How To Sing Better In 5 Minutes

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In this video, we'll cover how to sing better in 5 minutes! It may sound too good to be true but you may be shocked when you're doing the right exercises (even for a few minutes a day) just how much you can improve your singing. Have a watch, leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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Remember, never stop singing! It brings joy to the world. 🙂

-Aaron Anastasi

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61 thoughts on “How To Sing Better In 5 Minutes”

  1. Sa Sa BrokeBitch

    For people actually wondering I’ve been doing it for 3 months straight and I will say it really did help me a lot. Don’t expect your singing tone or sound to magically change over night. What I notice is that it has helped my voice crack less and make my voice feel smoother to singing. I came back after 3 months to write so if you are looking for a vocal warmup to add to your warm up I recommend this.

    1. @Sa Sa BrokeBitch okay so can you please give me the links or ways you practiced singing please?

  2. Jaber Alsabah

    Life in quarantine:

    Day 1: get in better shape

    Day 55: learn another language

    Day 66: learn to play the pianos

    Day 96: become an artist

    118: become a singer

    Tasks complete: none

  3. I’ve done this exercise on and off for about a year (ish) now, and this has honestly really improved my singing from when I first started.

  4. Raily Greca

    This is incredibly helpful, thank you soooo much! I haven’t found any other video quite as easily put as this one. No matter what stage you’re at in singing, this technique taught in this video will forever help you!

  5. I sing for a crowd of senior citizens every weekend, and have been looking for ways to to improve my voice, This is awesome, keep up the great work and best of luck!!!!!!

  6. Divine Chigbue

    Thanks a lot, I was actually struggling with some high notes earlier and this surprisingly worked great

  7. Justine Draper

    I was not surprised that its being taught today I’ve learned this by myself more than 20 years ago and it’s been working for me since then with loads if self discipline. I totally agree with this. This has been proven for me.

  8. Crimson Takeda29

    I used the z technique for 4 years and man my voice sounds so smooth, i decided to be a singer in WeSing app, many people loved it. I cant thank you enough for the help you showed me to become a singer <3

  9. VictoriaNeverland

    I used to sing through my childhood (no lessons, though) and teens, and I could actually sing pretty good. Then I became mom of two, and both my guitarplaying and singing got lost. Now I’m 43, my kids are young men, and I’ve just been inspired to pick up both my guitarplaying and singing. Thank you for providing free content that really seem to help many ppl. I can’t afford a course, but I find the free content to be amazing, and enough for me to get through the basics and learn to breathe properly, hold tones, learn to belt, and not to crack my voice up.

    I’ve subscribed????

  10. Strawberry Chunky

    Thank you for these videos! I just discovered them and I’m absolutely going to start doing the vocal warm-ups you suggest. I started a little folk band with a friend, and I want to strengthen my voice because we’d like to make nice recordings of our songs. I’ve learned how to play the ukulele (concert and baritone) and the keyboard during this pandemic, and I think the next instrument I need to tackle and refine is my voice! Thank you for the encouragement to all of us! We appreciate it! ?

  11. Arsenio Sarmiento

    I was planning on studying computer science, but now I’m becoming a singer. Thank you for the inspiration kind sir. ?

  12. John Johnson

    I’ve always struggled with sometimes being able to hit certain notes some days but not on other days. I think it was affiliated to how much I used my voice prior. Having a small warm up like this can be extremely helpful. I think using your voice in a controlled tone like that should exercise your control over your vocal cords, making it easier to punctually hit notes.

  13. I tried this exercise and it really helped me I can’t believe it thank you so much now I can sing ?????

  14. music by HARUNA&ERI &YUYA

    I started this yesterday.
    I can sing better than before!
    I’ll keep doing this every day. It’s easy to continue. Hope to be a better singer!

  15. Alex The Great Creates

    This is so cool, I’ve been singing since I was a kid and I’ve never heard of buzzing to warm up, I instantly could feel the difference and I didn’t even do the full 5 minutes yet, NICE !

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