar for 7 years and i cant even play one by metallica


    -Practice the guitar alone
    -with a simple (single long) strumming pattern
    -Practice the singing alone
    -with a rhythm track in parallel
    -Practice all together

    -See in the lyrics where the chord changes are (ie rhythm)
    -Practice with a metronome
    -Record yourself singing, listen to yourself and criticize yourself

  8. Reconnaissance

    This tip at 3:05 is great, I recently started practicing again and decided to start figuring out how I could sing and play and this is Tip is pretty much as far as I’ve come with teaching myself to play and sing. Now I’m just practicing trying new things trying to figure out my timing pretty much but yeah fantastic x)

  9. Physique Geek

    It’s nice to know that basically everyone has difficulty with this lol, this is probably the most frustrating part of learning guitar. I remember my grandfather trying to teach when I was younger and he always said that if you couldn’t at least hum along as you play these songs you’ll never truly progress. Coming from a man that could play every song from the 40’s on up to about the late 80’s (rock n roll and country at least) I always held on to that advice. Here I am 20 years later finally trying to apply it haha.

    Oh and damn I was totally unaware that Phillip McKnight (see description) had such a beautiful voice haha

  10. James Whitman

    When I try doing both, I either forget the lyrics or lose my ability to play altogether. I like the idea of learning a song with chords then getting more and more intricate with the strumming as I go along, but I’m not really sure of a good song for that. Any suggestions?

    1. Josh Parsons

      I’m learning ‘What I got’ from Sublime. Most of the song is 2 chords. Marty has a vid for it, adding the singing is a lil tricky but once you have it down to a science it’s just muscle memory.

  11. Thank you for all of the videos Marty, if I ever make it as a musician, I’ll owe it all to you!

  12. Moody Beignet

    Finally picking up a guitar to play along to my favorite songs and try singing them at the same time made me truly appreciate how freaking hard it is!

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