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Improve Vocal Tone – Are you a shy or self-conscious singer? Whether you are a beginner or have more experience, I can help you to let your voice out freely so that you can have more fun and sing better! Don't let fear get in your way. Holding your voice inside just creates more tension. We will also do some easy singing exercises with some creative options to set your voice free! Follow Victoria's Victorious Vocal Tips for Healthy Vocal Technique (serious technique made fun) to sing better right now!

I have taught thousands of singers in all styles for 30 years, and have studied voice for 42 years! I always explain everything in everyday language, besides being entertaining! My videos give you quick fixes as well as long-term solutions.

0:00 Are you a shy or self-conscious singer?
0:52 Let your voice out freely!
2:00 Intro to full-voiced singing
2:48 Speaking exercises (sirens) with arm movements
4:29 How to apply spoken siren to your song
5:48 Singing exercise
6:53 Singing exercises with physical prompts
11:40 Victoria's Wisdom

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37 thoughts on “Improve Vocal Tone: SHY OR SELF-CONSCIOUS SINGER?”

  1. Congratulations on 98 amazing full length vocal techniques videos!! Another helpful and fun video! I definitely find myself holding onto my voice, sometimes getting self conscious and shy while singing . Thank you for this video! And it’s so good that you opened an insta too???looking forward to your posts there too??

  2. Th?ng Nguy?n

    This video helped me a lot, i was afraid of singing out loud for so long because i dont have much privacy in my house. i had to practice in the middle of the night, mumbling with lyrics.
    Thank you again for pointing out my problem !!!

    1. Yes! I have the same issue! I live in a mobile home, my husband works from home, and my son works 36 hours on the weekends so he is home all day during the week. There is nowhere to go so someone won’t hear me and I’ve felt so inhibited doing the silly sounding exercises, or that I will annoy one of them (I am easily annoyed by other ppls’ sounds lol), or embarrassed when they hear my voice crack as I am reaching to expand my range. She’s so good!!

    2. Victoria, oh my goodness, you make me laugh so much! Yet at the same time, you teach extremely practical tips and I love that you dealt with the mental piece of it in this video. I know I am a good singer, but am afraid to let myself shine (due to some childhood ridicule, by a parent and other school children-who used to call me Tarzan! Lol). Thank you for “embarrassing yourself” first (I didn’t think you GOT embarrassed? ? You’re so freely silly, which I love!). I absolutely adore you. ?

    3. @Debi Green When I was living in a small apartment with thin walls, I used to drive out in my car and practice there 🙂

  3. Matthew Lewelln. MAntiS

    So great thanks Victoria!! I was criticized and it has made me insecure..I still get nervous thinking people are listening how practice etc….

    1. @Inger V Unfortunately, you have to knock them dead. You can’t just be slightly better than a good day in the shower. There is a lot of competition for one’ s attention in the age of social media.

    2. Donna Morrow

      @Inger V You know, just have fun with it. Work on your singing skill. Stop reaching for an audience. They will appear when you are ready for them.

  4. Tulasi Devi

    Victoria! I just love you. Your movements look balletic to me. I’m pretty sure you went to dance classes ???, am I right?

    Love the stomping exercise. I get yelled at every time I speak in my normal tone of voice, never mind singing ?. You can imagine how closed up and tense my voice is ???.

    Recovering from many years of domestic abuse. I’ll get there ?.

    1. Healthy Vocal Technique

      Yes, I took dance classes and always wished that I could excel at ballet but it never happened. Find a place where you can practice and let your voice out freely.

  5. Aino Hilliaho

    I love to use hand movements but it’s not easy to stop doing them when I sing in front of the others ? Have you some advice to that ? I love your videos and I bought your program right after I found your videos! Thank you very much about this all!!!

    1. Healthy Vocal Technique

      The big hand movements are just part of your practice as needed, followed by practicing in “performance mode” without them.

  6. Angela Gozdor

    Thank you for posting this! I get so nervous when I sing and I’m so glad you addressed this issue.

  7. Colin Bell Vintage Hymns&Songs

    Thanks Victoria. I would love to hear your advice on weight training and other exercise plans such as Pilates and the voice. Really in connection with tight throat and pulling tummy in. Thanks for all you do for all us. Loving your program, feedback,and your webinar was amazing.

  8. Thank you for everything you put out, Victoria! 🙂 I’m a trans man, and I’m trying to re-learn how to sing while I also work on achieving a more masculine resonance. I’ve continuously tried to learn vocal technique, but a lot of the advice I’ve heard has felt vague and hard to follow, and not knowing if I’m understanding it right only makes my anxiety worse. I love the way you explain things, though. You seem like a very genuine person and the way you talk in general is very fun to listen to. It keeps my attention when my ADHD would usually make it impossible to follow along fully. I’m looking into getting a vocal coach and I can only hope their teaching style is something like yours!

  9. Tuna Barrett

    Thank you for the help Victoria. ? I get so self conscious when I hear my voice aloud, and that just makes me tighten up even more and sound worse. I feel like a little mouse trying to sing ?

  10. Michael Stone

    You’re amazing as a teacher and character. Thank you for bringing so much knowledge presented in such a pleasant and fun way!!

  11. Wow, this exercise is already opening me up so well. I know I have a ton of work to do, though. I’m going to suck it up and go through your “beginner’s” playlist even though I’m not really a beginner (I have bad habits like one though).

    Did you come up with the spoken siren, or did someone teach it to you?

    1. Healthy Vocal Technique

      Glad this is helping you! I can’t remember where and when I learned about the spoken siren because I have done it for decades. I wish someone had taught it to me when I was a beginner.

  12. Thank you ma’am for your videos! I feel like singing just seeing the way you talk so cheerfully

  13. Joseph Smith

    thank you so much for your videos! you have been the first person I’ve watched that I’ve truly noticed a difference immediately with your exercises and tips on singing. I appreciate all of the knowledge you are sharing with everyone ?

  14. I get nervous when I sing on stage and I just noticed that my neck is stiff after the set. So I think I’m all locked up when I sing. This will really loosen me up. Thank you very much!

  15. Antonia Buena Walker

    You’re really a Godsend! Great and helpful teacher! Thank you and God bless you till the end of times. ?????

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