How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Learn How to Sing

How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

With so much noise out there, and everyone claiming to be a vocal coach, how can you tell what is legit?

At Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy we have a saying:

"The PROOF is in the singing!"

Check what Jimmy Fallon, Daniel Tosh (Tosh.O) Anthony Vincent (Ten Second Songs) and others have to say about Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and enjoy some of my academy singing demonstrations.

No matter what level you are at, from beginner to advanced singers or instrumentalists wanting to learn to sing, I build vocalists from the ground up and turn them into monster vocalists.

I also have an incredible free singing forums as well as hundreds of free YouTube tutorials to help you on your journey for singing.

It is never too late to start!

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Where the PROOF Is In The Singing!

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Learn how to sing better for beginners, all the way to learning advanced PRO vocal techniques. Increase vocal range and become a better singer than you ever thought possible! Check out Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and see what the possibilities really are!

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58 thoughts on “How To Sing Better Than Anyone Else – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy”

  1. I know ken has to be a good teacher because he can sing anything and most times sounds better than the original ?

    1. Pistols Blazin

      @Mia2k _ sorry to hear that, but glad you’re healed up and singing even better with Ken’s singing techniques.
      I also strained and hurt my throat from singing too hard (feels like a finger pressed into my lower right side of the throat) If you dont mind? How long did it take for you to recover? Any healing tips you could share..
      all the best..Pistol ?

    2. Vicki Baker

      @33kingofkings i don’t want anything to do with the Beast, false prophet the devil and fallen angels. The Spiritual War is Real. Choose whose side u are on…. The devil is real and Hell is a REAL PLACE. LOVE is from God. JESUS IS THE LORD AND HE IS COMING BACK SOON !!!! CHOOSE THIS DAY WHO YOU WILL SERVE ?????

    1. @Kyle K No I’ve been trying to do this way because of lack of money. I am no where near improvements people have made investing in themselves with the coarse.
      The structure of the lessons and details have got to be the keys, combined with the singers forum.
      If you are saying, ” why didn’t you?”
      Due to corona lost my pool gig and fighting getting evicted, I haven’t started.

  2. Excellent promo Ken! I can attest that your tip of using octave slides to help increase range has helped me sing the first tenor part in the Barbershop Quartet The Music Man. Someday soon, I plan on taking on the full course!

  3. Great video Ken you’ve taught all your students well in your singing course and they get better and better your the man Ken keep teaching these singers great tips and they will always get great and better the proof is in the singing I can see that through all your student singers great video

  4. Ive been subscribed to you for over 2 years since Ive taken up singing and I have seen alot of improvement in myself over that time aswell as finding confidence in myself to sing whenever Im playing parties with my friends. Thank you Ken! I do see myself in the near future joining you to further my singing!

  5. Ken Therapy

    After 1.5 years (KTVA exercises) I came among experienced musicians who didn’t know me: Hey dude, you sing well ..!

  6. Michael Vitales

    Bought the course last thanksgiving and, yes, it works ?? ?? ?? getting better day by day.

  7. Taylor John Hardin

    I used to be in pain from straining after 3 hour gigs.

    And after only 6 months of KTVA, I am confident that I can make this career happen! It doesn’t have to be stressful to sing high notes. but you have to put in the work! Cant wait to see where it takes me. Thanks Ken!

  8. AxonRiseMusic

    I’m sold! Been following you for a year or so now and was hesitant to buy the program but as soon as funds permit, I’m diving in! Your students sing with more conviction, power and energy than any other coaches’ I’ve seen on YouTube!

    1. AxonRiseMusic

      I’ll be lookin’ forward to it! m/ Btw, is there any chance of you doing a video on maintaining compression while singing? I sound pretty solid when doing scales (and have done them a lot) and have good control with them but the second I sing my technique goes out the window. Or have you already done one and I’ve just missed it?

  9. i just tried to sing. my mom: are you okay? me: yeah why? my mom: *i thought i heard you crying*

  10. Hibiscus Tea

    Omg, I wish I could take this course but my parents would never let me! Anyways, it looks like you made a really good course Ken!

  11. Kate?ina P?lpánová

    So proud of our czech girl Gabriela who made it this far! I remember watching her performances when I was like 11 or 12 and holding my breath when the finals of the Superstar came. She’s just amazing!

  12. If you can sing better than anyone else, and your teaching others how to sing like you. You’re giving away your secret

    1. VoxPathfinder15R

      In this day in age, there’s better money in teaching others to sing than there is trying to make money singing yourself. I know some great singers from classical Jazz onwards – and none of them make hardly any money apart from weekend small gigs

    2. Yup and they’ll say they came from KEN TAMPLIN. That’s right, what makes a good teacher is if he produces another one like him.

    3. Stuart Moore

      @VoxPathfinder15R do it for love not money. If you’re good AND “lucky” you may make a few bucks on the side.

  13. Santhosh CHRiS - jackbliss

    I love your positive attitude to encourage budding singers. It takes a lot of courage to sing and there are way too many armchair critics out there shaming people with real potential. God bless you and your work! 🙂

  14. Linda Lathrop

    I was fortunate enought to have legit vocal training when I was young. Ken KNOWS WHAT HE IS IS DOING! Make sure if you give him a try, let him teach you to listen, hear. That is very much a big part of learning to sing.

  15. ???? ??????????

    I do trust you Ken! I will enroll into the course! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. it’s such a pleasure to watch and listen to you on YouTube !

  16. Diane Shepherd (Lyric Soprano)

    Hi! I was looking something up for someone I try to help with their singing journey, and came across an article by you. I read the full article first – I was looking for info about high a female can or should be able to sing in chest voice and that is when I discovered you. I then watched the two videos, and I was MOST impressed with the way you explain about building the chest voice first in order to have a stronger head voice. I have now subscribed to you so I won’t miss anything. I am a classical soprano and my chest voice was very weak in the beginning. When I sang lower notes and made a recording, often when I played it back, my lower notes seemed to have faded away! I read early on when I was learning to sing “properly” (learning breathing technique etc) that the lower voice must be worked on in order to develop the high voice, so I kind of gelled with your own explanation of that. By working on my lower/chest voice, it has become stronger but so has my head voice, my range having extended considerably over 4 years. Many apologies if I have bored you! THANK YOU so much for the time you devote to making your videos. I am a new fan and totally happy that I came across you. Have a great day.

    1. Diane Shepherd (Lyric Soprano)

      @Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy You’re most welcome Ken – looking forward to exploring your other videos!

  17. Suzanne Diamond r

    Ken..gonna look you up. Been singing professionally for years but have noticed and read from singers from Roger Daltrey to Sebastian Bach that performances can vary due to lack of sleep, tragedy and stress. Given that being a pro singer Ive found that there are times one must sing despite these things, do you have advice for when you do? Ive found a huge difference in quality of my vocals when I do! P.s. I come from the James Brown/ Pete Townshend/Tina and found that sleep and stress or loss affects much more than jumping around!

    1. Sammi Q Patriot

      @Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy ??(blushing) I’m not sure how I did this… I meant to comment this under one of Candace Cameron Bure’s short videos, where she says her one wish is to sing better. I must’ve gotten mixed up going between the 2 videos to get the link? ?? I’m a little embarrassed now! ???

    2. Sammi Q Patriot

      @Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Ok NOW I definitely have it posted under her video lol! ?? Now that I was busted bragging on you lol, might as well make sure you know it went to the right place finally.. oh my gosh LOL! ???

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