How To Sing – Ken Tamplin – Singing Lessons – Singing Lessons for Beginners – Learn How to Sing

Learn How to Sing

How To Sing – Ken Tamplin – Singing Lessons – Singing Lessons for Beginners – Learn How to Sing
Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing and helps the beginers to Learn The Art Of Amazing Singing with his unique singing

33 thoughts on “How To Sing – Ken Tamplin – Singing Lessons – Singing Lessons for Beginners – Learn How to Sing”

  1. Simply amazing! Kind of like a blend between Paul Rodgers, Lou Gramm and the late Ray Gillen. Ken, tell me something. Is it possible for a baritone like myself to increase my range and hit those Rob Halford high notes without sounding like a weak falsetto voice?

  2. ApplebyMerritt

    Ken… your vocal techniques are simply awesome !!! You are so incredibly inspirational and a credit to the music industry… THANK YOU !!! Gill Dove Appleby .. UK xx

  3. Lizzie Crowe

    Ken, I like what I am seeing so far of your course. I have been singing my whole life, but I have always felt like I am missing something when it comes to projection. The strength and depth of my voice comes and goes of its will, and I know it’s because I AM getting it right, just not with any consistency. And I know it’s inconsistent because I don’t know what I am doing right when it happens. I hope to glean what those techniques are for consistent control and relaxed, full sound.

  4. Doris Marisela

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! my little brother were seriously shocked! you have really inspired me to continue my singing career! seriously thank you!

  5. Hey Ken! Thanks for the video, I checked out your site recently as I’ve been wanting to upload a few covers. I’ve been playing acoustic guitar for ages so I’m fine when it comes to musical instruments, the only struggle I have is with my voice. I’m not a strong singer, I just want to produce a nice sound.

    My question is concerning accents, I’m English and am not sure whether I should sing in a more americanized voice (like many British artists tend to do these days) or not?

  6. Hey Ken, I would love your advice on my singing. I’m not too bad but I really want to be able to access my full singing potential. I’m a songwriter and have a pretty wide range but I would really like to polish my voice more toward a McCartney/Freddie Mercury style. Obviously I’m not going to reach their level but it would great if you could help me emulate them a little more.

  7. Daniel Rose

    Hey man, your vocal range is awesome ive been watching all your videos and ive been practicing heaps, I’m an “old soul” in a 17 year old’s body haha keep up the good work and i look forward to your next video. 🙂

  8. Rafael Paulino

    Ken I had no idea you were in a rock band in the 80’s. I LOVE your music, can never go wrong with classic rock.

  9. Bill Butcher

    Ken, you are phenomenal. If I could be in a band with you that’d be awesome haha. You rock. Don’t ever give it up brother

  10. Raul Shpilev

    Best advertisement, ever. Very down to earth and straight to the point. No bullshit and is actually somewhat funny for some reason. But in a good way, hard to explain, haha.

  11. Bob Hohenberger

    This short video started me on a vocal journey a few years ago that has been very rewarding.  Singing lessons from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy really work.  Singing lessons for beginners can be a tough choice, because you may not know one singing method from another.  Learn how to sing from KTVA.  Vocal lessons can change your life for the better.  The best singing lessons are Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.  Ken will teach you how to sing high notes, low notes, and everything in between.  Watch more of Ken Tamplin’s videos and prove it to yourself.  You won’t find other vocal coaches putting out this many demonstrations of songs of this quality.  Let Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy be the turning point in your musical life!

  12. Rupsan Shrestha

    Oh my god!! Ur one of the best singers I’ve ever heard… You Rock man.. Long Live Ken.. m/ 

  13. Bluesocks 11

    I keep replaying 0:04-0:14 it’s just so beautiful, so crisp and gives you goosebumps.

  14. sandra valani

    Wow….your range is absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for teaching us how to work a song!!!

  15. Rob Salsich

    Hey man, I just got the KTVA USB 3 days ago, and I’ve already heard and noticed a huge difference in how good my voice sounds. The open throat technique has done wonders for me, making everything easier to sing. I had been singing for a year (with no training) and noticed how my voice would wear out and I just found myself at a roadblock. I’m a rock singer and have seen you for years, and decided to pull the trigger just because I love your voice out of all the programs I’ve heard (Brett Manning, Sophie Shear, etc) plus you’re a rock guy (and there’s not many rock vocal coaches out there). I only wish that I bought your program a year ago when I started singing!

  16. Just watched your “How I became Ken Tamplin” video (which was incredibly moving by the way) and had to scroll to find this!! So good. Chris Cornell vibe too which is awesome!

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