how to sing better instantly for guys

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In this lesson you will learn how to sing better instantly if you are a male. Knowing how your voice operates as a guy is the first step to improving your voice.

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50 thoughts on “how to sing better instantly for guys”

  1. League of Rolling

    Him: Knowing that you, as a male, have 2/3 chest voice and 1/3 head voice, which one do you think you should spend more time working on?

    Me: chest voice

    Him: right! your head voice!

    Me: Oh

    edit: wow 1k likes.. never got so many <3

  2. zombieplasticclock

    This was an absolute trip to experience. I had just started singing along with a song and hating my voice, being unaware of head singing. Hearing myself again is already a huge improvement. Really interesting stuff, it makes me actually want to practice some more

  3. Dude I’m automatically hooked, I play guitar but I needed some tips to improve my vocal instrument. Thank you ???

  4. So I just started singing I’m literally at ground zero and I can hear the improvement from this advice, thanks so much just subscribed

  5. Simón Watson

    Apesar de que no es en mi idioma, te entendí perfectamente! Gracias por la lección. Saludos cordiales desde argentina

  6. Ivan Bliminse

    Im a complete beginner and this made such a huge difference after like 5 mins thank you

  7. Julian Brown

    Dude you just changed everything for me! ? thank you so much! Brilliant demonstrations ?

  8. I used to be able to sing then I got hit by puberty and my voice depended so much it’s so hard to sing, I’m gonna try to practice even though I sound horrible, I really hope I can get good again. My range is basically monotone and I suppose having a deep voice is nice unless you want to sing.

  9. Zach Sewell

    OMG I just found this video. I have been jokingly singing for a couple years, no hardcore training. And I had been using both head and chest voices, but I had no idea what they were. And I got frustrated at my lack of progress because I kept trying to force my chest voice to do head voice stuff, and thought head voice sounded weird and was just something I made up. Now I have a bit more clarity on it, I just need to hone and train my head voice. Thankyou SO much for this video, you’re awesome man! ?

  10. As a male vocalist, I can also say in regards to head voice, that breath control is a HUGE part of it. If you don’t sufficiently breathe, your head and chest voice will sound weaker and less resonated. Breathe deeply with your diaphragm. Not like a gasp, but a heavy breath.

    1. If you get used to the feeling of pinching your air off without closing your throat then scaling shoukd almost feel like second nature. If you draw back your jaw instead of smiling then you can slide into falsetto easy. But before all this finding the headvoice and how to properly go into it will also map in how to travel from chest to falsetto through head voice. Once you do both work into your head voice then falsetto becomes a lighter version of that transition. I wonder if that made sense to someone learning

  11. This was actually helpful cause I didn’t know much about the head voice so this helped to hit higher notes and a lot less strain on my voice

    1. ReadyPlayerJack

      @Gaz Williamson i liked this but it went to 70 likes instead of 69 so sorry i had to unlike

  12. HOLY COW!!! It’s WORKING!!! I have a deep voice and always thought of myself as tone def but ALWAYS wished! I could sing… I’ve been doing this and now I am transitioning into tones that I would always crack on… THANK YOU ADAM!!!

  13. As someone who is just getting into music and singing this is extremely helpful I now understand that singer higher pitch is not just singing louder with my chest voice before this video I had no idea the difference between the two but I now can practice using a higher tone and just having overall more voice control

  14. Most accurately advertised video. I been trying to attempt vocals and this video made so much sense i was actually able to leave some soft vocals on this song. My voice is very deep and kinda rough yet i was able to successfully drop some clean singing after this video and i did not sound bad lol

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