How to sing BTS songs and more :))

How to sing BTS songs and more :))
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Credit: Big Hit, Bangtan TV

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66 thoughts on “How to sing BTS songs and more :))”

  1. Jk:this is my style to sing
    V:im the pro to sing opera style
    Jimin: im the cutest
    Rm:im your bias on vocal
    Jhope&suga:this is the power of sope
    Jin:im your bias on rapping


    1. @???????? ?i mix it because i dont know how to explain it because i just can remember how hilarious it when jhope and suga singing even they can can sing
      But when jhope and Suga sing together i just can say woww
      Their power is wow
      #actually i dont know what to say about suga and jhope when they sing so i say ‘the power of sope’ ??
      #sorry for my bad English im not speak English ?

  2. Rhianna Prakash

    4:35 The worlds best high note vocalists.. Presenting Suga, voice sweet as honey and J-Hope brightest sunshine smile to fit his beautiful bright vocals

    1. ashalatha Shetty

      @Tharunika Ramesh [4205 – 20] me too
      As a Vocalist myself I am dieing out of laughter plz help?

  3. Molly Sullivan

    1:05 As funny as Jin looks, that’s freaking IMPRESSIVE!! Like wow…I can’t stop watching this

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