How to sing really high – Voice lesson on how to sing higher

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Today, we’re gonna talk about how you can sing really high right now!!! So, if you’ve ever felt like you’ve wanted to sing high, but you couldn’t quite get up there, well it’s my hope that by the end of today’s video, you’ll be singing those high notes easily and effortlessly. Today is a relatively quick video about range, so if you’d like to learn more about range please feel free to click the link below for another video I have called “How to expand your range.” That’s a nifty video with lots of goodies and best practices.

Here we go! In today’s video we’re gonna talk about cord position. What’s that you say? Great question. Your larynx is a diamond shaped little home of cartilage muscle, and bone. Your vocal cords are stretched across your larynx in a V shape. When you sing low, the muscles within the larynx contract the entire mechanism to shorten and thicken the cords. When you sing high, the muscles within the larynx lengthen and the chords kind of stretch and zip. So you see, within the duration of a song, your larynx is constantly changing shape to meet the needs of the song.

That’s why I’m always always talking about the importance of staying relaxed. If the muscles surrounding the larynx stay disengaged, the vocal cords can vibrate freely. If the muscles surrounding the larynx freak out at any time, the larynx can’t change shape and then collapse happens. Makes sense doesn’t it. So it’s our job to just stay out of the way.

For today’s little nifty exercise, we are going to yodel. That’s right…well kind of. We’re going to engage the cords on the bottom note. Then, we’re going to zip the cords up real fast. But don’t think of the top note as a note you must “hit.” Think instead, it’s a release. Strive for a nice connected bottom note, and then release the top note slightly on the breathy side. Engage then release. What we are teaching the voice to do with this exercise is to be changeable, adaptable, and flexible.

As you are working with this sound, try to keep your fingers on your larynx. In your minds eye, imagine that it stays still inside. This will help it stabilize it so that it’s less likely to rise as we approach the high extremes of your range.

If you play with this sound more and more, you will really notice that the air is the only thing that feels like it’s moving. Don’t reach for any high note, just engage and release.
Keep it gentle and subtle. Drop out at any time, especially if you experience any pain or discomfort.

There you have it! An easy way to sing really high right now.
I hope you liked this video, please feel free to give it a thumbs up, or click the subscribe button below for frequent singing tips. If you have any questions that you’d like me to answer for you, please feel free to leave them in the comments portion of this video. Thanks so much for watching! I’ll see you next time!

51 thoughts on “How to sing really high – Voice lesson on how to sing higher”

    1. Julia Dietrich

      I already sing so high that if I had told myself where I’d be a year and a half ago I’d have laughed at it

  1. Lance Olson

    I’m still recovering from a sore throat I had, but even without the exercise, merely hearing your explanation of how I should relax the muscles in my throat seems to have solved the problem I’ve faced my whole life when singing high notes. You may have helped unlocked my true potential as a soprano.

  2. Loki and Jack The Siberian Huskies

    Omg this is the best vocal lesson ever! I’ve been trying lots and lots of classes on YouTube and this is by far the best. I really can sing higher notes now. My voice sounds much stronger now and I’m so happy! Thank u so so much!

  3. Thank you SO VERY, very much for reminding me of the singing teachers techniques which I, over many years of illness, had forgotten about! Singing, for me is AS important to me as breathing!!! And I know how disappointed my parents were when I decided NOT to pursue a career in singing…. To be entirely honest, I do not even know if my mother ever forgave me for deciding to go a different path!
    I have been struggling so much with my speech! I have MS and so many people complain about my slurred speech, and I have stopped answering the telephone because there are a lot of people who do not understand what I am trying to say!
    As far as my singing, well I stopped singing because I thought that I had lost the ability…..
    Thank you for giving me hope!

    1. omg, wait. Billie is that you? Wow, you thought you could be sneaky but I found u out haha. I’m screenshoting this ???

  4. BurntFlowersFallen

    How to sing really high:

    *Step 1: make a maze out of Lego or some sort of hard toy in your room.*

    *Step 2: make sure you are singing to Chandelier by Sia or Praying by Kesha or Mariah Carey or Ariana Grande.*

    *Step 3:walk for a bit just before the high note without looking where you are going.*

    *Step 4: if you are successful, you should reach the whistle note.*

  5. Kailauna Quintero

    If you reading this I just wanna let you know you’re not the only person who feels really uncomfortable singing AHUHAHUHAHHH alone in your room

  6. David Howard

    She is really good , I tried this two weeks ago for the first time and I sounded like an ambulance on Demerol. Now I somewhat have better control of my upper range and getting better, thank you !

  7. I’m crying tears of laughter reading the comments, all the while listening to the terribly out of tune aahs. Took singing lessons for years from some very good teachers, and never did or heard anything that sounded like this ???

    1. (No offense to you,but to all the easily influenced people by one little thing)She never said she’d be singing in tune though just showing how to reach high notes.Also no proof is here to verify your statement,so you could just be someone trying to stop other people from learning.Many teachers use different methods and just because your teachers didn’t use it doesn’t make it obsolete.

  8. I’ve been struggling a lot with my head voice, and this helped me understand where I need to place my vocal chords when trying to get up there, being either a mezzo or contralto. I’m very comfortable with the lower notes. For me, it’s a matter of “pushing down” into my chest for lower notes, but I figured it might’ve been the opposite effect for higher notes. I just didn’t know how to do it.


  9. Free Your Voice

    I like the way you encourage awareness in this video. Drawing our focus to a certain area mentally, your terms “engage, release” and “stay out of the way”. So great!

  10. This actually really helped me! I put on a song with high notes and was able to sing it (: thank you!

  11. 7:25 is the start of the exercise!

    so u can daily train without looking where the start of the exercise!

    u can thank me later when ur done! :3

  12. Redwood River

    Madeleine! I am SO grateful to have discovered you! I am preparing a demanding recital…my first time singing in 11 years…in honor of my 60th birthday! I’ve chosen a pretty gutsy repertoire, and your lessons are a total and complete GODSEND. Thank you 1,000 times!

  13. Douglas Johnson

    I’m cant Express how much I love this wanon. I literally learned how to sing very well solely from watching this womans videos

  14. Shane Stokes

    As my old mentor use to say “Sing low, think high”. This exercise, however silly, will help you to not only find your break, but learn how to cover it as well. What I like is she’s showing you how to do this without pushing which most people fight when they reach for higher notes.

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