How to Sing With Rasp (ft. Jonny Craig, Chris Liepe, Spencer Sotelo)

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48 thoughts on “How to Sing With Rasp (ft. Jonny Craig, Chris Liepe, Spencer Sotelo)”

  1. Ethan Hayes

    I was thinking to myself how I can beef up my grit/rasp game 3 minutes before this video dropped. Amazing

    1. Tardginczvh Binovshinvinski

      Chris has this telepathic ability to upload what his subscribers are thinking of as they’re thinking about it.

    2. Haha. I hope that continues! Mainly I just read the content and keep an eye out for popular requests 🙂

  2. I’ve always wanted to sing like Janis Joplin. I love watching videos of people listening to her sing for the first time.

  3. Finally a proper video explaining rasp in the singing voice. Singing with rasp has always been the most natural thing for me but for years I’ve never been able to find a proper educational video explaining the technique behind rasp. So I’ve never understood how I did it and at many occasions that has caused pain and frustration for me. THANK YOU! Finally I understand what my body want to do when I sing and how I can safely turn that on and off. Again, thank you guys!

    1. Milo WolfFace

      @Chris Liepe you’re saying this as a literal rockstar sits right next to you in this video

  4. Vincent Beaudet

    Before i listened to Jonny’s stuff few years ago, i was trying not to grit/rasp because i thought it was bad. Now i’m belting that grit/rasp effortless and it feels awesome. Thanks Chris for showing people proper technique.

  5. Caleb Danner

    Chris Liepe is the best YouTube vocal teacher I’ve ever found. He’s actually practical and doesn’t just give you an exercise and then advertise paid courses. He gives you everything

    1. Pink Panther

      @IAMTHEAMERICAN I agree he looks like the type that would have a beer with u and hang out.


      @Pink Panther I hear ya… I do very much get far more from the lessons when I’m not tolerating some arrogant turkey who’s yapping like you don’t know and that’s why you came to his video and blah blah…. well duh I came to watch because the topic was relevant… but that doesn’t mean I wanna be talked to lile I’m just ignorant or lost… musicians and actors and athletes and politicians are very typical.. so it’s appreciated to have respect from someone you offer your focus to… but I’d have that beer.. for sure… later cuzin…. lol

  6. William Wilson

    I have been a crazy big Jonny Craig fan for the past 10 years. I am now a classically trained choral music teacher and I have finally found my rasp! DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!

  7. Man to be in the same room with Jonny and Spencer would be so cool. Both are my singing idols.

  8. Nick Francis

    Jonny has been one of my biggest inspirations in music since highschool, hope he is doing well

  9. DeAguaMusic

    This was really helpful, I have a natural raspy voice, and this made me discover differents aprochaches to that sound that I didn’t knew it was possible with my own voice. Great as always Chris, thanks!

  10. Jonny Craig’s voice can you move you to tears. I’d die happy if I could sound even a fraction as good

  11. Chris you’re the best vocal teacher, you really are….. my request is can you do a video on “old” rock ‘n’ roll screams.. Little Richard, Screaming Jay Hawkens, John Lennon (dizzy Miss Lizzie) James Brown, Jim Morrison, etc.

    1. If you decide to do a video on old rock ‘n’ roll screams please don’t leave out the John Lennon scream in dizzy Miss Lizzie because that is the most useful old Rock ‘n’ roll scream that you hear on many many recordings.

  12. BabycakesBeats

    Jonny is like a superhuman. No matter how many drugs the guy does his vocal chords can’t seem to die.

    1. @Trippydeadhead is it all true? I’m not denying or supporting I just want the truth as a fan. Ya feel?

    2. @Certified Clown lala did they actually take away his baby? Last I heard they’d found opiates in his system. So sad, on so many levels.

  13. GraspingsquareTV

    I wish they did a whole album. These two tracks are some of Jonnys best solo work because they really show off his voice and are super catchy.

  14. Jeffrey Pircher

    Jonny Craig still got it man. Please DGD forgive Jonny and let that next album be amazing

  15. Jonny is a great example for artist. He might not have the best reputation, but he has made decisions that shaped him and his voice. And boy is that voice great and beautiful.

  16. Michael Renshaw

    I’ve seen Jonny live with about every band he’s been in, solo included, and his voice can truly put you in every single emotion all at once. He has a real gift. Shame what he’s done, but I’ll never not love his voice.

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