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There's always something we want to improve with our voices, right? Maybe it's tone… Maybe a better range… Less voice cracking…

It's easy to get caught up in what we want to change and lose sight of what singing is really about! It's about creating. It's about giving.

I'm not saying: "Just focus on the positive and all your problems will be solved!" …Not at all. I've given hundreds of private lessons this last year alone and EVERY SINGLE ONE of my students I've worked with comes into their first lesson with this same issue.

And it's keeping them from actually fixing the problems they want to fix. The mind simply isn't in the right place.

Let me share with you two specific mindset shifts you can make, and a practical way to apply them with your voice so that you can, yes, instantly improve your voice. This isn't magic. It's about getting un-necessary and limiting approaches out of the way so that you use your voice like it's supposed to be used!

40 thoughts on “How to Sing Better… Instantly (Just Try It)”

  1. Jackie Bones

    It’s a real shame this video has no comments. Take this one for the algorithm BECAUSE you’re completely right.

    I worry too much about others down to the point that my brain itself is holding back my voice at any given moment. (Sometimes I begin to tear up when I really start hitting notes again and that develops a small bit of mucus which holds me back further lol.)

    Takes me back to “sing like you think no ones listening.”

    1. I karaoke alot and i always find it funny how much better my voice is when Im tipsy compared to sober (im not saying drink alcohol before you sing) but the fact that the alcohol makes me relax a bit, makes my singing come off far more confident and therefore “better” and much more enjoyable. The mental cages we put ourselves in are really somethin

    2. Jackie Bones

      @Mememaster For me it’s a nice little puff of trees and some tea ? puts me in just the right mood. I should try to find karaoke around me! I bet that would really help with my confidence re-training!

    3. Pucca Angelina

      Hey, I am going through the same thing. Everytime, when someone is around, I feel anxious. Whenever I listen to my recordings, it feels as I am not letting my voice come out. When I hit notes I cry of joy and when I can’t I sometimes cry of sorrow thinking that I’ve destroyed my voice and I should just give up singing, but I haven’t because I can’t. This thing is happening to me for almost a year now.

      Now, I am going to try these exercises, wish me luck!!

  2. Joe Castellon

    Wow, this is such a powerful message and it applies to everything we do in life, not just singing. Thank you Chris, you have initiated an important mindset shift in me as a creator.

  3. jhon9 Delasnieves

    i’ve learned more with you in 3 months than with my high school music teacher in three years.

  4. Lincoln Johnson

    I can definitely attest to this type of mindset while performing. I was in a duo group a couple years ago and we did a handful Allman Brothers songs. Just before playing them, we always said “this is a tribute to Greg Allman” Just saying those words before our 4 Allman brothers tunes, I felt like it was an honor to share those songs with the crowd. It seriously made me a better player!

  5. The Naive Official

    I have to say , for me to see a video called “how to sing better instantly ” and for me to think “im actually going to watch this and take it seriously” it shows how much respect you’ve earned with how good your vids have been , anyway lets crack on into the vid 🙂

  6. This is so true, when you reach “the zone” you feel invincible and capable of anything and it encourages you to push your limits, recognize them and keep improving through time, we never stop learning, Thanks for this video Chris.

  7. Heading to the studio tomorrow to re-record some vocal parts that I screwed up last time ’cause I was too tense about getting a certain tone and felt like my singing wasn’t good enough. This is exactly the inspiration I needed right now. Thank you so much! You’re a treasure!

  8. Such valuable insight. The age we’re living in is constantly pressuring us to seek acceptance and validation from abstract outside sources, and most art sadly has adapted to that, becoming more and more unnatural. What you’re showing us here is a key. Rebel against these social mindtricks, reconnect to the heart and the deepest reasons for creating art.
    Thanks you Chris!

  9. Jeff Indigo

    I’ve recently learned that i sing so much better when noones home vs tracking vocals when people are upstairs (small house). When i go to record with people in the house i can never quite deliver how i would when no ones home and im just singing for singing sake. This may be the most important thing a beginner singer should know.
    great stuff Chris!

  10. Afternoon Bears

    You don’t teach singing………. You teach inspirational confidence, and singing is merrily the sound of that liberation!

    1. Alex Bourgeois

      He (and a couple other YouTube vocal teachers) have helped me a lot with there videos. Especially with confidence. I mean I’m still shy and get instantly nervous to do it around people, but not nearly as bad as I used to be

  11. The Super KING

    Exactly! That is why gospel singers are very powerful because it is never singing for personal glory (taking) but complete surrender with all your heart, mind and soul. Surrender in this sense is never taking but giving your all to someone/something so utterly intimate that the power of this surrender is so transparent to the listener who at least at the intuitive level can sense how much giving is involved. And don’t get me started on the aspect of singing that not every singer can understand which is the FORCE that comes upon the singer who is giving all. Paradoxically, you get from the Force what you give…..the more you give the more you get. It is not surprising that iconic singers like Whitney Houston were total givers and grew up singing gospel in church. She injected a lot of gospel feel into her love ballads! The Force was very strong with her.

  12. Fun Park Inc

    I totally understand this idea and concur. Whenever I perform live with my band, in my heart and mind, I’m playing to my girlfriend who passed away in 2014, as if hoping to impress her. It makes all the difference. Excellent advice in this video.

  13. VirtualEnsaniti

    Very nice! That is exactly where you have to be mentally! I was able to sing more powerfully once I did that…prior to watching this lol…but its excellent advice!

  14. That was really profound and beautiful; this lesson doesn’t stop in singing, it becomes a way of living out of the free love that God gives us!

  15. Stefan Unchained

    Thank you so much for this great, great inspiration! <3
    All the best to you and everyone who is reading this for the new year! 🙂

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