How to Warm Up For True Singing Freedom! (See my complete daily vocal warmup) NO Drills, NO Scales!

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I've never been to fond of traditional vocal warmup routines. Choosing scales or sequences and practicing them with rigidity and a focus on time, pitch and support all at once seems to be self-defeating mixture that leads to lots of TENSION. Then, after the warmup is done, having trained with "singing well" as our focus, we carry that tension into our songs! Don't shoot yourself in the foot (or throat) while trying to warm up your voice. Join me for my daily warm up routine where the theme is "FLOPPINESS" 🙂

37 thoughts on “How to Warm Up For True Singing Freedom! (See my complete daily vocal warmup) NO Drills, NO Scales!”

  1. I love how authentic these videos are. I really love the real ness and they do inspire me and keep me from trying to hard to perfect at first

  2. I cannot overstate how valuable it is to me that you put yourself out here in complete vulnerability to demonstrate how all this works. Your courage is contagious, and it’s helping people. Thank you.

    Also, 17:45 sounds like the lead up to a very intimate sensation.

    1. Pre Archary

      I totally agree with you, OP. These are such weird techniques that I would NEVER teach in practice if I had the knowledge of the man in the video! ???

    2. Michael Craig

      “complete vulnerability” ? Men never say stuff like that. Dont be a modern soyboy. Dude listen up and listen good. Chris is giving instructions, teaching. That is all. He dont want to hold your hand, dont want cry with you about your mean single mommy. He dont want to know your favorite color, or hear about your secrets. He is teaching, instructing, that is all.

  3. Timothy Kale

    This video has changed my singing forever. Ive always been naturally good at singing since i was 3 yrs old, and ive been singing in a band for 4 years. The way you explain things is so easy for me to understand and it explains a lot of stuff ive been doing right and stuff ive been doing wrong. My band was blown away when i came to practice and started doing some Paul McCartney stuff lol. My range was instantly improved after warming up like this and watching your mixed voice video. Apparently it was the right information for me because now i can sing some lower range stuff like Danzig all the way up to Queen and Coheed. I literally have not stopped singing for 2 weeks straight just singing stuff ive always been able to kind of sing but now im just nailing them tone and all. Big confidence booster for me man im going to do myself a favor and watch all your videos! Lol so much good info and ive been telling everyone i know who is interested in singing to check you out. I couldnt believe you only had 77k subscribers, you definitely deserve more!

  4. This video is gold. I just learned more about my own voice in 20 minutes than in the last 20 years.
    Thanks a million.

    1. I could not relate to a comment more than this. I literally just learnt how to sing without tension after years of struggle.

  5. Josh Cravey

    I’ve watched probably dozens of hours of singing lesson videos and taken singing lessons. You sir, in this video, single-handedly helped me find my head voice in a way I’ve never felt. I literally didn’t know I had a head/mixed voice capability until I was just messing around trying the things you did in this video. Like I actually added distortion/growling up there and everything! Crazy, unconventional but in the best way.

  6. Maggie Good

    Thankyou Chris for your vulnerability and transparency. I love your intelligent, practical, intuitive, creative approach. Thankyou for this gift, it works a treat.

  7. Daniel Chacko

    Absolutely stunning and so generous to demonstrate such a great warm up session. Loved it. Its kind of trip you put me to.

  8. DollyDollyUK

    Doing this along with you. So much more fun that traditional warm ups, plus I’m getting plenty of laughs as my dog is giving me the most peculiar looks and rawring along with me! Thank you 🙂

  9. You’ve been a tremendous help for me! Your “poop muscles” advice for having good support really clicks with me and I love now knowing how to warmup without doing classic scales that just tend to make me feel tense and perfection-obsessed.

    And, of course, your positivity is extremely contagious!

  10. I love this and I can’t wait to try it! (Once my husband leaves lol). Traditional vocal Warm ups expect perfection and basically that you’re already warmed up in order to do them.

    1. James Covington

      @Chris Liepe I agree and my vocal teachers attempt at perfection locks me into analysis paralysis and shackles my mind my voice my growth. You set me free.

  11. Jonathan Greeley

    Must be fun to live next door to this guy. But seriously, thanks Chris for sharing your nontraditional warm-up.

  12. I’ve trained for YEARS and I’ve never experienced vocal freedom like this before! I sang notes I haven’t hit since college, and my belt was so effortless compared to before! Thank you so much!

  13. Chair The Llama

    I’ve only seen two of your videos and part of this one, but my voice already sounds so incredible. Thank you so much for showing me and so many others such amazing tips!

  14. Jason Cabral

    Jeff , practical question. How do you approach warm up before going on stage? It’s always busy..talkers

  15. Jason Cabral

    This video is remarkable, maybe revolutionary. I used this before an open mic night and it transformed my approach to singing. I embraced all my voice does and took an overall approach to looseness to my singing. Yes there were some mistakes but my overall singing was free, easy, and expressive. I didn’t get hung up on specific things. I found passages I used to struggle with are now EASY if you allow your voice …DONT force!! Yes. Great. Focus on his words here as much as the singing. This video is a blessing to me.

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