How to Sing Stone Cold by Demi Lovato?

Learn How to Sing

This music tutorial will show you how to sing Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. We'll cover the basics of the song, like pitch and timing, and give you some tips on how to make your performance shine.
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39 thoughts on “How to Sing Stone Cold by Demi Lovato?”

    1. @Sabrina Barbona you could search for extreme vocals or for growling and screaming techniques for example. Or metal music and how it is made in gernal. Or metal vocals or how to do metal vocals you will get some results then but I would advice to start very carefully and small since extreme vocals can hurt you if you do them wrong. It would be best if you would get some basic singing lessons first so that you know how to use your voice or even search if there is a way for you to get lessons in extreme vocals

  1. You really are convincing me to get a vocal teacher cuz omg how the heck did that work so well

    1. sarahwithstars

      For general health and wellbeing, having singing lessons and learning how to breathe abdominally, regardless of what sound comes out, is so good for you! If you can, do it!!

  2. Janet Mecham

    This is actually pretty accurate! Voice teachers have very interesting ways of communicating what exactly they expect you to do with your voice. ?

  3. yoonginotcares

    I love how it makes your higher notes youthful but still speech-like. It is really like a sign that your doing the right thing.

  4. Priyam Mishra

    To all the people who say demi screams, the first one was screaming and the last one is talent and voice control which demi- the vocalist of our generation- absolutely slays!!

  5. fluffy sheep in the sky

    Wtf i just got goosebumps from that last riff. Definitely need to try this tip out. I always got so frustrated when singin this song bc i didn’t know any technique lol

  6. Piano Chayakarn Ayukarn

    Wow that’s amazing, I used to sing like at the beginning of the videos and my vocal coach taught me the same thing. ???

  7. Madison Jordan

    I like this!!! I was in a voice lesson once and took so much value away from it! I’d be thrilled to learn more and develop my skills as an artist.

  8. StereotypeNerd96

    Okay but I’ve been struggling with my higher register ever since I started smoking and vaping and with this technique I can actually hit high notes again!! This is incredible, thank you so much

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