How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist (pt.2)

It's been nearly 3 years since the first one, but due to popular demand, here is How to Sing Like Your Favorite Artist part 2!

Watch How to sing like your Favorite Artist (Part 1) here:

Watch bloopers and Behind the Scenes for this video:

Huge thank you and shout out to David Choi for helping me with John Williams part! Check out his channel:

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72 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist (pt.2)”

  1. I’ve been binging this man’s youtube channel during this quarantine and I can confidently say that he’s a legend.

    1. David Plays Games

      He streams and uploads those videos to HigaTV, he doesn’t upload to this channel anymore.

  2. Lemon Plays Productions

    So insane, they got all the real singers in the video instead of pretending to be the singers. ???

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if this got multiple copyright claims

    It’s just too realistic

    edit: oh, it did

    1. @Hello Last name well it’s was acceptable for reference but they start making copyright act.

  4. Saroj Singha

    Am i the only person who finds it the funniest whenever ryan breaks character with his laughter ?

    1. AM_Proatgaming

      @PBJMan go on his second account to see his new uploads he usually uploads valorant and variety happy to see him happy again

  5. Chanduli Rubasinghe

    The final song was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard in my life.
    I cried.

  6. Who else comes back every once in a while to hear the masterpiece that is the last couple of minutes?

    1. @vivlodia No that’s at the beginning of the orchestra. Im talking about the very end, before Jason Derulo blows up everyone’s heads

  7. Kento Nanami's favorite bread

    He’s insanely creative, hilarious, hardworking,talented and great with what he does . He inspires me. No one does it like Ryan anymore 🙁

    1. One of the few who come anywhere near ryan is scott the woz and its sad (i love scott the woz but man we need more stuff like this)

  8. “That’s how you do Lorde, have a couple hits then disappear”

    Damn ???

    Edit: She’s finally back! ?

  9. 5:45 flew over my head as a kid, I’m gonna watch these old videos and appreciate them again

  10. No matter who else graces this platform, none could compare to Ryan Higa. The man is in a league of his own when it comes to YouTube.

  11. I missed this Ryan’s era. He brought laughter and joy to me and i used to watched his videos a lot after school.

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