How to Sing Riffs and Runs – ANYBODY can get this! Part 1

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Numbers represent SEQUENCE not scale degrees.

57 thoughts on “How to Sing Riffs and Runs – ANYBODY can get this! Part 1”

  1. karina ortiz

    My inspiration is Tori Kelly and her riffs and runs are amazing so this video was super helpful.

    1. That’s Hilarious! I came to this video directly after hearing a Tori Kelly song..Silent Night on the top of the tower. Ha!

  2. Ketsia Cardona

    Exercise #1
    1:09 with numbers
    1:54 with Ah
    2:34 with style

    Exercise #2
    3:32 with numbers
    4:13 with Oh
    4:33 with style

    Here this for practice!

    1. You searched the wrong video.. ? if you tryna get that good.. search “ Vocal Growl, Belting , Vibrato “

  3. Jennifer Eckel

    I agree, practice is KEY. For me, Mariah Carey came out when I was in 1st grade and I practiced singing her songs exactly like her & learning the ability to do her runs. Also Whitney Houston, then Destinys Child (Beyonce) as a kid/teenager. Now I sing runs easily. You have to buy their entire album and sing w it when ur alone. But for me I started practicing at age 6 and now Im 35, but could sing very nicely w runs by my teens and better by my early 20s and still better now. Practice IS key.

    1. Briana Stewart

      You’re right. I was too self conscious to practice when I was younger, but have been practicing more in adulthood and they come easier to me now.

    2. You my sister! I did the same thing. My mom got me a karaoke machine and I’d run home from school to sing with my cds.

    3. I’m the same way with any voice I want to sound like, for some voices it’s easy to do runs and for others it’s not. I want the ability to do it with my own voice (and idk what my really voice sounds like but it’ll be a nice thing to be able to do 🙁 …)

  4. Artisan Shrew

    Thank u so much for helping me understand this!
    I’ve been a vocalist most of my life and never been able to “master” how to read music or understand these concepts! ??????

  5. put a finger down if you’re here in quarantine, trying to learn how to how to do runs like Maddison beer because they are obsessed with tik tok. ??

    edit: I commented this before Maddison was “cancelled “?

    1. >obsessed with Tiktok
      >embarrassed now cos someone they actually like is “cancelled”

      Sums up you Twitter generation ????????????????????????

  6. Him: “Anyone with a decent voice and decent ear can understand riffs and runs.”

    I have been rejected once again

    Edit: I’m seeing this over a year later and idk how this got so many likes but tysm!

    1. Hey, have you HEARD some famous singers today? It’s ALL subjective, I personally am no longer going to be influenced by what other’s think about my voice. Life is topo short. I will NOT be Silenced.

  7. omg i’ve been singing my whole life (in the shower and the car and any time there’s music playing) but recently since i’m stuck in quarentine i’m trying to learn more about technique and this helped so much thank you!!!!!

  8. it’s quarantine. i am in my bed. it’s 5:30 in the morning. and i am learning how to do riffs and runs 🙂

  9. If anyone is following along with this well enough but feel like they sound “off” or “dull”, the best phrase I’ve learned recently is “sing through the notes, not into them.” Your run might be a little wobbly if you’re not giving enough volume and body to each note, which is why starting slow is important!

  10. Marci Geller

    Omg I have been a professional singer for DECADES. You are the FIRST teacher to break it down in a way that makes sense for my brain. THANK YOU MUCH!!!! This is life-changing!

  11. cuando cantas me dejas la piel de gallina, WOW QUE INCREIBLE, quiero llegar a ese nivel, no dudo que tus videos me servirán, mil gracias 😀

  12. I first watched this video when I was 10. I’m currently 16, and I am SO good at riffing and running now (:

  13. Ruby Sweetheart

    When I started singing 4 years ago, I never thought I’d be at the point where I could think about practicing riffs and runs! But here I am, a pretty good singer just need to master this! Thank you so much for these videos, I am going to watch your other tutorials ??

  14. Peaches n Moonbeams

    My problem is when i try to increase the speed, i lose the seperation and distinction of each note, they just blend together ?

    1. @shernell harrison you need to work on your ears (i’m serious). sometimes you have to listen to yourself sing and purposefully find the little faults in there for a few months (but do this without creating insecurities). i had this same problem in may 2021. i thought i was tone deaf until december when i finally realized i could “hear” myself.

    2. My notes are distinct but I can’t remember what they sound like. If you combine we might be a functioning musician

  15. Christina Magee

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! You break it down so well, coming from an instrumental musician you def still broke down where everyone can understand!! I’m so gonna practice this!!

  16. Wow you make it so much simpler! Thank you so much, I’m learning “leave me lonely” on piano (singing along) and I’m struggling with some of the runs Ariana does so I’m hoping this will help!

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